Featured Artist Connie Dillon

The look I gravitated to was that of print work—blocks of color with no shading and blending. I wanted to paint works that were detailed and yet every color would be applied as if it were an elaborate paint-by-number.

Featured Artist Steve Griggs

It is the freedom in my style that allows the viewer to eschew the literal and, instead, connect with the emotion that accompanies whatever story the painting is telling them.

Featured Artist Kelly Moran

I have a deep connection with color. I love it. Plain and simple. I will always find a way to introduce this tasty ingredient to my work because I don’t know what my creative world would be without it!

Featured Artist Ken Rasmussen

Becoming an older artist presents you with a choice. Stay with what you know or go off on a grand adventure. This art is my adventure.

Featured Artist Marina de Wit

My images are very personal and reflect not only my emotional connection with nature but also the current mood I am in. I am fascinated with how people view the world and how a single image captured in time can have such different meanings or impact in our lives.

Featured Artist Debbie Carne

It is the impact of juxtaposing the traditional with the unexpected that I seek to express in my work, giving a witty, contemporary twist to the classic, decorative plate.

Featured Artist Susan Skuse

My approach is driven by process and philosophy. Everything in the universe is really one thing, and I am a part of that thing, too. I am always looking to develop a feeling of connectedness with nature.

Featured Artist Stephanie Holznecht

As an abstract artist, I view the world from different angles. It is now a way of life for me. So many sensations are represented by every little detail I see.

Featured Artist Dawn Middleton

When I consider a stone or precious metal, I’m able to connect with the life it holds, and its potential. This begins my process of visualization, coming from my center, and ultimately expressed through my art.

Featured Artist Gilly Thomas

I make a complete journey when developing an idea of an animal that I wish to create. I look at many photographs and depictions of that animal and then I start to make a clay representation.

Featured Artist Jake Waxelbaum

My photographs are not just about capturing the specific foreground subject in the scene, they are about being captured and not being able to let go.

Call for Artists, Summer 2018

Artsy Shark is now accepting submissions from artists who would like to be featured and promoted in the coming months. Deadline for submissions is July 5, 2018.

Featured Artist Manny Martins-Karman

My work is often inspired by current events. Especially now, in the wake of the world’s unsteady political climate, I find myself trying to make sense of things through my art.

Featured Artist Siv Storøy

The essence of the female archetype remains a great mystery, and through my artwork I try to both reveal and maintain that mystery.