Featured Artist Eleanor Goudreau

Art for me is an outlet, a form of expression that allows me to deal with frustrations, joys and challenges. To be able to bring a plain piece of paper to life with a drawing is pure magic.

Featured Artist Yelena Strokin

Whether my photography is formal and delicate or simple and rustic, I work to create an image that possesses a timeless quality, one that transcends culture and continents to add graciousness and beauty to any setting.

Featured Artist Malin Ӧstlund

When I begin a painting, I rarely know what the subject is going to be. I play with the colors on the white canvas until I find the right feeling and color combination. Then I build layer upon layer, until I get a feeling of whom or what it is that speaks to me.

Featured Artist Kent Epler

Being and feeling creative is my life-It never shuts down. It’s how I live, breathe, and eat. It is who I am and how I express myself every minute of every day.

Featured Artist Steg

Recently I have been feeling that commercial accomplishment should possibly be more of a focus, and have started to create work with that in mind

Featured Artist Joyce Pihl

I want my landscape paintings to be as bright and filled with intense color as possible whether I am painting an autumn scene or winter scene.

Featured Artist Gabriella Collier

My inspiration comes from the interesting and quiet settings of landscapes that I encounter. I find myself in awe of the enormity and power that they hold. This is what I strive to capture when I paint.

Featured Artist Patrice Cameron

The paintings and stories I want to relate emphasize calm in the natural world—a place to experience the re-balancing I often feel when there.

Featured Artist Karen Hackenberg

Working traditionally with oil and gouache, I craft beautiful images of conventionally ugly beach flotsam set amidst an otherwise pristine seascape, and aim to create a provocative visual juxtaposition of form and idea.

Featured Artist Ted Blackall

I choose a subject (picture) with no concern for the names and or functions of any of the subject elements in a picture.

Featured Artist Layne Johnson

I believe there is incredible beauty in raw, imperfect nature. After all, a living, changing, powerful force created these landscapes. And the way light falls upon the scene can be magical or majestic—often awe-inspiring.

Featured Artist Patricia Mitchell

I have spent many years learning how to draw and paint. I have painted in every standard medium and on almost every kind of surface.

Featured Artist Gill Tomlinson

Going forward, I want to keep making art which makes my heart sing—to reach more people who love my work. I hope to continue to inspire others through both my art and my creative holidays.

Featured Artist Robin Harris

Whatever it is, though, painting images of food and drink makes me happy, and I hope I show it through my larger than life acrylic on canvas paintings—the bigger, the brighter, the better!