Featured Artist Kate Henderson

My inspiration comes from natural sources ranging from landscapes to microbiology. I think of nature as a continuous flow of energy represented by shifting shapes and patterns. These shapes are the source of what I call naturally-found abstraction.

Featured Artist Shelley Smith

To this day, I’m analytical in my approach to painting and design and I enjoy a great story, seeking subjects that spark the imagination or tickle my funny bone. I love making these gems look good.

Featured Artist Suzanne Yurdin

Be it mountainous, oceanic or atmospheric, I don’t try to convey a specific place and often times don’t title my work for that reason. Instead, I find it more enriching as an artist to connect with my viewer by triggering an emotion, a memory or even a sense of déjà vu.

Featured Artist Curtis Olson

My art continues to evolve, but one concept remains constant—I am interested in creating powerful objects that live in the real, not the digital, world with weight and age.

Featured Artist Rachele Nyssen

I look for ways to express the movement and quality of the light. Light is always the focus—the main story line.

Featured Artist Peter Boyadjieff

I seek a visual discourse combining physical realism and figurative imagery in order to critically engage the viewer. Through my work, I attempt to communicate with the audience within a broader multicultural context.

Featured Artist Cecilia Calderon

My latest creations are tapestries made of a combination of fabric, rope, oil paints, copper, gem stones, beads and other natural materials. They have an ancient quality, abstract, but at the same time representing animals which reflects my concern and love of nature and our deepest roots.

Featured Artist Nancy Lane

I want viewers to sense in my paintings the enveloping presence of the landscape—its rolling hills, its creatures, the water, the wind and the sunlight. I want them to feel a part of the paintings, remembering their own experiences with the outdoors.

Featured Artist Ann-Marie Brown

Artist Ann-Marie Brown’s lush oil and encaustic paintings are an invitation to linger. Learn more about this artist and view her portfolio by visiting her website.     I paint layer upon layer of oil and wax on the canvas.     There is an unpredictability to this process which I appreciate, because it disrupts […]

Featured Artist Ellen Jean Diederich

I use my whole body to paint. In watercolor, to avoid fussiness (which will show up), I use a one-inch flat for almost all of my painting. It’s in my effort to twist and turn the brush so you can’t tell what brush I used that has affected my style the most.

Featured Artist Nathalie Marcotte

My art is a hymn to nature and to life. I share my perception of all the beauty that surrounds me, a beauty that is both powerful and fragile, and invite you to join me in this journey as an observer.

Featured Artist Megan Woodard Johnson

My process combines meticulous piecing of materials with gestural, intuitive mark making—just as our lives contain moments of structure and periods of chaos. Ultimately, I aim for a balance between these two factors, creating a celebration of the complexity of our experiences.

Featured Artist Jonathan Brooks

I think the most important images are those that capture your attention and remain embedded in your mind. I believe space, aesthetics, and composition are vital elements of a great photograph.

Featured Artist Terry Romero Paul

In my most current work, my paintings are a mix of fact and fantasy. It is the irrational juxtaposition of images that intrigues me and my imagination is not limited to my reality.