250+ Places To Sell Art Online


250 Places to Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online with our Comprehensive Free Art Marketplace Directory

Are you an artist looking for the best places to sell art online? Welcome to the biggest directory on the planet, with hundreds of listings that are frequently updated. All content on this page is ©2012-2024 Artsy Shark LLC and may not be reproduced without written permission. Some listings may contain affiliate links.

Featured Listings
Crevado Free Online Portfolio – The super-simple way to showcase your artwork online. Jam-packed with powerful features; mobile/tablet friendly, social sharing, custom domains, blog integration & more.

FASO Art Marketing Platform A powerful platform that helps visual artists spend less time marketing, more time painting, all while selling more of their art. Includes a professional artist website, automated marketing tools, a newsletter editor, and free promotion of your art, exhibits, and workshops to over 38K collectors and 70K fine artists.

Artspan – helping artists build careers for 25 years. Sites are easy to set-up & totally customizable. Use 2 ecommerce platforms to help sell: your own branded site + the Artspan Marketplace. Features include AR Preview and Prints-on-Demand and much more. 10% off for the first 3 years – use code ARTSY10. Free Trial.

ArtStorefronts – Explode Your Art Sales. Build an art store website in minutes at ArtStorefronts.com. Get stunning design, state-of-the-art features, and first-class print fulfillment. Sell your work on metal, acrylic, canvas, paper & more.


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AbsoluteArts (Online GalleryPrint on Demand) Large database of original art includes over 150,000 works. Artists pay 35% commission at free level, 20-25% at paid levels, plus 5% fee. They offer a variety of services to promote your art.

AbstractArtistGallery (Referral Site)  This website is a database of living abstract artists that presents work and includes a link to the artist’s website, referring business directly to you. This site is juried, and is run by volunteers. They request contributions.

ADC Fine Art (Online Gallery) This firm has a brick and mortar gallery and participates at art fairs and trade shows. Email or mail a submission to apply for representation.

AdobePortfolio  (Website provider) Creatives can build portfolios here to showcase their work. They do not offer a shopping cart, but provide a place to show your body of work beautifully to share with potential customers. Starts at $9.99 per month.

AffordableBritishArt (UK Site, Marketplace) Artists sell their work on this website directly to the customer, with no commission. Artist pay a fee, ranging from £35 to £135 per year. They offer e-commerce through Paypal.

Altpick (Talent Search)  This site helps illustrators, designers and photographers connect with creative buyers. Art listings are free; membership is $99 annually. Also offering annual awards to artists.

Amazon (Marketplace)  Amazon Handmade presents huge marketplace for artists and makers to sell their work online, and has the largest reach of any marketplace site. Artists must apply to be juried and accepted to become a vendor here. There is a 15% fee on sales.

American Handmade Crafts (Marketplace) Monthly fees start at $12.95, enabling each artist to list up to 280 items for sale. Sell your work retail or wholesale (in a password-protected area.) Advertising fees are extra.

ArchivalInkGallery (Online Gallery) Selling reproductions, this site features a limited number of artists and is juried. Submit your work through their website, and contact them for terms.

.ART (Domains, Website Provider) The fastest growing web address for the creative community. Our cutting-edge technology offers digital products for artists, including unique domains, free website templates, digital portfolios, and certificates of authenticity. .ART enables creatives to establish their easy-to find piece of internet real estate. Start your digital journey now!

Art2Arts (UK Site, Online Gallery)  This juried site features “original art direct from UK artists” and offers support and a community. No fees or contracts involved. They offer special features, promoting artists on their blog. This site takes 35% commission on art sales.

ArtAlleys (Online Gallery) Sell your original 2D art online through this site, which offers live video streaming to reach your customers. They take 30% commission on sales.

Artavita (Referral Site) This website is an online forum for artists and galleries to create profiles, upload images and share their art. Visitors click through to the artist’s own site to purchase.

ArtBaazar (EU Site; Online Gallery) This site helps artists sell one of a kind original art and limited edition reproductions online. All 2D mediums are featured. They take 30% of sales price.

ArtBoost (Online Gallery) This website offers curatorial services to commercial businesses and organizations. They represent artists from around the world, and accept applications for consideration. Check site for additional terms.

Artcast (Miscellaneous) This vendor streams artwork worldwide as video-on-demand, transforming blank screens into art galleries in hospitality, healthcare. corporate settings as well as in homes. They seek artists to feature and promote.

ArtCloud (Website Provider, Marketplace) Powerful software for artists tracks inventory, produces invoices, and acts as a point of sale to connect with your website. They offer a platform to build your own site, and an online marketplace if you wish to sell on theirs.

ArtCorgi (Commissions) This site specializes in helping artists get commission work. Artists work with clients through the process, including presenting sketches. They take 20% of the price of the art created.

ArtDex (Referral Site) Online tool that helps artists and collectors catalog their collections and network with each other. Free to use. Links on your collection page refer visitors to your own art website to close the sale.

ArtFido (Online Gallery) A global marketplace where artists and galleries can list work for sale. Upload images here free. Shoppers can buy at your listed price or bid on art. They take a 10% commission on each art sale.

ArtFinder (Online Gallery) This site features original art, print and photography, sold online and shipped directly from the artist. Create your store, and they manage payments. Artist keeps up to 70% of the sale. This is a juried platform.

ArtForYourCause (Print-on-Demand, Auction) a “socially conscious marketplace” that partners with non-profits benefiting them with a percentage of sales. Artists take 20% of POD sales and 70% of auctioned art.

Artful Home (Online Gallery) Online catalog for upscale handmade home décor, wall art, apparel and accessories. They have a paper catalog as well as their online gallery. This site is juried ($35 fee) and $300 membership fee if accepted. They take 50% commission on sales.

ArtfullyWalls (Print-on-Demand) This website sells art prints, and is juried. Artists can open a store, upload images, sell their art, and receive a set amount per item ordered (see site for details.) They also sell limited editions.

ArtGallery (UK site; Marketplace) This internet gallery sells affordable art from independent artists. Two membership levels (one is free) with shopping cart function. They even text you when your art sells, which is pretty cool.

Art-GalleryWorldwide (Marketplace) Offers three monthly account options to artists, plus a setup fee. Each artist gets a home page to upload images, which allows them to sell their art directly to site visitors. Shopping cart provided.

