Featured Artist Cary Goldberg

Artist Cary Goldberg presents a collection of joyful, highly patterned abstract drawings.

Featured Artist Richard Stergulz

Painter Richard Stergulz shares a selection of vibrant celebrity portraits and his fascinating journey as an artist. Visit his website to see more of his portfolio.     I knew from day one I was going to be an artist—I came out of the womb with a paintbrush.     Growing up in Illinois, in a […]

Featured Artist Susi Rood

Inspired by the beauty of her South African homeland, artist Susi Rood creates colorful, multi-layered bird paintings.

Featured Artist George Mattei

George Mattei shares a stunning collection of photographs that capture idyllic images of the Jersey shore.

Featured Artist Alan Ansell

Painter Alan Ansell brings an open, light-filled expanse of nature to his landscapes and urban street scenes.

Featured Artist Katherine Klimitas

Watercolor artist Katherine Klimitas presents a collection of warm and captivating animal portraits.

Featured Artist Bob Armstrong

Artist Bob Armstrong presents a collection of carved and painted wood triptychs featuring botanical designs from the American west.

Featured Artist Lynda Goldman

Artist Lynda Goldman paints the vibrant essence of flowers and nature.

Featured Artist Jessica Beach

Artist Jessica Sarah Beach’s digital drawings reveal poetic whispers that offer hope and encouragement.

Featured Artist Stephanie Holman Thwaites

Artist Stephanie Holman Thwaites offers a serene collection of nature-inspired paintings, created with oil and cold wax.

Featured Artist Angela Verlaeckt Clark

Canadian artist Angela Verlaeckt Clark creates hand carved stone sculptures inspired by the natural earthscape.

Featured Artist Bill Snider

Bold graphic design and color mark the mixed media paintings of artist Bill Snider.

Featured Artist Victoria Moore

New Zealand artist Victoria Moore presents an engaging collection of nature-inspired illustrations and paintings.

Featured Artist Jose Cifuentes

Artist Jose Cifuentes infuses freedom of expression in both style and concept into his abstract and figurative paintings.