Sell Your Art as an Expert

Two encaustic paintings hanging on a wall

by Carolyn Edlund As an artist and creator, you are in a perfect position to make consultative sales to collectors. Here's why.     Who is the expert on your own work? You are, of course. You know all about your inspiration, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rachel Perls

gouache poodle pet portrait by Rachel Perls

Rachel Perl shares a collection of colorful pet portraits that express the joy and personality of each animal. Learn more about this artist by visiting her website.     I am fascinated by the psychology of color, what it silently … [Read more]

Featured Artist Debbie Bakker

watercolor of clementines and blueberries in a crystal bowl by Debbie Bakker

Artist Debbie Bakker presents a collection of vibrant and joyous watercolor paintings. Enjoy her stunning portfolio, and see more by visiting her website.     I am a watercolor artist living in the San Francisco Bay area of … [Read more]

Featured Artist William Kolok

abstract stone and wood sculpture by William Kolok

Artist William Kolok creates bold abstract sculptures created with reclaimed and natural materials. View more of his portfolio by visiting his website.     New England working-class ethics require hard work with little … [Read more]

Featured Artist Darin Wood

abstract mixed media portrait by Darin Wood

Hidden faces emerge from the abstract, spontaneous compositions by Canadian artist Darin Wood. Find more of his mixed media paintings by visiting his website.     I am an artist hailing from eastern Canada. I'm influenced and … [Read more]

Create Urgency to Close More Art Sales

Create Urgency in Selling with Special Offers

by Carolyn Edlund Shoppers will be more motivated when they feel there is a compelling reason to buy your art or handmade work now. Use these strategies to create a sense of urgency, encouraging buyers to pull out their wallets and make the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Alice Hauser

oil still life of clementines and bottles by Alice Hauser

Artist Alice Hauser shares an expert eye for color and light in her stunning portfolio of oil paintings. Visit her website to see more.     I have been drawing and painting since I was a young child. My father introduced me to … [Read more]

Featured Artist Telagio Baptista

watercolor portrait of a young girl by Telagio Baptista

Artist Telagio Baptista presents a collection of his ethereal watercolor paintings. Visit his website to view more of his portfolio.     My passion for art began at a young age. As a gifted child, I was a performing concert … [Read more]

Featured Artist Danielle Rayne

photograph of a Rufous Hummingbird and nectarine blossoms by Danielle Rayne

Photographer Danielle Rayne captures the fascinating world of pollinators through her camera lens. See more of her work by visiting her website.     I’m a nature photographer and my primary focus is capturing the relationship … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dave Behrens

United Tension artwork by Dave Behrens

Australian artist Dave Behren incorporates bold symbolism and pattern in his distinctive signature portfolio. Visit his website to see more of his work.     I started painting in 2002 and experimented with a number of different … [Read more]

Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Write Product Descriptions That Sell

by Carolyn Edlund Is a picture worth a thousand words? Maybe. But using clear descriptions of the products you are selling on your art website will help you close more sales.     Artists and makers sometimes make the mistake of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ron Craig

painting of the shadow of a palm tree on a building by Ron Craig

Fascinated by architecture, artist Ron Craig paints in a complex, meticulously detailed style. Enjoy his portfolio and visit his website to see more.     I became an artist at an exceptionally young age. I began drawing and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dianna Fritzler

abstract oil and cold wax painting by Dianna Fritzler

Artist Dianna Fritzler uses layers of oil and cold wax to create engaging abstract paintings. Find more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     Growing up in Wyoming gave me a deep appreciation for wide open spaces and … [Read more]

Artist John Costin

life size hand painted etching of a Swallow Tailed Kite by John Costin

Artist John Costin shares a collection of highly detailed, life-size etchings of birds in their natural habitats. See more by visiting his website.     I think I was born with a box of Crayolas in my hand. From an early age, … [Read more]