ArtHawk (Auction Site) – Online auctions of collectable and desirable art from established and emerging artists. Collectors can browse curated live auctions of trending artists. This site is juried; it’s free to apply, free to list. Commissions range from 5-10% of selling price.

ArtInRes (Online Gallery) This site’s concept is to allow shoppers to rent art first before they buy, and rental costs are applied to purchase. Artists receive a portion of the monthly rental price. Artists must complete an application and are juried.

Artist.com (Online Gallery; Print on Demand) This online platform lists original work by artists, taking 25% commission. They also provide print on demand services to sell product using your art images. Artists determine the markup on those products.

ArtistBe (Online GalleryPrint on Demand) Artists can upload images to create their own gallery page on this site, and sell original artwork (30% commission) or sell reproductions (15% royalty to artist.)

Artisera (Indian Site; Marketplace) An online luxury marketplace that brings together artists, established stores and galleries on one platform. Contact them for terms and submission information.

Artists&Clients (Commissions) Upload your images, describe the type of work you do and set prices. When commission requests come in, you negotiate final price and receive 85%.

ArtistsInfo (UK Site; Referral Site) A “global showcase” that drives visitors from their online gallery to your website to make sales of your art. Juried from information and images submitted on the site, an artist listing is £59.99.

ArtistsToWatch (Miscellaneous) This greeting card company accepts submissions from artists who would like to sell their work in this format. They accept new artists quarterly. To apply, email them with your info and images.

ArtizanMade (Marketplace) Collective of online shops selling handmade home décor and eco-fashion products. Their listings share member products and link to the member’s own site for sales. Juried; set up fee is $125 plus monthly membership and market fees.

ArtLicensingInternational (To the Trade) This group represents more than 400 artists who wish to license their work. They are open to receiving submissions from artists, which is free to do. Inquire about their terms.

ArtLicensingShow (To the Trade) Interested in licensing your art to manufacturers? This is a meeting place where artists, agents and clients can meet, review portfolios, and is password-protected. Artist fees begin at $20 per month, paid annually. Juried.

Artlimes (Online Gallery, Print on Demand, Marketplace) Join the most innovative global marketplace for Art, Design & Collectibles. This site offers online retail for originals, editions & NFT, easy for artists, galleries, luxury retailers and collectors.

ArtLoversAustralia (Australian Site; Online Gallery) This website sells original work and reproductions by Australia artists. Artists interested in representation are juried.

Artmajeur (EU site; Print on DemandWebsite Provider) Upload your images and sell on their site for 10% commission, or sell reproductions through their Print on Demand service. They also provide services to build your own art website with e-commerce capabilities.

Artmo (Miscellaneous) This site is a community and network for artists, galleries and collectors. Once you join, build a profile and connect your social media links. Publish and sell your art on the platform commission free.

ArtMobia (Referral Site) This juried site connects artists, galleries, artist residencies, curators, art writers and others with collectors and fine arts professionals. Build a profile page with your portfolio; they list your social profiles and put site visitors in touch with you. Cost ranges from a free account to $10/month.

ArtMuse (Online GalleryPrint on Demand) A curated collection of art in all mediums. Submit your work for consideration free. Original art can be listed at no charge; images for prints have a $15.00 listing fee. Art is sold at pre-set price points.

ArtofWhere (Print on Demand) This site prints your images on products, such as beanies, pillows, pencil cases and phone covers. Open a store here and sell your art online with offer a 3-tiered commission system.

ArtoGalleria (Online  Gallery) This platform sells 2D art and sculpture with a floor price of $200. They take 25% commission on sales, and sometimes run discount events, which are optional. Juried.

Artomat (Miscellaneous) With this unique concept, old cigarette vending machines are converted into Art Vending Machines which dispense small works of 2D and 3D art. They are searching for new artists – link leads to the guidelines.

ArtPal (Online GalleryPrint on Demand) Fast-growing FREE gallery to buy and sell any type of art. No membership fees. You receive 95%-100% when they sell your art. ArtPal earns money only when they sell your art. ArtPal also has a free Print-on-Demand service.

ArtPharmacy (Australian site; Online Gallery) This website sells art online and also holds pop-up shows around Sydney. Australian artists can submit their work; this site is juried.

ArtPistol (UK Site; Online Gallery) This website advertises that they sell “original art and limited edition prints from both budding and recognized UK artists.” They also sell art in pop up events, and sell to corporate clients. Artists list prices on the site, but shoppers are also allowed to make offers. Features a wedding registry. No upfront fees, but they take 25% commission.

Artplatform (UK Site; Miscellaneous) This site sells artwork while also supporting charities. Depending on your chosen level of gifting, you may or may not receive payment. Fine art only.

Artplode (Online Gallery) High quality international art sales website where galleries, dealers, artists and the public buy and sell art with NO COMMISSION charged. List your art for sale alongside works by Matisse and Warhol. Artworks must be priced at $1000+ to be offered for sale on Artplode. Price per listing is $60.

ArtQuid (Online Gallery) Exhibit and Sell Your Art on ArtQuid, a global online marketplace of 100,000 artists and art enthusiasts from around the world. NEW: Create and customize your own dream art gallery in 3D. WOW effect guaranteed for your future visitors and customers!

Artrepreneur (Referral Site) Create an online presence using their platform that includes templates for bio, portfolio, and more. Monthly fee starts at free level for basic services. $9 monthly level allows you to list in their marketplace, which refers visitors to your site for sales.

ArtsAdd (Print on Demand) Sell your paintings, illustrations and photography on products through this provider. No fees; just upload your images. You receive the difference between their base price and your selling price.

ArtsArtistsArtwork (Marketplace) Create and run your own ecommerce shop on this artists collective platform, or list a portfolio. Artist plan is a portfolio for an Annual fee is $25 to display but not sell your work. Or sign up as a vendor for $8.93 per month to sell, plus 15% commission.

ArtShow (Referral Site)  This juried website promotes your work on their gallery pages, linking to your website where you make the sale. Cost to the artist is $40 per year. They will list original art and photography, not reproductions.

Artspan (Website Provider+Online Marketplace) helping artists build careers for 25 years. Sites are easy to set-up & totally customizable. Use 2 ecommerce platforms to help sell: your own branded site + the Artspan Marketplace. Features include AR Preview and Prints-on-Demand and much more. 10% off for the first 3 years – use code ARTSY10. Free Trial.

