Featured Artist Juliana Coles

Based on my experience as an artist living a life subject to seizure, I developed and taught “Visual Journaling,” a process that combines journal writing with art making in a book for self-dialogue. I have been teaching this process around the world since 1992.

Featured Artist Clea Witte

I specialize in equine art—it’s the heart and soul of my work. Seldom do I paint anything else but horses, both commissions and paintings that are up for sale.

Featured Artist Trevor Keen

I am drawn particularly to people and animals for my subject matter and my sketchbooks are full of faces and figures, both cartoony and realistic.

Featured Artist Susan Hurwitch

Combining artistic mediums, with collage papers, adds a dimensional quality to my work and allows me to approach each piece with a spirit of experimentation and intuition aimed toward my conceptual vision.

Featured Artist Sylvia Cohen

I enjoy using the combination of pencil with its preciseness and the unpredictability of ink and watercolours.

Featured Artist Mishel Schwartz

It has been quite a journey into what was often unfamiliar territory, using new tools and techniques, and experimenting with different materials like the alcohol inks I use in my current collection.

Featured Artist Nikkie Markle

My goal is to transfer the happiness I find in these places into my work. That is why so many of my paintings focus on individual subjects or landscapes—animal portraits, solitary figures and quiet spaces.

Featured Artist Rick Berk

When I began, I drew a lot of inspiration from the work of Ansel Adams. While my work differs greatly, the way he was able to communicate mood through his images is something I continually strive for.

Featured Artist Katia Bulbenko

Inspired by memories, landscapes and eroded natural objects such as shells and rocks, my pieces are made up of fragments, and I like to think of each completed work as a fragment itself.

Featured Artist Shel Waldman

I look forward to continuing my growth as an artist and a human being through continuing to connect with nature and people everywhere. My experience has shown me that all people love visual beauty and that the spirit of art lives within everyone.

Featured Artist Laura den Hertog

My aim is to bring nature (through my work) to those who can benefit most. Locations might include elder-care facilities, health and wellness clinics, hospitals and hospices. Any place where people have a need for the restorative effect of art.

Featured Artist Gail Golden

The best part about making jewelry though, is the connection I make with my customers through my work. I have found that jewelry has a deep meaning to people. Many of us convey our essence through our adornments.

Featured Artist Terry Orletsky

Landscapes are fluid; skies threaten, clouds move, grain sways, trees rustle. A city scape is frenetic with abstract traffic. Mist rises and a path beckons one into the scene. The canvas is attacked with knife and brush and enthusiasm.

Featured Artist Steve Slocomb

Eventually, after moving to Montana, I began to focus on nature photography but it wasn’t until four years ago that I really found my voice. It came in the form of extreme wide angle close ups of pictures of wildflowers that capture a sort of magical realism.