Featured Artist Warren Jackson

Artist Warren Jackson shares a collection of narrative watercolor paintings inspired by memories and everyday life.

Featured Artist Ellen Paquette

Artist Ellen Paquette paints richly detailed whimsical animal portraits in a Renaissance style.

Featured Artist Sian Pampellonne

Artist Sian Pampellonne’s mixed media paintings capture the soul of her subjects with raw emotion and vibrancy. Visit her website to see more.     As an artist I am entirely tactile. Everything becomes immersed in the process. My hands, fingers, any brush large or small, kitchen spatula and tool, even a random piece of […]

Featured Artist Mary Strange Blossom

Artist Mary Strange Blossom paints thought-provoking images that offer visual commentary on the human condition.

Featured Artist Clifton Webb

Inspired by African culture, artist Clifton Webb creates abstract sculpture with a visual message of positive change.

Featured Artist Linda Donohue

Artist Linda Donohue shares a selection of her abstract paintings and a life story of determination and success.

Featured Artist Dianne Meinke

Artist and musician Dianne Meinke presents a collection that celebrates famous rock stars.

Featured Artist Una Pett

Filled with character and expression, artist Una Pett’s portraits connect her viewers to her subjects.

Featured Artist Kate Childs

Artist Kate Childs paints the majesty of the natural world in awe-inspiring open landscapes.

Featured Artist Gabriela Hirt

Artist Gabriela Hirt creates paintings and sculpture that explore collective history, isolation and social injustice.

Featured Artist Cheryl Magellen

Painter Cheryl Magellen presents a selection of captivating portraits and landscapes.

Featured Artist Natasha Sanchez

Artist Natasha Sanchez uses a solar photographic process to capture unique moments in nature.

Featured Artist Holly Cannon

Pastel artist Holly Cannon captures the essence of her wildlife subjects in detailed, realistic portraits.

Featured Artist Mona Agia

Artist and world traveler Mona Agia explores texture and intense color in her abstract paintings.