ArtSpecifier (To the Trade) Specializing in selling art to architects, designers, art consultants and galleries, art specifier is a juried site. Annual membership for artists is $100, with no other fees or commissions involved.

Artsper (French site; Online Gallery) Calling themselves “a marketplace for the sale of contemporary art online” they feature works from emerging and established artists, presented as gallery pages. Shopping cart provided. Juried.

ArtStorefronts (Website Provider) Explode Your Art Sales. Build an art store website in minutes at ArtStorefronts.com. Get stunning design, state-of-the-art features, and first-class print fulfillment.  Sell your work on metal, acrylic, canvas, paper & more.

ArtVerified (To the Trade) This commission-free provider connects artists with galleries, interior designers, and art collectors. Juried. Build an artist page here showing your portfolio and choose your promotional package, ranging from $30-$99 per month.

ArtWanted (Print on DemandWebsite Provider) Upload images of your art for sale on this site through memberships ranging from free to $5 per month, or for $10 per month get a standalone art website. Fulfill orders on your own, or use their print on demand services.

ArtWeb (MarketplaceWebsite Provider) Has plans ranging from free to pro ($94 annually). No commission is taken on art sales. Artists can upload images on to their own profile pages on the site, or get a standalone art site. Shopping cart is provided.

ArtworkArchive (Miscellaneous) Connect with art buyers to increase your exposure and sales without lifting a finger. Exhibit the work you already manage in their art inventory system. Buyers and their ever-growing collector base can then contact you to purchase work. You handle the transactions and keep all the money.

Artwrk (Canadian Site; Miscellaneous) This site “rents” online space to artists to run a show of their artwork, for the duration of one week. They provide ecommerce capability plus marketing assistance. There is a booking fee + 25% commission.

ArtZolo (Indian Site; Print on Demand) They sell original art, crafts and reproductions online. This provider has a program in place where artists earn a royalty on work sold.

AskArt (Marketplace) This comprehensive site has a huge database and lots to offer artists. Their online art marketplace allows you to upload a bio, resume, artist statement, and list your work for sale. Monthly plans run $16.50 – $59.50.

Aviarto (UK Site; Marketplace) Sell your art or handmade goods on this site with no commission and only small transaction fees. Start at a free level or choose the £3 per month membership option.

AxisWeb (UK site; Talent Search) Presents member artists and their portfolios to connect them with opportunities, and has other benefits such as insurance for artists. Membership starts at only £1.17 a month.

Azutura (UK Site; Print-on-Demand) This provider creates wall murals, prints and stickers featuring the work of artists from around the world. Upload your images to their site, and earn 15% on every sale made.

Balthasart (EU site; Online Gallery) This full-service gallery site is open to artists in EU countries. They provide an artist profile page with unlimited works, arrange shipping, offer coaching and stats. Cost is €20 per month plus 30% commission on sales.

Behance (Talent Search) This popular online platform for creatives allows you to upload your art to an online gallery with a personalized URL. “Work for Sale” is a category where artists can use shopping cart function to sell.

Bentley Global Arts (Art Publisher) Artists and photographers can submit their work for consideration to be licensed for fine art reproductions. Selected artists earn royalties.

BigBlackBag (Website Provider) Geared mostly towards photographers, this provider offers easy-to-use template websites, with cutomizable galleries and built-in marketing tools. Monthly cost ranges from $8.99 – $29.99.

Big Cartel (Website Provider) “Bringing the Art to the Cart” is the mission here, where over 250,000 online stores have been opened by creatives. Pricing runs from free to about $30 per month with no long-term commitment. Brand and customize your own online shop to sell your art, or link your shop to your own art website.

Bleur Art (UK Site; Online Gallery) A collective of artists selling original work. They take 25% commission on sales. Artists apply for consideration via email, and go a jury and interview processes, the pay one-time registration of £150. Bespoke content for each artist is created by their staff.

BlockchainArtExchange (Crypto Art) Sell your digital or physical art as NFTs on the blockchain as direct sales or through auctions on this non-juried site. Payment through Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. Listing fee applies.

BlueThumb (Australian Site; Online Gallery) This site sells drawings, paintings, mixed media and limited editions prints by Australian artists and for Australian galleries. They offer e-commerce and take 30% commission.

Bucketfeet (Print on Demand) Would your art or design be perfect printed on a pair of shoes? This site offers cool sneakers with a variety of designs. Jury by sending an email to info(at)Bucketfeet.com with your portfolio.

Bulletin (To the Trade) This wholesale portal promotes your brand and items to retailers, handles transactions, and takes 10-15% commission on sales. Juried. Terms include net-15 payout.

BuyMyArtOnline (S. African site; Online Gallery) This site is open to South African artists only, and is juried. Build  your artist profile page and upload images. When sales are made, the gallery arranges for pickup and shipping. They take 30% commission.

Café Press (Print on Demand) This site has two options; start your own online art store, or upload designs only without the hassle of managing a shopfront. They set base prices for each item, you choose the retail price, and keep the difference.

Casetify (Print on Demand) This provider allows artists sell their work on cases and sleeves for phones and devices. No fee to get started. Art is uploaded through Instagram. Apply by sending a link to your portfolio and social media accounts. Artist receives a percentage of each sale.

Chairish (Marketplace) A place to buy and sell vintage decor, furniture and art. This site is juried; apply to be considered. Sellers consign their work and receive a minimum of 80% of the retail price.

CodaWorx (Commission, ToTheTrade) A hub for commissioned work, this site connects creatives with opportunities. Trade members who access artists’ work are architects, art consultants, interior designers, etc. Tiered membership starts free, and increases to $1,000/yr.

Cohart (Online Gallery)  This app is a sales platform for all artists. Juried; free to apply. No fees. Free commission on sales for the first three months, then 25% . Referrals lower commission amount.

CommentSold (Social Media) Sell your art or handmade work on social media through “comment selling” within posts or videos on your newsfeed. Includes features like coupons, push notifications, retargeting and more. Starts at $49 per month + 5% commission.

CommissionIt (UK Site; Commission) Artists and makers post portfolio photos here to showcase their work, which is marketed to gain commissions. Once delivered, the artist is paid the agreed-upon price. The vendor contributes part of their markup (between 5-20%) to charitable causes.

