Featured Artist Ellen Dickinson

Fiber artist Ellen Dickinson presents a fascinating portfolio of sculptures created using traditional basketry coiling technique and wrapping.

Featured Artist Megan McCarthy

Enjoy the dreamlike portfolio of artist Megan McCarthy, who is inspired by the beauty of the natural world.

Featured Artist Christine Simoneau Hales

Artist Christine Simoneau Hales presents a collection of religious icon paintings based on historic tradition.

Featured Artist Adrian Skiles

Photographer and digital artist Adrian Skiles shares a vibrant portfolio that celebrates his adopted home of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Featured Artist Delia Vilhelm

Featured Romanian artist Delia Vilhelm presents a fascinating collection of complex and symbolic oil paintings.

Featured Artist Karen Safer

Photographer Karen Safer shares her inspiring journey, and a collection of images based on her world travels.

Featured Artist Aisling Holian

Featured artist Aisling Holian shares a bold and vibrant portfolio of compelling digital portraits of women.

Featured Artist Judy Jacobs

Painter Judy Jacobs delights her audience with colorful and charming abstracts that explore the boundaries of creativity.

Featured Artist Tom Kostes

Featured artist and fine art photographer Tom Kostes focuses his lens on water, in its many forms and landscapes.

Featured Artist Valerie Wiebe

Featured artist Valerie Wiebe presents a charming collection of nature-inspired paintings with decorative frames.

Featured Artist Susan Saunders

Featured artist Susan Saunders presents a collection of her colorful surreal and fantastical photomontages.

Featured Artist Andre Chatelain

Featured artist and oil painter Andre Chatelain shares a portfolio inspired by his travels and connection with Africa.

Featured Artist Lis Zadravec

Colored pencil artist Lis Zadravec captures treasured moments and the wonder of childhood in her stunning portfolio.

Featured Artist Patricia Charity

Patricia Charity presents a collection of fiber and mixed media artworks created with a contemporary sculptural flair.