Featured Artist Joshua Lance

oil painting of a corner in Santa Fe

Enjoy the charming portfolio of painter Joshua Lance, whose travel experiences have influenced his style and subject matter. See more on his website.     My passion for art began over 30 years ago as a college student in New … [Read more]

Featured Artist e.wasserhase

painted palm bark using acrylic paints

Artist e.wasserhase shares an unusual collection of aboriginal-inspired art painted on palm bark. See more by visiting their website.     I was born in Hamburg, Germany, in the year of the Waterrabbit (Wasserhase). I have lived … [Read more]

Featured Artist Bob Landström

painting of a bird made with crush volcanic rock

Artist Bob Landström creates visually delightful works using an unusual medium—crushed volcanic rock. Enjoy and find more by visiting his website.     I was born and raised near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In my youth, the steel … [Read more]

Master the Jury Process and Get Your Art Accepted

how to get juried in

by Carolyn Edlund How do you get your art juried into prestigious art events, galleries, and exhibitions? Use these practical tips to enhance your chances of being selected.     Check out our YouTube video above to learn more about … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ruth Soller

oil painting of a red fox in the snow

Oil painter Ruth Soller shares a distinctive portfolio of American landscapes and wildlife art. See more from this talented artist by visiting her website.     I’ve been a professional artist for over thirty-five years. I create … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lisa Thomas

abstract digital photography

Digital artist Lisa Thomas presents a contemporary collection of delightful images created using oil and water. See more of her work on her website.     As a photographer who enjoys the abstract, I've always been drawn to the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Yuriy Zadorozhnyy

mixed media found object wall sculpture

Ukrainian artist Yuriy Zadorozhnyy presents a dynamic collection of mixed media sculpture and collage. View more of his portfolio on his website.     I'm originally from Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and graduated in architecture from … [Read more]

Featured Artist Peggy Hinaekian

red and orange painting of high noon

Enjoy the colorful portfolio of abstract artist Peggy Hinaekian, whose paintings tell stories and elicit emotional responses. See more by visiting her website.     I'm an Armenian/American artist, working in California. After … [Read more]

Transform Your Art Website Home Page

art website home page

As an artist, your website serves as your digital portfolio and gallery. The Home page, in particular, is crucial—it's your virtual first impression. Here's how to make it into a masterpiece.     Let's explore how to make the Home … [Read more]

Featured Artist Pauletta Brooks

mixed media whimsical ring with figures and rocks

Artist Pauletta Brooks presents a delightfully quirky portfolio of sculptural mixed media wearable art. See more of her work by visiting her website.     To be an artist and creator, imagination is one of the obvious essentials, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Michael Christidis

geometric architectural illustration

Artist Michael Christidis presents a dynamic portfolio of architecturally-inspired art. See more from this talented illustrator by visiting his website.     I have been creating art for most of my life. My main inspirations are … [Read more]

Artist Showcase, Summer 2024

mixed media floral painting by Cindy Kornet

Enjoy our newest showcase of art featuring works in different mediums by a group of talented artists. Click on each name to visit their website.     Mary Barton These abstract flowers are bold and vibrant, exhibiting fluid … [Read more]

Featured Artist Manon Germain

hyperrealistic painting of a bottle of V8 juice

Artist Manon Germain shares an amazing portfolio of hyperrealistic still life oil paintings. See more of her work by visiting her website.     My art is a means of expression. I want people to find my paintings amusing, to make them … [Read more]

Email Marketing Secrets Artists Need to Know

Email Marketing Secrets

by Carolyn Edlund Here’s why email marketing should become a main staple of your art business strategy and how you can use it to increase awareness and sales.     Today, social media often takes center stage. But it’s not … [Read more]