Contrado (Print on Demand) A custom printing brand that digitally prints your designs across a huge range of fabrics and other products. No minimums. Set up your own artist page here and sell from their platform.

CowCow (Print on Demand) This site prints artwork on clothing, accessories, home decor products and more. Upload your images, and set your prices. You earn the difference between base price and the retail. Monthly subscription ranges from free to $9.95.

CraftIsArt (Marketplace) Focusing on handcrafted and vintage goods and supplies, this site offers free and premium packages to sell your work online. Either pay listing fees and 5.5% commission, or $7.99 monthly fee.

CraftJuice (Referral Site) This site will help promote the products you are selling on an Etsy or Folksy store. Show your products here, get upvotes and social media exposure.

CraftFoxes (Marketplace) Sell your handmade jewelry, knitting, sewing, cards, and other crafts online by uploading images. Listing fee is .10 per item. Transaction fee of 4% applies when items sell.

CreativeListings (Referral Site) Complete free online directory. Create a profile page listing yourself as an artist, crafter, or other creative, and add an image of your work and description. Includes a link directly to your website.

Creatively (Talent Search) This app connects visual artists, designers and other creatives with job opportunities posted by brands. Ranges from full-time positions to gig work. Search listings or showcase your work there. Currently free to use.

CreativeMarket  (Marketplace) A website for graphic artists to sell graphics, logos, themes, etc online. Artists set their own prices and keep 70% of each sale. They do not require an exclusive on any designs.

Crevado (Website Provider) The super-simple way to showcase your artwork online. Jam-packed with powerful features; mobile/tablet friendly, social sharing, custom domains, blog integration & more.

Curioos (Print on Demand) This provider has a marketplace for purchasing digital artwork. Artists who would like to sell on the site must be juried by submitting their portfolio. They will reply with terms/agreement.

CurrentArt (EU Site; Print on Demand) Juried site providing limited edition fine art prints. Inspired by travel, culture and history, their offering encompasses an artistic portrayal through illustrations, photography, digital works and more. 50% commission.

CustomGifts (UK Site; Marketplace) They make many of their own products, but are open to collaboration with creatives who make personalized gifts, or are looking to get their designs on some of CustomGifts products. For more information, contact them through their website.

CustomizedGirl (Print on Demand) This apparel retailer offers storefronts where artists can upload art to be placed on tees, tanks and more and sell online. Artists earn royalties between 10 – 30% of each sale.

CustomMade  (Commissions) This website seeks artists and craftspeople to match with buyers who are interested in commissioning special work. Consumers post requests, and bids are taken from makers. Once a custom piece of work is made and shipped, CustomMade takes a 10% commission.

DailyPaintWorks (Referral Site; Auction) This provider has a large variety of new 2D art offered every day. Join them for $12.95 per month, which entitles you to upload any number of images you like. They send shoppers to your website and have an auction component.

DegreeArt (UK Site; Online Gallery) Students and recent graduates can submit their work for consideration to this site, which has an online venue as well as a London gallery where they may put your work in a solo or group show, and promote you to the press. They require an initial fee of £75 and take 40% commission on online sales.

DENYDesign (Print on Demand) This home furnishings company creates pillows, bed linens, shower curtains, wall art and more using artist’s designs. Apply on their website to be considered.

DesignByHumans (Marketplace) This site was developed with the simple vision of bringing artists from around the globe together to give them a platform to produce wearable art. Complete an online application to become a “Store Owner.” Once approved, add products to your store and begin selling. DesignByHumans pays royalties that range from $3.00 – 4.50 per item sold.

Deviant Art (Print on Demand) With 80 million pieces of art onsite, this behemoth is the largest social network for artists. It’s a platform that allows emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and share their works, including selling art prints online. Prints are base price; set your selling price to include a royalty for your payment.

Displate (Print on Demand) Their concept is selling posters made out of metal. Artists who wish to participate make a profile page and upload their images to this provider’s site. Artists receive 25% of the sale price.

DivaArt (Online Gallery) This website sells a large variety of original artwork and prints, and is juried. Accepted artists upload their images to the site. They work on a commission basis ranging from 10 – 25%, with a $300 minimum.

DotPress (Print on Demand) Sell framed versions of your art, photography or illustrations here. Free to get started. Set your own prices, they mark up, print, deliver and pay you automatically when sales are made.

Draint (EU Site; Online Gallery) Build a profile here and get promoted on Instagram to their massive following. Upload your images, and make sales if you choose. They take 10-15% commission on sales. Levels range from free to €2.95 per month.

Dunked (Website Provider) Create an online art portfolio on this website, using their templates, and even keep your own domain name. They have a clean contemporary look, are mobile-friendly and offer great features to the user. Rates range from $6 – $19 per month.

Ebay (Marketplace) The big kahuna of marketplaces, Ebay is a place where you can sell art online as well as anything else on the planet. Although it may not be the first choice of most artists, others may find a niche and do well. Listing and transaction fees apply.

eCrater (Marketplace) E-commerce store platform to sell your art or crafts online. Free to set up shop. They take a 2.9% “marketplace fee” on sales. They offer store hosting, shopping cart and a community forum. You can import items from your eBay store here.

Enjinx (CryptoArt) Sell your digital art as an NFT on this blockchain-driven marketplace, using Ethereum or their Enjin token. All sales incur a 5% commission plus listing and transaction fees.

Etsy  (Marketplace) This well-known site is where artists and craftspeople can open a shop to sell art or crafts online. Vintage goods and supplies also allowed. Etsy offers support communities and lots of help selling. Listing and transaction fees apply.

EveryDayOriginal (Auction) This site specializes in small original works of art, with daily auctions offered. As each piece sells out, the next work of art is offered. Artists can apply through a juried submission process.

ExoticIndiaArt (Indian site; Online Gallery) More than 5,000 artists from India already sell on this site, which offers sales opportunities to any artist. No up front charges, or listing fees. They add their commission to your price.

EyesOnWalls  (Canadian site; Print on Demand) This site sells original art, prints and textiles online. Highly juried. Artists must have large enough body of work, have a following and fit their “look.” Submit images or a link to your site to them through email.

Facebook (Social Media) One of your favorite social networks can also be your online art store. Facebook has integrated e-commerce to sell your art or handmade goods online.

Faire (To the Trade) Wholesale portal that connects retailers with makers who provide products for their stores. They guarantee payment to makers, and take 18% commission on wholesale price. This site is free for retailers to use.

