Featured Artist Heidi Pitre

painting of shopping in a supermarket #nostalgia

Artist Heidi Pitre presents two collections that reflect her love of nostalgia and capturing personal memories. See more of her portfolio on her website.     I currently reside in Kansas City, Missouri, but claim most of the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Brooke Johnson

sculpted resin wall art

Sculptor Brooke Johnson shares her fascinating and challenging journey of transforming resin into a three-dimensional art form. See more by visiting her website.     Since my early years, you could often find me absorbed in a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Aruna Rao

Enjoy the work of Florida impressionist oil painter Aruna Rao, who presents a portfolio of landscapes created in a sunshine state of mind. Visit her website to see more.     As a young girl growing up in India, I always found … [Read more]

Maximize Your Art Fair Sales Opportunities

Visitors at an art fair

by Carolyn Edlund Your presence as the artist at a fair or festival is important, and what you do has a direct effect on sales. Keep these tips in mind for maximum engagement and increased sales.     Be present and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kim Walker

ethereal botanical mixed media art

Artist Kim Walker presents a stunning collection of colorful mixed media botanical art created with natural found materials. Enjoy her work and see more by visiting her website.     I have a feeling we can all agree that … [Read more]

Featured Artist Muffy Clark Gill

Batik painting of Balinese women

Enjoy the fascinating portfolio of artist Muffy Clark Gill, who creates batik paintings on silk inspired by world travel. See more by visiting her website.     My art stems from my lifelong love of travel. The encounters I have … [Read more]

Featured Artist Christopher Springmann

Georgia O'Keeffe photo

Christopher Springmann photographed Georgia O’Keeffe at her Abiquiú and Ghost Ranch homes in New Mexico for America Illustrated in September 1974. Enjoy his collection of photos and learn more on his website.     I knocked on the big … [Read more]

Featured Artist Maria Morales

painting of three oranges on abstract background

Artist Maria Morales shares a dynamic abstract portfolio and a story of overcoming conventions to find her true inspiration. Learn more by visiting her website.     I was born in Portugal and came to the U.S. as a small child. My … [Read more]

Avoid These Pitfalls That Can Ruin Your Art Sale

Shoppers in an art gallery

by Carolyn Edlund As an artist, you’ll always be searching for ways to gain more customers. Avoid these common pitfalls that can lose them.     It’s natural for artist entrepreneurs to want to expand their customer base, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Barney Levitt

a painting of a dog wearing curlers in a kitchen

Oil painter Barney Levitt approaches his creative work with humor and charm. Enjoy his portfolio, and learn more by visiting his website.     I am a visual storyteller. As a child, I was always drawing. My parents enrolled me in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Enda Bardell

watercolour painting of a waterfront tree and ethereal background

Artist Enda Bardell's impressive watercolor portfolio features stunning vistas imbued with a timeless quality. See more from this talented artist on her website.     My art career began way back, when we were refugees in Sweden … [Read more]

Featured Artist Karen Israel

pastel drawing of three people on the street

Enjoy the intriguing pastel portfolio of artist Karen Israel, who captures human relationships and moments in time. See more by visiting her website.     I have been painting for over twenty years and teaching pastel classes and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Carmen Verdi

complex drawing of hummingbird and plant on black background

Artist Carmen Verdi presents a collection of portraiture and landscape drawings created with incredible complexity. View more by visiting his website.     I was born into a military family at Fort Dix, New Jersey in the spring of … [Read more]

Proven Habits of Successful Artists

by Carolyn Edlund Are you looking to take your art business to the next level? Incorporate these habits into your daily practice and watch your business grow.     Doing business successfully isn't an accident. It's often the … [Read more]