Advice for Artists from an Interior Designer

Room filled with art in a Bohemian style, designed by Carol Marcotte. Read her interview at

by Carolyn Edlund Are you interested in working with interior designers to sell your artwork for corporate and residential environments? I recently spoke with designer Carole Marcotte of Form & Function, who shares her insights on the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dale Popovich

“Autumn Blaze” Transparent Watercolor and Gouache, 12” x 9.5” by artist Dale Popovich. See his portfolio by visiting

Artist and teacher Dale Popovich creates idyllic and eloquent watercolor landscapes that tell a story. Visit his website to see more of his work.     As an artist/teacher for over 39 years, I still see myself as a student. I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Billy Tackett

"Einstein" Acrylic, 24” x 48” by artist Billy Tackett. See his portfolio by visiting

Billy Tackett's splatter art is fluid, energized and highly textured, yet captures the essence of the subjects he paints.     My goals are to continue developing my highly textured, hand splattered art while honing the technique … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lilianne Milgrom

“Le Rouge et le Noir” (Diptych) Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, Each panel 30" x 40" by artist Lilianne Milgrom. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Lilianne Milgrom allows her subject to dictate the direction, medium and aesthetic of her artwork, leading her to use different techniques and styles. Enjoy more of her artwork by visiting her website.     The ability to … [Read more]

Featured Artist Erik Abel

“Horizon 4” Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Wood Panel, 14” x 14” by artist Erik Abel. See his portfolio by visiting

Oregon-based artist Erik Abel presents mixed media paintings on wood that graphically illustrate the beauty of the coastal landscape. Learn more about this artist by visiting his website.     Being a full-time artist was … [Read more]

What Artists Can Learn from Advice for Authors

What Artists can Learn from Advice for Authors. Read it at

by Carolyn Edlund A bestselling writer shared sound advice in a brilliant forum post meant for authors. It doesn't matter whether you are selling books or art, though. The principles remain the same, and artists can also … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kim Vergil

“Face á- Face” Mixed Media Photo Collage and Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 30” x 24” by artist Kim Vergil. See her portfolio by visiting

Inspired by dreams, artist Kim Vergil uses a mixed media technique that combines her own personal photography with acrylic paint. Visit her website to see more of her art.     I paint because I need to. Painting is an extension … [Read more]

Featured Artist James Robert White

“Corona, a drop in the ocean” Metal Dust, Acrylic Gel on Glass with Lacquer, 118cm x 140cm by artist James Robert White. See his portfolio by visiting

Artist James Robert White explores the concept of complexity, illustrating the natural algorithms that shape our world. Learn more about his work by visiting his website.     I have worked as an artist for over twenty-five years. … [Read more]

Featured Artist Caroline Deeble

“Ripples” Holbein Watercolour on Arches Paper, 560cm x 760cm by artist Caroline Deeble. See her portfolio by visiting

The natural world is artist Caroline Deeble’s muse. Her expressive paintings, layered with color, light and shadow, show her passion for her subject. See more by visiting her website.     From a young age, I was a creative … [Read more]

Selling Art: Out of the Box and On the Road

Sparkling Art Mobile

by Carolyn Edlund Artist Nettie Price has been selling her designs for several years, using different methods to leverage her business. Her newest endeavor involves a colorful step van and the open road.     AS:  You’ve been … [Read more]

Featured Artist Leslie Franklin

"Final Surge" Alcohol Ink, 36" x 36" by artist Leslie Franklin. See her portfolio by visiting

Enjoy the free-flowing alcohol ink paintings of artist Leslie Franklin. Using a medium that is hard to control enables her to find a balance between realism and abstraction. Learn more by visiting her website.     Sometimes You … [Read more]

8 Ways to Be More Efficient

8 Ways to be More Efficient, guest article by Corrina Thurston

by guest blogger Corrina Thurston I’m a chronically ill artist, so I have limited time and energy to get my work done for my art business. Therefore, through research and experimentation, I’ve discovered 8 great ways to help myself be as efficient … [Read more]

Featured Artist Eva Polak

“Romantic Evening” (from Parallel Universes series) Digital Photograph, Various Sizes by artist Eva Polak. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Eva Polak specializes in impressionist photography, using her camera like a paintbrush to capture  images filled with light and color. Enjoy more of her art by visiting her website.     My inspiration comes from the beauty … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jak Ruiz

“Play with me” Mixed Media on Canvas, 55” x 43.5” by artist Jak Ruiz. See his portfolio by visiting

Painter Jak Ruiz creates spontaneously, inspired by music and the flow of life. Learn more about this artist and his work by visiting his website.     I am 35 years old and from Las Cruces, New … [Read more]