FASO Art Marketing Platform (Website Provider) A powerful platform that helps visual artists spend less time marketing, more time painting, all while selling more of their art. Includes a professional artist website, automated marketing tools, a newsletter editor, and free promotion of your art, exhibits, and workshops to over 38K collectors and 70K fine artists.

FGMarket (To the Trade) A virtual trade show that helps you connect with retailers, with “artisan” section for handmade goods. Annual fee of $450 places you in their wholesale directory.

FineArtAmerica (Print on Demand) Build an art profile page and upload images to this site. They print images on reproductions, greeting cards, cell phone cases, pillows and more. Provides marketing help and an embedded shopping cart on your own website.

FiveHundredpx (Marketplace) Store your photography, share them and sell your photos online. Features work of beginners to experts. Sell your work by opening a “store” account, which is available to free as well as paid memberships.

FolioLink (Website Provider) Offers an all-in-one website solution with free phone tech support. FolioLink includes professional artist website designs/mobile sites, your own domain, Free SSL, online guestbooks, integrated blog, social media tools, ecommerce for online sales, SEO enhancements and more. Accounts range from $99/year to $349/year. Monthly payment plans setup by phone.

Foliotwist (Website Provider) They offer personal help by phone or email, plus simple promotional tools that put you in control. Try a paid plan or free plan.

Folksy (UK site; Marketplace) Featuring modern British craft, this site has online stores for artists to list and sell their work. Pay-as-you-go and monthly plans available.

Format (Website Provider) This easy to use template platform was designed for artists, photographers, and illustrators to create a portfolio presentation. They offer flexible themes and features, e-commerce solution and also a client-access “proofing” function.

FotoFactory (EU Site; Print on Demand) This site puts your images on paper, canvas or metal for your purchase, or to sell through their website. You earn set royalties for specific products sold, averaging around 20%.

FotoMoto  (Print on Demand) They offer an e-commerce widget that integrates seamlessly into your existing website. This provider takes care of printing, packing, and shipping orders to your customers. Pay per transaction and monthly fee programs.

FoundMyself  (Referral Site)  Free for artists to upload images; no commission taken. Sales are handled between the buyer and seller only, not the site. “Honor system” asks artists to contribute what they feel is fair when sales are made.

Gallea (Canadian site: Online Gallery) This site offers fine art for sale, including online sales and listings for opportunity at live exhibition venues. Requires monthly subscription that ranges from free to $50 CAD, plus 20-30% commission depending on package.

Gallerist (Indian site: Online Gallery) This site sells paintings, drawings and handicrafts by professional and aspiring artists. When sales are made, artist ships to the in Mumbai, India. One-time registration fee of $30. They take 25% commission on every sale.

GalleryToday (Online Gallery) Connects artists with buyers to sell original signed paintings internationally. They offer a guarantee that every painting will arrive in perfect condition. Juried. To apply, check their website for submission email and instructions. They take 30% commission.

GeneralPublic (Print on Demand) This juried site specializes in creating Synographs, which are reproductions of paintings and works on paper with texture similar to the original. Artists get 5% of profits from any item sold.

GoImagine (Marketplace) Available in the U.S. only, this online resource helps artists sell local and handmade work. They take a 5% transaction fee. Shops can be imported from Etsy. All profits go to charity.

GotArtWork (Print on Demand) Artists can sell originals or reproductions here, through monthly plans ranging from free to several hundred dollars.

Graphic Tide (UK Site; Print on Demand) This provider invites artists to submit an original T-shirt design, gaining votes from site visitors. Designs that reach a high score get printed and sold in their online store. Artists receive royalties ranging from 10% up depending on number of shirts sold.

Greenwich Workshop  (Art Publisher) Fine art publisher based in the U.S. that sells art online. They accept submissions from artists who are interested in possible publication, and who would receive royalties for artwork sold.

GreetingCardUniverse (Print on Demand) You can create a greeting card store on this site for free and upload your images. Artists earn 35 cents per card sold.

Gumroad (Marketplace) This online sales platform lets you set up shop to sell your artwork. They provide website, e-commerce and analytics. Starts at $10 per month plus 3.5% + .30 per charge.

HireAnIllustrator (UK Site; Talent Search) Currently representing over 400 illustrators, this website has portfolio pages for each, and also promotes through direct mail. If accepted, you can upload unlimited images of your work. They match incoming jobs with artists. Membership starts at £3.99 per week.

Houzz (Referral Site; Marketplace) The largest residential design database in the world. Create a profile under “Artists and Artisans” in the Pro section and upload images of your work. Search results are delivered locally to shoppers. They link to your own website free, or you can list products for sale in their marketplace, for 15% commission.

iCraft (Marketplace) A place to buy and sell handmade items, art, wearables, accessories, home decor. Build your own shop. Registration is $25, then subscription fee of $15 per month. Integrates with Shopify.

IdeelArt (UK Site; Online Gallery) This site specializes in abstract art. Their artists are usually invited, but they will accept submissions. They pay for shipping and take a commission; contact them for more information.

ImageKind (Print on Demand) Join free, and customize your own storefront. Fees range from free to $95 per year. Set your own retail prices; they charge base price and pay you the rest.

Incompendium (Website Provider) Template platform with 20 layout options. Build gallery pages, upload videos, keep track of your inventory and make sales through this site, which includes a domain name in the package.

IndieMade (Website Provider) Their pitch is that they help artists, photographers, DIYers, and artisans of all types easily produce creative websites. Monthly fees start as low as $4.95 (no long-term commitment) and you can even get a 30-day free trial.

IndieMe (To the Trade) This site features fine crafts in many mediums are listed at wholesale prices, and sell to the trade. Juried. They charge a startup fee and monthly fee of $39, or $395 annually.

IndieWalls  (Commission, To the Trade) Connects art buyers and sellers online. Buyers start a project, and artists pitch artwork that meets specifications. Art can be shown publicly or privately. Artists take 60% of the sale price.

InkyGoodness (UK Site; Talent Search) Showcases new and emerging talent in illustration, character design and lowbrow art. Offers opportunities for artists to network and have their work displayed and promoted. Email them if you are interested in submitting your work for consideration.

InPRNT (Print on Demand) This site produces giclee reproductions of your work for sale on their site. Juried submission process of sending three of your best pieces for review. Inquire about costs.

