Featured Artist Paige Hirsch

"Craziness" Mixed Media on Canvas, 24" x 30" by artist Paige Hirsch. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Mixed media artist Paige Hirsch creates unique abstracts, following her intuitive feelings and using a strong color sense. Visit her website to learn more about Paige and her process.     Each of my mixed-media paintings and … [Read more]

Art & Women

Artwork by Ashley Epping, in the article "Art & Women" at www.ArtsyShark.com

Feminine subjects have always been a major focus of art. We invited some artist friends to share work that celebrates women, as well as their inspiration and message. Click on each artist's name to visit their website.     Anya … [Read more]

Featured Artist Laura Wilder

"The Gloaming" painting by Laura Wilder. See her feature at www.ArtsyShark.com

Stunning, classic images make printmaker Laura Wilder's portfolio stand out. Enjoy her award-winning art and see more by visiting her website.     Twenty years ago, inspired by prints and posters of the early 20th century, I quit … [Read more]

Meet Fiber Art Now

Fiber Art Now Fall 2016 Cover

by Carolyn Edlund I recently spoke with Marcia Young, Editor in Chief of Fiber Art Now magazine, which has been using creative strategies to serve artists, offer opportunities and build community.     AS:   How would you … [Read more]

Featured Artist Anne Silber

“Three Calla Lilies” Limited Edition Serigraph, 23” x 18” by artist Anne Silber. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Hand-printed serigraphs by Anne Silber are meticulously created with layers of stencils made by hand and oil-based ink. See more of this artist’s work by visiting her website.     I am a fine art printmaker, working exclusively … [Read more]

Featured Artist Richard Monteleone

“Illumination” 600 ft of Aluminum suspended with Monofilament in a 2,000 sq ft ceiling space by artist Richard Monteleone. See his portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Flowing, looping, curving and twisting, artist Richard Monteleone’s three dimensional metal artwork seems to effortlessly hover overhead, creating energy, light and feelings of healing and wonder. Learn more about this visionary artist by … [Read more]

Keep Your Art Collectors Coming Back

Shoppers at an art fair.

by Carolyn Edlund Don't lose track of your existing customers. They are the key to growing your creative business.     Back in the day when I still had my production studio, I frequently sold my work at retail fairs and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Carole Elliott

“Turtle – Harry” Acrylic on Paper, 42cm x 30cm by artist Carole Elliott. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Australian artist Carole Elliott captures the elusiveness of a wave, the translucency of the water and embrace the sweeping grandeur of the coastline. See more of her work by visiting her website.     I have been painting and … [Read more]

3 Art Portfolio Mistakes to Avoid

Are You Making these Portfolio Mistakes? How artists can give their best presentation

by Carolyn Edlund These true case studies share some of the pitfalls artists experience when preparing a portfolio presentation.     Too Broad An artist was choosing work from his portfolio to share. He wanted to show the breadth … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jennifer Hawkyard

"Windrunners" 24” x 17” Digital Art, Procreate & Photoshop by artist Jennifer Hawkyard. See her artist feature at www.ArtsyShark.com

With nature as her inspiration, artist Jennifer Hawkyard creates colorful drawings and digital images. Enjoy her portfolio and see more of her work by visiting her website.     After growing up in Northern England, I decided to … [Read more]

Featured Artist Linda Tompkin

"Sun Kissed" acrylic, 24" x 24" by Linda Tompkin. See her artist feature at www.ArtsyShark.com

Enjoy the stunning portfolio of artist Linda Tompkin, whose clear crisp style gives her paintings endless appeal. Visit her website to see more.     I am an artist specializing in realism. I enjoy painting from life rather than … [Read more]

How Artists Can Build Credibility

Painter and teacher Glen Kessler speaks about his art at a gallery opening.

by Carolyn Edlund People want to buy art from experts, not amateurs. How can you share your expertise and gain credibility as an artist?     The good news is that you are already an expert about your own artwork. You know more … [Read more]

Featured Artist Maria Aparici

“Artistas” Oil on Canvas, Each 40cm x 40cmby artist Maria Aparici. See her portfolio by visiting www.ArtsyShark.com

Expressionist artist Maria Aparici creates powerful, emotional images of people and animals. To see more of her paintings, please visit her website.     I try to paint every day, it is what I most enjoy doing. The female figure … [Read more]

The Art of Silence

The Art of Silence, thoughts on yoga and the business of art by Brenda McMahon

One of an occasional series on Art, Yoga & Business by guest blogger Brenda McMahon     I am writing this blog while in the midst of my own silence. I have an inner calling for quiet. In my heart, there are no words for how … [Read more]