Featured Artist Pritha Srinivasan

Watercolor portrait of a young woman in floral robe

Watercolor artist Pritha Srinivasan captures ethereal feminine beauty in a portfolio drawn from nature. See more from this talented artist by visiting her website.     I am a contemporary self-taught watermedia artist and have … [Read more]

Featured Artist Fermin Fleites

Bronze sculpture of a ram's head by Fermin Fleites

Artist Fermin Fleites imagines a world where diverse stories from different cultural groups converge, emphasizing the universality of human experience. See more of his work by visiting his website.     Imagine a world where we … [Read more]

Featured Artist Audrey Kral

peaceful abstract landscape by artist Audrey Kral

Artist Audrey Kral presents an ethereal collection of colorful abstract paintings inspired by the natural world. Visit her website for more.     My art is the expression of experience and expansion, sparked by a moment of wonder … [Read more]

Featured Artist Joan Burger Siem

mysterious still life with window by Joan Burger Siem

Artist Joan Burger Siem presents a thought-provoking and magical collection of paintings. See more of her work on her website.     I studied painting and printmaking in California where I received my BFA and MA at Stanford … [Read more]

Success as an Artist is Who You Know… Right?

Torpedo Factory salon

Talent and ability alone do not determine success. Building a network is also essential to growing a creative business.     You’ve probably seen this scenario before: an artist you know is incredibly talented and creates … [Read more]

Featured Artist Brian Hallas

botanical photograph by Brian Hallas

Fine art photographer Brian Hallas presents a striking collection of botanical images. See more of his work by visiting his website.     I haven’t taken the direct route to being an abstract photographer. My path at best has been … [Read more]

Featured Artist Katherine Berg

Decorative blue kiln-formed bowl by Katherine Berg

Katherine Berg presents a stunning collection of handmade glass vessels, and shares her inspirational story. See more by visiting her website.     I'm an award-winning glass artist from Chicago. Even though I have a degree in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Allison Richter

Painting of roseate spoonbills by Allison Richter

Painter Allison Richter shares a striking avian portfolio inspired by her fascination with these beautiful, ethereal animals. See more by visiting her website.     I'm a wildlife artist, and my world revolves around capturing … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mary Luttrell

acrylic painting of two horses by Mary Luttrell

Artist Mary Luttrell presents a collection of paintings that expertly capture the action and personality of her subjects. See more from this talented artist by visiting her website.     I'm the daughter of well-known western … [Read more]

Display Tips for Your Next Art Show

art show booth

Planning to exhibit your work at an art festival or fair? Use these tips to showcase your art beautifully.     Make your collection cohesive. A well-presented body of work contains elements that all relate to each other. The … [Read more]

Featured Artist Counsel Langley

wall relief mixed media night scene

Artist Counsel Langley shares a fascinating portfolio of highly detailed mixed media works inspired by life experiences. See more of her work on her website.     I come from a long line of people who built boats, sailed seas, and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Katherine Ford

watercolor painting of a fishing fly

Watercolorist Katherine Ford presents a charming collection of paintings that quietly express her life as artist and observer. Visit her website to see more.     Living in the heart of Wisconsin, the natural beauty that surrounds … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lisa Ann Lening

Whimsical 3D mixed media collage

Artist Lisa Ann Lening presents a charming collection of contemporary 3D mixed media collages. See more of her work by visiting her website.     I am Lisa Ann, a mixed media artist based in New Zealand and for a few months every … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ingrid Ludt

Minimalist painting of a Provincetown sunset by Ingrid Ludt

Minimalist painter Ingrid Ludt shares a collection of works that show her exquisite sense of color. See more from this artist by visiting her website.     I’ve been an artist my entire life. For me, making art is not just a creative … [Read more]