Instagram (Social Media) One of the most powerful social platforms for artists. Publish art on your profile and sell via direct message, use their shoppable posts feature, or use a tool like CommentSold which gives you a shopping cart capability.

Interest Print (Print on Demand) A provider that puts your designs on items from home décor to clothing, shoes, accessories, wall art and more. Create your own online store or Etsy, Amazon, etc and they provide fulfillment and drop shipping.

JewelSpan (Website Provider) A sister site to ArtSpan, this vendor caters to artists selling handcrafted jewelry. Artists get a pretty sharp website with shopping cart, blog and even videos about their work. Intro price is $99/year plus 10% commission on sales. No listing fees. Sales to buyers going directly to member site URL incur no commission.

Jose Art Gallery (Online Gallery) An art industry social network and platform for selling original art and reproductions. International in scope, available in several languages. Registration is free. Build a profile, connect and converse with collectors, galleries, curators. 35% commission on sales.

JuicyCanvas  (Print on Demand) This site features contemporary art, with a catalog of limited edition pieces, which can be re-mixed by the customer. This  provider prints canvases, t-shirts, totes, baby clothes and more. Submit your portfolio through email to be considered.

Kelly’s Collectibles (Online Gallery) Juried provider who lists art on their gallery site on eBay. Artists pay upfront fees ranging from $99 to $279 to participate, and then receive between 50% – 60% of each sale.

King & McGaw (UK Site; Art Publisher) This site sells art suitable for corporate environments, and homes, and offers Print-on-Demand services. Juried; submit your work for consideration.

KnownOrigin (CryptoArt) Create digital art as NFTs and sell on the Ethereum blockchain through this platform, which is juried. When initial sales are made 85% of the price goes to the artist, 10% is paid to artist for secondary sales.

Kunstmatrix (Website Tool Provider) A unique tool that enables you to create beautiful 3D showcases of your art to impress art lovers and collectors. Digitally present and manage your art, including an augmented reality app to show a preview of your work.

LaunchMyWear  (Print on Demand) Turn your art into quality merchandise, produced to order under your label, with no upfront cost or minimum order quantities. LaunchMyWear offers fully managed product creation, a free branded storefront, secure e-commerce & drop-shipping. You determine the selling price; they collect a set fee per product when you make a sale.

LeGaleriste (Canadian Site, Print on Demand) This company produces clothing of all types with your images. Select from either 10% royalties if they sell your work, or buy at “artist’s cost” and mark up 45-65% and sell retail yourself.

Leona Creo  (Referral Site) This site promotes an online catalog of art and craft items and promotes on social media accounts. Artists can list up to twenty pieces; visitors are sent to the artist’s own site to close the sale. Premium membership is one-time $30 charge.

Loupe (Miscellaneous, Print on Demand) Apply to this platform to have your artwork included in their innovative platform that streams visual art on screens in homes and commercial spaces. Artists can earn from selling through their Print on Demand feature.

MadeByHandOnline (UK Site; Online Gallery) British and Irish craftspeople are welcome to apply. This site is juried, has an active community and directory, and actively markets their makers. They take 22% commission on sales.

MadeIt  (Australian site; Marketplace) This site specializes in selling handmade goods. You pay .35 per listing plus 4.5% commission on sales. No membership fees.

MakersMarket (Online Gallery) This site sells handcrafted goods made in America, especially organic, sustainable and ethically produced items. Purchases are drop-shipped to customers, they take 50% commission and pay shipping. Apply to be considered as a vendor.

Masterpiece Online (Website Provider) Claiming to have “the largest curated inventory of art anywhere,” Masterpiece Online is a service provided to subscribers of Masterpiece Manager art business software. The Artist Package is $29 a month and provides a number of services including inventory management, point of sale invoicing, mass email marketing and career support. They take 3% of any sale.

McGaw Graphics  (Art Publisher) Interested in licensing your art to a well-established art publisher that presents new collections of art to the marketplace regularly? Submit your work for consideration. Accepted artists paid in royalties.

Meural (Miscellaneous) This innovative company sells digital art “canvases” to buyers, which can display changeable digital art for their home or office. Customers select and buy art for their canvas from a curated group of artists. Contact them to apply; artists earn 60% of sales.

Mintable (Crypto Art) Create digital art and sell it on the blockchain through this marketplace that processes payment using Etherum or Zilliqa. Create a store on the platform or use theirs, and pay to boost visibility if you wish.  Transaction fees apply.

Minted (Print on Demand) This vendor sells holiday and Christmas cards, and wedding and party invitations. Submit your design here, and fans will vote on it. Winners get cash prizes, and the rights to sell their designs on the site.

MMGArtGallery (Online Gallery) This site specializes in selling limited editions and signed fine art prints. They require the artist to give them an exclusive on images for this purpose. Sales commission is worked out individually with the artist.

MobilePrints (Print on Demand) This website allows you to sell your Instagram photos as reproductions, cell phone cases, pillows, etc. Set your base price, and they add their markup to retail.

NicocoDesign (Miscellaneous) Specializing in wearables and homewares, this providers works with artists from around the world, advising, creating and producing high quality pieces giving them the opportunity to expand their brand into other sellable formats. They offer digital printing on fabrics and embroidered products made in India. Inquire for process and pricing.

NiftyGateway  (CryptoArt) Marketplace for digital art sold as NFT 1:1 or limited editions on blockchain with credit, debit or Etherium. This site also lists secondary sales, with a percentage paid to the artist.

NotOnTheHighStreet  (UK Site; Marketplace) Curated site promoting small businesses in the UK and Ireland. They list and sell products on their site, and you drop ship to customers. One time joining fee, ask for details.

OnlineGallery (EU Site, Online Gallery) List and sell your work on this gallery website or participate in auctions. Build your own artist page for a fee starting at as little as €1.99 per month. They take no commission.

Open Sea (Crypto Art) This is the largest NFT marketplace and is unjuried. Upload and sell digital art or collectibles on blockchain for Ethereum or stablecoins. Sell for a fixed price or list in an auction. They take 2.5% of sales.

Paras – (Crypto Art) Curated NFT site currently searching for early adopters; visit their site for an invitation to apply. Create and sell digital art cards on their marketplace, which is being built on the NEAR blockchain.

