Licensed Art Goes to the Wholesale Marketplace

Artist Kristi Caterson shows products featuring her designs at the Americasmart trade show.

by Carolyn Edlund Two licensed artists recently represented their work at a wholesale trade show. Here's how their designs evolved from idea to products sold in retail stores.     Inspired by her background in classical … [Read more]

Featured Artist Elke Daemmrich

“The Drones” Oil on Canvas, 59” x 71” by artist Elke Daemmrich. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Elke Daemmrich’s etchings and paintings showcase her variety of interests, including a love of nature and connection with world culture. Visit her website for more.     Born in Dresden, East Germany, and living in the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Monica Coyne

"Imprisoned" Forged Steel, 15" x 15" x 5" by artist Monica Coyne. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist and blacksmith Monica Coyne forges abstracted human forms out of steel, creating figures that appear to emerge from the metal. Visit her website to learn more.     I was raised in San Francisco. When I was little, I did … [Read more]

Featured Artist Juliana Coles

“Hammam” Mixed Media Painting on Cradled Panel, 36” x 36” x 1.75” by artist Julianna Coles. See her portfolio by visiting

Juliana Coles’ mixed media art is not preconceived, but spontaneously created through a unique layering process that uncovers stories in each piece. Visit her website to view more of her work.     As a student at the Academy of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Clea Witte

"Untamed" Oil, 120cm x 120cm by artist Clea Witte. See her portfolio by visiting

Inspired by equine beauty, South African artist Clea Witte creates stunning and graceful horse portraits, capturing their essence with each brushstroke. To see more of her work, visit her website.     My love for art and my love … [Read more]

3 Website Updates Artists Need for the New Year

3 Website Changes Artists Need to Make for the New Year. Read about it at

by guest blogger Sandi Dettman The new year is a time to set new goals, both personally and professionally. For artists, one thing which is often overlooked is updating their website.     As an artist, you wear many hats. Trying … [Read more]

Featured Artist Trevor Keen

“Animals in Plane” Cover Illustration for Crain’s New York about a NYC airport having a special terminal just for flights carrying animals, Photoshop, Various Sizes by artist Trevor Keen. See his portfolio by visiting

Energetic and humorous, these stylized illustrations by artist Trevor Keen are designed for a variety of different clientele. Visit his website to see more.     I am an illustrator and animator with over twenty years of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Susan Hurwitch

“Between the Blooms” Mixed Media Collage, 36” x 36” by artist Susan Hurwitch. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Susan Hurwitch found her artistic voice in the art of mixed media and collage, where she expresses a love of color and texture. Enjoy more of her art by visiting her website.     From a very early age, I was fascinated by … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sylvia Cohen

"Maybe" Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40" by artist Sylvia Cohen. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Sylvia Cohen combines line drawing with splashes of color to create expressive and dynamic portraits. Visit her website to learn more about this artist and her passion.     My goal is to create paintings that are simply … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mishel Schwartz

“Sweetness and Light” Alcohol Ink on Yupo, 22” x 22” by artist Mishel Schwartz. See her portfolio by visiting

Canadian Mishel Schwartz’s alcohol ink art is sensually rich with color, movement and form. Discover more of her work by visiting her website.     When I was a young girl, I used to hide near the entrance to my parents' studio … [Read more]

Art Business Planning with a Reality Check

Elizabeth Hulings, Director of The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists

by Carolyn Edlund Artist advocate, strategist and educator Elizabeth Hulings talks about dreaming big, trusting yourself and staying balanced in your art business.     Elizabeth Hulings grew up in a household knowing that it is … [Read more]

Featured Artist Nikkie Markle

"Egret at Riva Row" Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 30" by artist Nikkie Markle. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Nikkie Markle expresses a deep appreciation for the environment and her love of nature through bright and joyful paintings. See more of her work by visiting her website.     I first began painting in college as a way to … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rick Berk

"Sunrise Over the East End" Digital Photograph, Various Sizes by artist Rick Berk. See his portfolio by visiting

The landscape photography of artist Rick Berk captures the senses with vivid color, dramatic perspective and a sense of place. Visit his website to see more.     I picked up my first serious camera as a college student to fulfill … [Read more]

Featured Artist Katia Bulbenko

“Blossom” Acrylic, Wood, Painted and Printed Silk, Synthetic Fiber, Thread and Beads on Canvas, 6” x 6” by artist Katia Bulbenko. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Katia Bulbenko creates intriguing mixed media assemblages using a variety of techniques that blur the line between painting and sculpture. Visit her website to learn more.     I’m a multidisciplinary artist, combining … [Read more]