Featured Artist Joanie Landau

The digital art experience provides an outlet to be unceasingly creative, continually working and reworking pieces with the click of a mouse.

Featured Artist Mark Hersch

More than anything, I hope my work creates a conversation. A conversation about the passage of time; about how things change, but also, in many ways, how they remain the same.

Featured Artist Amy Pleasant

My interest is in both the metaphor of abstract painting, the idea beyond the thing and the narrative of figurative painting. I wish to give the viewer a bit of a nudge and let them make their own interpretations and conclusions.

Featured Artist Chris Navarro

I know what it is like to have a dream that only you can see. You must believe in yourself even when no one else does. The secret is, you must do the work. To be great at anything you have to love what you do. You need to put the time in the studio with the materials in your hands.

Featured Artist Leanne Fink

Artists are unique in that we are willing to bare our souls to the world through visual expression. As for me, I focus on creating work that calms, heals or uplifts. One of my primary goals is to show my art to as many people as possible to make this connection.

Featured Artist Amy Guion Clay

In life and art, I long for the horizon. There is an invisible tether that pulls me toward the unknown, and this is reflected in the artwork that I do. Even in my purely abstract paintings, it’s always about a mythical journey of discovery. I always want to know what is beyond.

Featured Artist Malem Lemieux

Ever since I could dream and use my hands I dreamed of, drew and sculpted horses. As a child, animals mesmerized me and I communicated with them naturally. Some say I have a gift and that I see, feel what others do not.

Featured Artist Ivan Lebedev

I believe that the photographic process is a material essence for self-expression, like canvas or marble; it`s just one of the easiest ways to arrange the visual chaos around me, articulate the hidden harmony within us and share my feelings with others.

Featured Artist Al Vesselli

Some artists will say the subject of their work is not important. It’s the technique or the style one uses to render the subject that is essential. For me, it begins with the subject and that’s what gets me going.

Featured Artist Alessandra Ricci

With my work, I attempt to capture significant moments in time, locations, expressions, bodies in motion, feelings and human nature. My art also reflects natural elements that surround our everyday lives.

Featured Artist Jennifer Wang

What inspired me to draw was never a person; it was the feeling of a lost connection between people.

Featured Artist Marilyn Sholin

It seemed to me a natural progression to turn glasses of wine, cocktails, cups of coffee and much more into fun paintings. My ultimate goal in choosing both color and subject matter is to bring the viewer joy and perhaps remind them of a special memory.

Featured Artist Marc Scheff

In the past, my work drew on the struggles I know we all face. Now, as I create the work for my new show, my focus is on themes of healing and strength—the powerful combination of fear and courage that ties itself inextricably to the human experience.

Featured Artist David McGlynn

Partly out of dissatisfaction with the limitations of static single image photographs, which represent a single snapshot of time, I sought ways to involve more craft and decision making throughout the entire process, and not simply at the moment of “pressing the shutter button.”