Patreon (Miscellaneous) A subscription site that helps creatives financially by cultivating fans to help support their ongoing work through monthly contributions. Fans determine the amount they wish to pay, and the artist offers “rewards” for support. Build and launch a creator page, then promote it to your community to attract patrons.

Personalise (UK Site; Marketplace)  They feature work from small manufacturers and craftspeople that can be personalized. Contact them with recommended retail prices, trade prices + turnaround time for consideration. No monthly fee – only pay upon sale.

Pictorem (Print on Demand) Have your art printed on canvas using this site, and also sell directly to the public. No fees to upload your images. You set your price, and they add their printing costs to arrive at the final sales price for your work.

Pinterest (Social Media) This super-popular website allows you to create collections by “pinning” images around the web which click through to the original site. Have an item to sell, on Etsy, or anywhere else? List the price when you pin your item – a click on the photo will take the shopper through to your own site where you can make the sale. Priced items show up in their “Gifts” section.

Pixels (Print on Demand, Online Gallery) Upload images here to have them printed as reproductions, pillows, bags, clothing, etc. They set base price and you choose your markup (your portion). Or, sell your original art commission free. Membership $0 – $30 annually.

Pixpa (Website Provider) They offer art websites with a large selection of themes and functions. Easy, intuitive templates with e-commerce included. Price ranges from $8 – $16 monthly.

Portion (Marketplace, Auction) This blockchain-based platform is an auction house for digital and physical art, with the artist keeping 100% of the sale. Juried.

Portraity (Commissions) Are you a portrait artist or photographer? This site aims to connect artists and clients who want commissioned portraits made. Artists upload their portfolio onto the site and a “contact” button puts potential clients in touch with you. Currently in Beta and offering free memberships.

PosterMyWall (Marketplace) Artists can sell their graphic designs on this site, that are used by business clients, for a 35% royalty payment. You create poster templates, and get paid each time they are downloaded. Free to sign up.

Printful (Print on Demand) Sell your art online with this Print-on-Demand provider who puts images on clothing, mugs, wall décor and more. They integrate with your own online shop to provide fulfillment. They have base prices, you choose your retail price markup.

Printify (Print on Demand) This provider will print and fulfill merchandise, offering more than 300 products. Printify integrates with a variety of third-party ecommerce platforms or with your own website. Set your prices to determine what you earn.

PrintPop (Print on Demand) A Print-on-Demand website that claims to be for aspiring/emerging, “struggling,” part-time, hobbyist, or student artists to sell poster-sized print reproductions of their work. Artists earn 15% royalty from each item.

PrintsOnWood (Print-on-Demand) This provider creates art prints on wood, using fine art or photography that you submit. $5.00 fee to sign up and become a vendor on this site.

PropheticsGallery (Online GalleryPrint on Demand) Online art gallery selling originals, giclees, apparel and accessories with a Christian or Prophetic theme. Artists ship originals; they also provide printing for reproductions. Juried; they take 50% of sales price.

Rarible (Crypto Art) Create and sell digital art as NFTs secured with blockchain on this platform. Set your prices and also royalties for secondary sales. Transaction and gas fees apply.

RedBubble (Print-on-Demand) This website helps sell your art on posters, prints, t-shirts, cards and more. They have set base prices, and you collect the markup that you choose.

RiseArt (UK Site; Online Gallery) Artists can create a free profile here. You can also submit your work for them to promote and sell, online and offline. They have a brick and mortar gallery also, and rent art.

SaatchiArt (Online Gallery; Print on Demand) Popular online venue to sell originals and prints. Upload your images and sell originals, keeping  65% of profits. They offer printing and shipment of reproductions. Artists pay for packaging materials.

Scopio (Marketplace) This site is a stock photo portal for business. Upload your photographs and earn 40% of individual image sales, 20% on downloads and royalties when applicable.

SculptSite (Referral Site) They feature sculpture only; buyers purchase directly from the artist. Apply to be accepted. No commissions taken, you pay a fee ranging from $0 – $99 per year. They give marketing assistance.

See.me  (Referral Site) This site partners with SquareSpace. They promote artists on that platform, linking through to their SquareSpace websites where the artist can make the sale. They also offer art exhibition opportunities, awards, etc.

Shapeways (Marketplace) A 3D printing services provider, with a marketplace on their site for artists who would like to sell there. They offer base prices, you set the retail price for your margin.

SignedCards (Miscellaneous) Want to sell your art on greeting cards? This site is looking for artists and designers to provide art for them. They do all the marketing, printing and shipping. Artists earn 10% of each sale, which is typically .50 per card.

Shopify  (E-commerce SiteWebsite Provider) Build an entire store using their easy template and shopping cart services of this popular provider. Build a standalone store here, or link to your shop from your art website.

Sign (Crypto Art) Eco-friendly juried NFT marketplace on the Waves blockchain, now in pre-launch and accepting artist applications. Upload digital artworks, price and sell for low transaction fees and no gas fees.

Singulart (Online Gallery) Promoting and selling artwork from both acclaimed and emerging artists from over 80 different countries, this provider actively recruits “talented artists to transform the global art market.” Artists can submit their work to be juried as well and Singulart will get back to them in two weeks.

SmugMug (Website Provider, Print on Demand) Photographers can create their own websites on this platform, which has customizable templates and photo management. Fees range from $3.99 – $25.00 per month, with the $12.50 level offering e-commerce.

Society6 (Print on Demand) Upload your art images, and this provider will use them to make prints, canvases, iPhone cases, hoodies and more. Set your price, and you receive payment for everything over the base price of their products.

Soldsie (Social Media) This site specializes in helping you sell on Instagram and Facebook. Pricing varies depending on the number of clicks your posts get. They offer a 30 day free trial.

Spoonflower (Print on Demand) Known for printing custom fabric for designers, this site is Print-on-Demand and prints your work on textiles, wallpaper and decals. They claim to offer the largest collection of independent fabric designers in the world. Artists receive 10% of sale price.

Spreadshirt (Print on Demand) Open your own t-shirt shop online, featuring your designs. No cost to set up. This provider pays you an agreed-upon royalty on each sale.

Spring (Print on Demand) This provider lets you design a tee-shirt, name your price, and promote your campaign to sell as many upfront as possible. Great for partnering with a cause! Artist makes the profit after manufacturing and shipping costs are calculated.

Square (Website Provider) This popular marketplace offers free online stores, with a very clean contemporary look. Use it as your website, or link to them as your store.

