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Submissions are now Closed.

The next opportunity to submit an application to become a featured artist will run from October 23 – November 1, 2018. For email notification of this next Call for Artists, please become a subscriber.

2018 Summer Call for Featured Artists on


Featured Artists on Artsy Shark get publicity. 

Lots of it.



As a Featured Artist, we present your portfolio, which is published as an article on Artsy Shark. In your own words, you will describe your inspiration, technique, goals and accomplishments. Share your story and what’s special about your creative work.


Michelle Hold shares how her Arty Shark feature benefited her career.


Each featured artist article is read by many of the 35,000 unique readers who visit this site each month. A prominent link in your article pushes traffic to your artist website, giving you another chance to share your portfolio, gather email addresses of interested visitors, and connect with your audience.


Artist Edyta Salak shares the results of being a featured artist on Artsy Shark


Your artist feature is emailed to thousands of daily subscribers and shared extensively on social media. Then, your article link is again promoted to an extensive list of subscribers who receive our twice monthly email – driving more traffic to your artist feature, and your art website.


Photographer Robert Lott shares his results of being a featured artist on Artsy Shark


All featured artists receive (completely free) a PDF document of their article in “magazine style format” that they can share through email, social media or on their website, or print out and use as a physical marketing piece to promote their work. View a sample PDF here and another sample PDF here.


Painter Jennifer Kahn Barlow shares results of being featured on Artsy Shark


Once you have been featured, your page becomes part of the permanent Featured Artists category on this site, where you will join the ranks of over 1,000 amazing artists whose portfolios are permanent and always shareable. 


Artist Michael Soltis got these results after being featured on Artsy Shark


Your featured article becomes an important part of your web presence, often showing up on the first page of a Google search for your name. It also links to your art website, which helps with your search ranking. 


Canadian artist Susan Porter shares the outcome of being a featured artist on Artsy Shark


Being featured gives you the opportunity to have your work seen and shared widely – and the opportunity to make great connections, and sales, too. Artsy Shark takes no commission or payment of any type on sales or contracts resulting from your artist feature!


Photographer Mary Serantoni shares her outcome from being a featured artist on Artsy Shark


Use the link to your Artist Feature to promote your art as often as you like through social media, email marketing, or on a Press page on your art website.


Glass artist Helen Rudy tells about her results of being featured on


Here’s how to apply (please read carefully)

Artists are juried through submission of their website link, not through uploading images! Featured artists benefit most by having traffic driven to their websites, where they can share effectively about their art, collect addresses of interested readers, or even make sales. 

You will submit your website link and other places your work can be seen online, and describe your work and why it should be featured on Artsy Shark. Submissions become part of a highly competitive jury process. Not every artist will be accepted. 

There is a jury fee of $20.00 to submit your work for consideration. Artists who are accepted have NO other costs or fees whatsoever.

Artists can only be featured once on Artsy Shark. We cannot accept submissions from artists who have already had a feature published. 

Submissions are now Closed.



Artist credit (collage at top of page), clockwise from top: Susan Skuse, Philip Roberts, Lynda Clark Johnson, Jake Waxelbaum, Barbara Burns, Dawn Middleton