Featured Artist J.W. Hyatt

In my still life collection, I like to compose and portray the objects I paint as subjects sitting for a portrait. Just as a portrait artist would attempt to show the character and personality of each subject, I approach each still life with the same challenge of capturing its unique gestalt.

Featured Artist Rocio Villanueva

In each photograph, I develop a story that is represented in parallel worlds, in scenarios that belong to an unreal dimension—without time—somewhat fantastic and romantic.

Featured Artist Tanya Marie Reeves

I hope my artwork inspires and empowers women of all ages, helping them to embrace and revel in similar attributes within themselves while also reminding every man of the strong, beautiful women in their everyday lives.

Featured Artist Kurt Wedgley

Now, I not only shape canvases anyway I desire, but I add other media to them. I have so many ideas! I really like the idea of adding metal to them. I love the contrast between the delicate canvas and the solid steel and how they seem to work together harmoniously.

Featured Artist Laurent Newman

My style is eclectic, the result of an odd combination coming from my upbringing in Paris (at school, “museum day” meant that you went to The Louvre or Versailles), mixed with heavy influences of American pop culture, and living in places with their own unique identity and style, like Hawaii, Chicago, New York or even Burke, Virginia.

Featured Artist Robin McCarthy

These images and ideas are put together into new, digitally collaged backgrounds which are printed onto fabric. On top of the new backdrop, I embellish with hand-embroidered illustrations that subvert the image into a new direction.

Featured Artist Kate Passingham

I’ve long been captivated by pastels and am enthralled by the immediacy and intensity of their colours and their incredible versatility.

Featured Artist Mark McCall

My stained glass art is an expression of the landscape—physical and emotional—surrounding me. I see things all around that influence, inspire and stimulate ideas in me.

Featured Artist Chuck Middlekauff

I am inspired by the road culture of the western United States and American culture in general—advertising art, toys, cartoons and comic books, Coke machines and windmills, cowboys, rock and roll and even my aging painting tools.

Featured Artist Peter Judge

I ask you, the viewer, to be involved as a participant in the process and feel the beauty of “functional art.” My art asks to used, not just looked at.

Featured Artist Tom Dimond

Through a process of layering materials and paint to cover up, expose, and reveal images, I develop a surface that creates a state of ambiguity for the viewer and allows one to freely interpret the visual statement.

Featured Artist Wendy Liang

I am especially fascinated by how watercolor can depict reflections so effectively and am so fascinated by it that I may enjoy painting the rippled reflections even more than the actual objects themselves.

Featured Artist Jo Ann Graham

My goal is to have the resulting shapes and forms of my jewelry connect and interact with the wearer’s own kinetic experience, thus allowing for a sense of harmony and grace.

Featured Artist Kari Bienert

My practice is slow and meditative—I spend hours mixing colour, then intuitively place it on the canvas or linen using brushes.