Certificates of Authenticity

Embrace the Future of Art Authenticity with Digital Certificates


Certificate of Authenticity for Art


What is a certificate of authenticity?

Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is a document that verifies the origin and authenticity of your artwork. It contains vital information about the artwork, such as the title, medium, dimensions, and a signature of the artist.

COAs add an additional element of verification to the purchase of art which becomes part of the provenance of the work. Collectors appreciate this, because this document provides essential information about their investment which bears an original signature of the artist.

Say goodbye to paper certificates and hello to secure, easily shareable, and eco-friendly digital certificates of authenticity.

While certificates of authenticity (COAs) have always been vital in establishing trust and value in the art world, it’s time to acknowledge that paper COAs are becoming a thing of the past. Embracing digital certificates of authenticity is no longer just an option for the future – it’s the present reality. By transitioning from paper to digital COAs, artists can continue to uphold the significance of provenance and verification while benefiting from the security, eco-friendliness, and shareability that modern technology offers. Now is the perfect time to make the switch and experience the advantages of digital certificates of authenticity for yourself, your friends, and your collectors.



Why Digital Certificates of Authenticity?

Additional Layer of Trust and Validity

Digital certificates of authenticity provide an additional layer of trust and validity to confirm provenance, giving buyers greater confidence in their purchase and increasing transparency and accountability in the art market.

Enhanced Security and Access

By storing digital certificates of authenticity on the internet and including features like links, QR codes, and watermarks, artworks can be easily verified by reliable sources of information, reducing the risk of loss or damage over time.

Unlimited Information Storage

Digital COAs offer unprecedented flexibility in storing a wealth of information about an artwork. This includes not only basic details such as the artist, title, year of creation, and materials used, but also more in-depth information such as inspirations, stories, and even video records of the artwork’s creation.

Secure & damage-proof: Unlike paper certificates that can be easily lost, damaged or forged, digital certificates offer unparalleled security with unique, encrypted identifiers that protect your artwork’s provenance.

Easy to Share: With digital certificates, sharing your art’s authenticity is a breeze. No more carrying around fragile paper certificates – just send the digital certificate via email or share it on social media.

Eco-friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint by opting for digital certificates, which don’t require paper, ink or physical transportation. Do your part in conserving the planet while maintaining the integrity of your artwork.

Future-proof: As the world continues to digitize, digital certificates ensure your art stays relevant and accessible in a rapidly evolving landscape.



Join the Digital Revolution with id.art alpha testing!

If you’re looking to create digital certificates of authenticity for your artworks, why not try out id.art? By leveraging the inherent security of the DNS (domain name system) and doubling it by registering all transactions on blockchain, .ART Domains act as a trusted registry for information storage.

Creating COAs on id.art is a simple 3-step process that allows you to generate unlimited certificates for your artworks based on Object ID™, an international standard developed by the Getty Foundation.

By working with a trusted registry like id.art, you can establish greater trust and validity in the provenance of your artworks. Buyers and sellers can feel more confident in the authenticity of the artwork and its associated COA, leading to greater transparency and accountability in the art market.