Certificates of Authenticity for Artists

Interested in providing a Certificate of Authenticity with your artwork? Artists have many options to do this.


Why are Certificates of Authenticity important? They add an additional element of verification to the purchase of art which becomes part of the provenance of the work. Collectors appreciate this, because this document provides essential information about their investment which bears an original signature of the artist.

When artwork is a gift, a Certificate provides added value to the recipient, who gets important details about the work itself, how to care for it, and information about the artist who created it. Since artists benefit greatly from sales to repeat collectors, a Certificate of Authenticity included with a purchase increases familiarity, and sets the stage for more purchases.

Each artist may want or need to provide different information, so your own Certificate of Authenticity will be unique to you.  



The template above can be downloaded and used with PhotoShop.


Certificates of Authenticity for Artists


Available online, the Certificate of Authenticity shown above is one easy option for artists.


Printable Certificate of Authenticity for Artists available online


This Certificate of Authenticity is in portrait orientation, and may be a good option for use with your artwork.


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