StarArtsGallery (Asian site; Online Gallery) This curated site features emerging artists. Artworks are for sale, but offers can also be made by buyers. Gallery takes 20% commission on every sale.

StudioDoorz (Referral site) Connect with potential collectors through this portal which sets up live studio visits. Delivering artist search results on location-based search. Get listed on their database for as little as $5 per month.

SuperRare (CryptoArt) A decentralized application and digital art marketplace operating on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform uses specially-developed smart contracts for artists to sell digital art to collectors in a peer-to-peer marketplace.

TappanCollective (Online Gallery) This site works with individual artists and partners to present a collection of artwork for sale online. Artists may submit a juried application to be considered.

Tattoodo  (Commission) Want to design custom tattoos and sell them? This website allows consumers to request customized tattoos through contests where artists submit their interpretation, and designs evolve. Winners receive from $100 – $300 per design depending upon contest parameters. No cost to get started.

TeeFury (Print on Demand) Submit your design for a T-shirt, and if accepted, your design becomes a very limited edition, available for 24 hours, and selling for $10.00.  The artist gets $1.00 per shirt sold, and keeps the rights to the design.

TheArtling (Online Gallery) This site offers original art, prints, furniture, objects and home decor, and runs an online art magazine to help publicize artists. Juried; listing is free, with a range of commission to the gallery averaging 35%.

TheCraftersBarn (UK Site; Marketplace) Handcrafted goods are sold on this website, which dubs itself a “co-op” and has a very low monthly fee with no commissions taken. Includes shopping cart.

ThisIsALimitedEdition (UK Site; Print on Demand) This site sells work from UK artists in the UK as limited edition art, art prints, canvas prints and homewares. They sell retail and also wholesale to retailers. Predominantly invitation only, but they do have a submission form for artists.

Threadless (Print on Demand) Create a design, and submit it to this site. The Threadless community votes to choose the very best, which will become t-shirts for sale in their marketplace. What do the design winners get? A $2,000.00 prize.

Tricera (Japanese site; Online Gallery) Online gallery featuring artists from 85 countries, art sales include free international shipping. This site is juried. Profile setup and image upload is free; they take 40% of every sale.

Tundra (To the Trade) A “no commission” portal for artists or makers who sell wholesale. Set up a storefront and upload products. Paid ads place your images in front of buyers.

TurningArt (Miscellaneous) The focus of this site is to rent artwork to residential and commercial clients. Submit your work for jury consideration. They create reproductions from your images for rental; artists receive royalties.

UGallery  (Online Gallery) Billed as “a curated online art gallery for the nation’s top mid-career and emerging artists,” this site is juried. They split the selling price 50/50 with the artist, and do extensive marketing.

UKArtistsOnline (UK site; Online Gallery) Featuring handpicked artists from the UK, this site offers three annual membership levels (ranging from free to £40 per year) plus 30% commission on sales. Artists can participate in online exhibitions, featured collections and more.

Uncommon Goods (Marketplace) This site sells “unique gifts and creative design.” Juried; submit your images to them in an online application. This site is not exclusively art or craft related, but offers clothing, accessories and home items as well.

UnderdogPrintShop (UK site: Print-on-Demand) Perfect for illustrators, digital artists and others looking to sell their art as prints. Juried site. Build a profile page and upload your images. They produce prints on paper and ship direct to customers.

VerusArt (Canadian Site; Online Gallery) This website specializes in textured art prints, which are produced and framed, sold in limited editions. Accepted artists ship their originals, which are reproduced by this vendor. They sell to the public as well as retailers.

VirtualArtGallery (EU Site; Miscellaneous) Want to show your work in a 3D online gallery? Open your own exhibition and earn directly from online sales. Starts at free level, or open more than one exhibit for a range of fees starting at 29€.

Wix (Website Provider) Website builder that has templates for artists and galleries and provides e-commerce services. Monthly fees range from a free level to $39, with a variety of packages available.

WholesaleInABox (To the Trade) This service assists artists who wholesale their collections by identifying prospective customers, providing guidance in creating line sheets and marketing materials, and assisting with follow up activities.

WildApple (Art Publisher) Interested in licensing your artwork to a publisher who provides art for the home and wall decor markets? They accept submissions through their website. Accepted artists earn royalties.

Wolf & Badger (Online Gallery) Jewelry and fashion accessories marketplace for aspiring designers. This site is juried. Upon approval, set up your shop, upload images and sell your handmade work online. No membership fee – they take 30% commission on sales.

WonderfulMachine  (Talent Search) This site helps commercial photographers connect with available shoots. They accept applications from photographers who would like to join.

WorkOf (MarketplaceTo the Trade) Based in Brooklyn, this site promotes online and also offline events. They specialize in furniture, lighting, soft goods and home accessories. New York-based makers can applied to be considered, and get details on terms.

WowThankYou (UK Site; Marketplace) Proudly supporting UK artisans, this site offers everything from clothing and pet items to household and wedding gifts. Monthly competitions. Fill out a form to become a seller; no terms listed on the site.

XanaduGallery (Online Gallery) Xanadu is a brick and mortar gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, but they also have an online component. Submissions are juried, but online accounts are free. They take 20% commission on sales.

Yessy (Online Gallery) Upload your art to sell on this site, with no limit on number of images. Cost to artists is a $59 annual fee, plus 10% transaction fee per sale.

Yizzam (Print on Demand) This provider specializes in printing allover custom designs on apparel. Use them as a printer and mark up the products and sell on your own site, or become an affiliate and earn from referrals.

Zatista (Online Gallery) This site is for selling original 2D art only. They target interior designers and architects as well as consumers. All work is juried. They do not have a monthly or listing fee, but take 45% commission.

Zazzle (Print 0n Demand) Popular site selling art and products. No monthly or listing fees. Upload your images, and set your own prices – you are paid the royalties between their base price and amount of the sale. They put images on a large variety of items.

Zenfolio (Website Provider) Designed for photographers, this website platform offers a variety of themes and templates. Sell prints through their ecommerce function, or sell your services. They offer marketing support and resources to help you gain exposure and sales. Monthly fee ranges from $5-12.

Zet Gallery – (EU site; Online Gallery) Art platform where independent artists and art galleries can sell art online, and be represented through exhibitions. Connect with galleries and museums here; artists take 70% of the sale price.


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