Featured Artist Sarah Clark

I plan to keep developing and expanding my own unique works and style to feed my soul, with hope that I can flourish in my practice enabling me to work as a full-time artist in Australia and overseas!

Featured Artist Jack Magurany

There is something about a blank canvas that excites me. Maybe it’s because it’s an opportunity to experiment with spontaneity and chance. I love to paint people, particularly the face.

Featured Artist Larry Berko

I am moved by the ocean and the people and objects on and in it. It is mostly exploration of the paint, though, that motivates me. The viewer should see the paint as much as the image.

Featured Artist Sam Brown

My love of the Southwest, not surprisingly, has inspired my own inner tribal symbology which you’ll see reflected in much of my artwork.

Featured Artist Linda French

Painting allows me to play and to discover the mysteries of myself. It allows me to express beauty, which is so important to me, and it has taught me acceptance.

Featured Artist Jerry Lofaro

In many ways, I feel as if my artistic journey is just beginning as I further refine my hyper-realistic, digital art style while also exploring experimental fine art and photography at the same time.

Featured Artist Marcelo Neira

When I successfully capture the person’s character in a portrait, it is a real thrill because it reveals the whole and complex personality.

Featured Artist Richard Dennison

I’ll shoot hundreds, if not thousands, of individual photographs for each one. It can take months, and in some cases, even years to have enough options.

Featured Artist Mystele

I work intuitively and abstract my subjects from the chaotic mixed media grounds I create. I’m inspired by my childhood, my ethnicity, my affinity for old things and the landscape of Northwest Texas where I grew up.

Featured Artist Paul Hopman

My inspiration comes from witnessing animals in moments in time. The light reflecting in the fixed gaze of a horse, the pose of a lioness as she lays besides her cubs, the heated breath of a bison on a brisk morning. These moments are filled with energy and emotion, making them beautiful and unique.

Featured Artist Jan Fagan

For me, that simple advice continues to inspire gratitude, a sense of wonder and the belief that magic may just be possible if you believe it. It is that very feeling of child-like wonderment and magical possibilities I love to express in my artwork.

Featured Artist Patricia Bingham

My eyes are drawn to repeating patterns and colors, and they’re everywhere! If you look closely enough it’s as though the whole world is upholstered in exotic fabric. This is how I’ve arrived at my current abstract pieces.

Featured Artist Suellen McCrary

I am a figurative painter working primarily in oils. Fascinated with the face and figure I create paintings that I hope transcend the outward appearance and capture the inside essence of a person.

Featured Artist Kelly Quinn

So where does the art come in? I believe art is meant to connect you to a story. It’s also the way I express myself and how I interpret our world—my passion and what inspires the artwork has always been nature.