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Featured Artists on Artsy Shark get publicity. 

Lots of it.

 "Carnival Wave" by artist Helen Rudy

Talk about results! On the very first day I became a featured artist, I received an inquiry from a gallery that wanted to sell my work. ~ Helen Rudy


numbers abstract art

I was blown away by the response I received! On the day my story was posted, traffic to my website increased by 400% . . . I received an email from an art publishing company who wanted to represent my work and a request for a press interview.  ~ Michael Soltis

Each article about a featured artist gets thousands of views from site visitors, which pushes traffic to your artist website. This gives you another chance to share your portfolio, gather email addresses of interested visitors, and connect with your audience.


Chocolates, oil on canvas, 16x20

After my Artsy Shark feature, I gained an art commission, and am working on a couple more with the exposure. Thank you so much!  ~ Jennifer Kahn Barlow

Your artist feature is emailed to thousands of subscribers and shared extensively on social media. The Artsy Shark website receives more than 35,000 unique visitors per month. Once you have been featured, your page becomes part of the permanent Featured Artists Gallery on this site, where you will join the ranks of over 800 amazing artists whose portfolios are permanent and always shareable.


Helen Beacham

After being featured today on Artsy Shark, I obtained a commission based on someone going to my website from the posted article. Couldn’t be happier! ~ Helen K. Beacham

"The Composer" by artist Terri Allen

My inbox has been flooded with many wonderful emails as well as an invitation to exhibit. Again thank you for the opportunity to be featured . . . I had no idea what doors this would open. ~ Terri Allen

As a Featured Artist, you present your portfolio, and in your own words, describe your inspiration, technique, goals and accomplishments. Share your story and what’s special about your creative work.


Red Tulips

The results of being a featured artist were fantastic. It brought increased interest to my work, and an opportunity came to me as a direct result of the feature from the licensing industry, who I am now working with! ~ Susan Porter


Within 24 hours of being a featured artist, I was approached for a paying position to teach my technique. The following day I made an art sale, and was asked to participate in an exclusive auction, all due to this exposure. Artsy Shark is like a gift that keeps giving. Thank you! ~ Edyta Salak


Iris Luciano Pavarotti

The layout and your sensitive adaptation of my text are exquisite, and makes me proud to be an artist. Dare I say: the TOP presentation ever. Clean and pure and elegant. The selection of work is in keeping with the best of my portfolio.  ~ Greta Corens

Your featured article becomes a part of your web presence, and often shows up on the first page of a Google search for your name. Each article contains a link directly to your own website.



Please know that by including my work in your ‘Featured Artist’ series, I had eight sales that month, which is a record – and testimony to your subscriber reach. Thank you. ~ Mary Serantoni


"Red Feather" acrylic on panel, 30" x 30" x 3"


As a result of the Artsy Shark feature, a licensing agent reached out to me — and we’re now working together. ~ Maura Allen

Being featured gives you the opportunity to have your work seen and shared widely – and the opportunity to make great connections, and sales, too.



As a direct result of being a featured artist, I was approached by an art publishing and licensing company and have an exclusive contract. Thank you so much, Artsy Shark, I am absolutely thrilled! ~ Dorothy Siemens


"Always Reaching" by artist Teresa Harrison

I was honored to be a Featured Artist, and the feedback was both motivating and profitable. I had an increase in new sales through my website as a direct result . . .   ~  Teresa Harrison

How to Apply to Be a Featured Artist

Artists are juried through submission of their website link, not through uploading images! Featured artists benefit most by having traffic driven to their websites, where they can share effectively about their art, collect addresses of interested readers, or even make sales. So you will not upload images during the submission process.

You will submit your website link and other places your work can be seen online, and describe your work and why it should be featured on Artsy Shark. Submissions become part of a highly competitive jury process. Not every artist will be accepted. Artists will be notified of jury results within three weeks after the Call for Artists closes. There is a jury fee of $20.00 to submit your work for consideration.

There are no additional costs whatsoever to any artist for being featured. Artsy Shark receives no payment or commission on any sales that result from being a featured artist.

Art credit (collage): Barbara Rogers, Loren Batt, Shelby Willis, Svetlana Orinko, Kevin Caron, Raven Skye McDonough, Philip Noyed, Mark Hurd, Don Kelley.


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