How to Add Extra Links to Your Instagram Profile

Expand your Instagram profile with Linkin. Read about it at

by Carolyn Edlund Instagram only allows one link, visible on your profile page. Here's how to expand that link into a whole menu of options that help promote your art business.     I recently came across two websites that help … [Read more]

Featured Artist Hannah Klaus Hunter

“Spring Shift” Monoprint Collage, 29” x 38”by artist Hannah Hunter. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Hannah Klaus Hunter captures the botanical landscape of Northern California in her vibrant monoprints and collages. Learn more about this artist by visiting her website.     My love of all things "plant" stems from my … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sue Riger

“My Blue Bowl” Acrylic on Board, 8” x 8” by artist Sue Riger. See her portfolio by visiting

Bold, expressive brushstrokes are the hallmark of artist Sue Riger's energetic and vibrant, light-filled paintings. Visit her website to enjoy more of her work.     I’ve taken hundreds of pre-dawn nature hikes because I love to … [Read more]

Three Fun Apps to Help Your Art Marketing

Artwork shown in a gallery setting with Photofunia. See the article at

by Carolyn Edlund Want to share your art creatively through social media? These apps give you new ways to use your images, and they're absolutely free!     Photofunia - Create all kinds of effects, and place your art in settings … [Read more]

Featured Artist Christopher Kennedy

“Sea Cuc” Digital Photograph on Brushed Aluminum, Archival Paper or White Aluminum, 3 Limited Edition Sizes by artist Christopher Kennedy. See his portfolio by visiting

British artist Christopher Kennedy uses a technique he formulated called Photo Luminism to capture within his images the light we cannot see. Visit his website to see more.     I’m a British fine art photographer based in Bucks … [Read more]

New .art Domains Now Available

by Carolyn Edlund Anyone in the art world can now get a special website address. Would it be useful for you?     An artist I know was recently planning to launch a new website, but running into a lot of frustration with the URL … [Read more]

Featured Artist Irene Hoff

“Japan visits NY” Mixed Media on Canvas, 100cm x 100cm by artist Irene Hoff. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Irene Hoff blends a variety of mixed media with vivid color and intricate detail to create dramatic and intriguing works. Visit her website for more information.     I was born in Drachten in the Netherlands. I experience … [Read more]

Featured Artist O. Yemi Tubi

"Soyinka (An African Literary Icon)" oil on canvas, 24" x 36" by O. Yemi Tubi. See his artist feature at

Painter O. Yemi Tubi presents a portfolio filled with portraiture, political commentary and an observation of global events. See more of his work by visiting his website.     I was born in Nigeria and graduated with BFA Degree … [Read more]

Creative Placemaking and Opportunities for Artists

Public Art Project

by Carolyn Edlund Artist Todd Scalise built a business of creating art in public places. I recently interviewed him about this market, and how other artists can take advantage of opportunities.       AS:  How would you … [Read more]

Featured Artist Trixie Pitts

"Remembering Bermuda" Oil on Canvas, 56" x 44" by artist Trixie Pitts. See her portfolio by visiting

Combining vivid color and expressive lines, artist Trixie Pitts paints large abstract-expressionist paintings that are filled with movement and energy. Learn more about this artist and her work on her website.     I have been … [Read more]

Most of Your Art Marketing Will Fail. Keep Going.

Most of Your Art Marketing will Fail. Keep Going. Read about it at

by Carolyn Edlund Selling your art and growing a successful business is about maintaining the right mindset.     This month, I’m working on a number of different projects. Editing and launching a new art business course. Talking … [Read more]

Featured Artist Gerard Justin Ferrari

“Dung Beetle with Death Head Moth Graffiti: Orphaned Teapot” Terra Cotta with Multi-Fired Surface, 8" x 9" x 6" by artist Gerard Justin Ferrari. See his portfolio by visiting

Enjoy artist Gerard Justin Ferrari’s fascinating handbuilt clay sculptures, and see more of his whimsical creations by visiting his website.     My family and I live in an old Connecticut farmhouse that we are slowly refinishing … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lea McComas

“Turkeman Crones” Fiber, 47” x 40” by artist Lea McComas. See her portfolio by visiting

Fiber artist Lea McComas creates realistic and expressive images using a longarm sewing machine. View more of her work by visiting her website.     People fascinate me; everyone has a tale to tell. I love to watch those who cross … [Read more]

Shake Up The Status Quo and Raise The Status of Women Artists

Valerie Patterson, "Women’s March", watercolor, 27″ x 35″. This painting was selected for the "HERStory 2017" online exhibition.

Guest blogger Renée Phillips shares her resource guide and ideas to increase awareness of women in the arts.     For centuries women artists have faced discrimination. Throughout history many accomplished women artists’ … [Read more]