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The next opportunity to apply as a featured artist will begin on June 13, 2023. To receive email notification of this Call for Artists, please become a subscriber.


2023 CFA Spring Collage

Artist credit, clockwise from top left: Elizabeth Evans, Maria Poroy, Cynthia Chartier, Kim Evans, Richard Laurenzi, Wendy Marquis, Inna Malostovker, Cindy Berceli, Dan Simoneau


Featured Artists on Artsy Shark get publicity. 

Lots of it.



As a featured artist, your artwork will be showcased and promoted through an individual portfolio article that is all about you. In your own words, describe your inspiration, technique, goals and accomplishments.

Features are read by thousands of readers who visit this site each month. A prominent link in your article pushes traffic to your artist website, giving you a chance to share more of your art, make sales, collect email addresses of interested visitors, and gain social media followers.


Artist testimonial Matthew Paden


Your artist feature is promoted to our large social media following and emailed to more than 22,000 subscribers, exposing your art to a vast audience.

After your feature publishes, you will receive a PDF copy of your portfolio article in magazine style format to use as marketing collateral that continues to promote you as an artist. See an example here: Rick Berk Artist Feature PDF



Published features become part of our Featured Artists gallery, which contains more than 2,000 amazing artists whose portfolios are permanent and always shareable.  

Our mission is to bring your art and your story to the world using beautiful presentation that will publicize your work, increase your web presence, enhance your artist reputation and give you materials to continue promotion.

And, importantly, Artsy Shark takes no commission or payment of any kind on sales or contracts resulting from your artist feature!


Artist testimonial from Terri Lloyd


Rules and Guidelines (please read carefully)

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Artists from any country may apply.

We accept and encourage applications from visual artists in all mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art, collage, photography, mixed media, clay, fiber, glass, wood, printmaking, metal and others.

This is a competitive juried selection process. Not all artists will be accepted, and jury decisions are final. There is a $25 nonrefundable fee to submit an application.

Artists are juried by viewing their website portfolios, not by uploading images! Acceptance is based upon review of the artist’s website or social media profiles where their artwork is shown. Images of art should be clear and professional; poor photo quality may disqualify you.

Artists who have been previously featured in an individual article on Artsy Shark cannot be featured again, and should not apply. Artists who have had artwork previously included in group “Showcase” articles on Artsy Shark are eligible to apply.

All artists who apply will be notified of the results of their submission by email within three weeks of the closing date.

The application fee is the only cost to artists who apply or participate. Artists who are accepted never pay additional fees of any kind for services, publication or promotion by Artsy Shark.

Accepted artists will be required to submit written content and images for their feature within four weeks of acceptance. If there is no response from the artist, a second request will be sent. Any artist who does not provide materials within one week after the second request will forfeit their spot as a featured artist.

Applicants affirm that all artwork submitted for consideration is their own original work, and permit Carolyn Edlund and Artsy Shark to display their images in an article published on Applicant agrees that images of their work may be used elsewhere to promote their featured article, such as social media platforms and email newsletters, or as an example of a featured artist. All images used in artist features are the property of the artist and the artist retains the sole copyright.

Artsy Shark does not receive any fees or commissions on sales or contracts that result from exposure as a featured artist.