Featured Artists George Repetti & Danielle Rayne

photo of hummingbird and bird of paradise plants

Father/daughter collaborators George Repetti and Danielle Rayne present a breathtaking collection from their nature-based portfolio. Enjoy and see more by visiting their website.     My name is George Repetti and my daughter is … [Read more]

What You Can Learn from Your Competition

artist working in studio

by Carolyn Edlund Building a small creative business doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. There is plenty to learn from people who have already done it.     What does your competition have to teach you? Plenty. Other … [Read more]

Featured Artist Diane Sanborn

abstract painting in old and cold wax

Artist Diane Sanborn presents a collection of colorful and engaging paintings that are a visual delight. Enjoy her portfolio and find more by visiting her website.     Originally from Chicago, now living and working in Arizona, my … [Read more]

Featured Artist Linda Blackerby

abstract painting by Linda Blackerby

Painter Linda Blackerby presents a collection of vibrant and exciting abstracts that express her love of color. See more of her work on her website.     Born and raised in the Kansas City area in a close family, I was impressed … [Read more]

Artist Showcase, Late Spring 2023

painting of a spring sunset

Enjoy our current Artist Showcase featuring the work of amazing creatives working in different mediums and styles. Click on each name to visit their website.     Niyati Jiwani My compositions consist of vibrant and subtle … [Read more]

Featured Artist Manon Sander

oil painting of a lifeguard stand

Enjoy the charming portfolio of oil painter Manon Sander, who celebrates life with each brushstroke. See more by visiting her website.     Painting, especially en plein air, has changed my view of the world. A big part of … [Read more]

Make Your Art Images Web-Friendly & Optimized

Photographer using a camera

by guest blogger Kelly Heck In this excerpt from Artsy Shark's bestselling course Sell More Art with a Dynamic Portfolio, professional photographer Kelly Heck explains how to work with photos of your art to optimize them for the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Teri K. Miller

photo of an egret and flying bird at the lake

Fine art photographer Teri K. Miller captures exquisite natural moments in her dreamlike portfolio. Visit her website to see more of the collection.     Wanderlust flows through my veins and drives me to seek out new places. I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Pamela Schiermeyer

whimsical drawing of a meadow at night

Step into the joyful world of modern folk artist Pamela Schiermeyer, who presents a collection created with pen and marker. Find more by visiting her website.     I am cartographer by trade, which in its own way is artistic. … [Read more]

Featured Artist Andrew Fichtler

closeup of bear chair with claws

Inspired by travel experiences and a with goal of excellence in craftsmanship, artist Andrew Fichtler creates sculpture and furniture made to last. See his website to view more of his work.     I haven’t exactly taken the normal … [Read more]

Featured Artist Déborah Cassolis

oil painting of a flycatcher in a palm tree

Enjoy the exquisite portfolio of artist Déborah Cassolis, whose realistic oil paintings bring her subjects to life. See more by visiting her website.     I was raised in a small town in Canada where both sides of my family had … [Read more]

Sell Art to Corporate Clients

Hotel sculpture

by Carolyn Edlund Is your art appropriate for placement in a commercial environment? Here's how to enter the marketplace for this sales channel.     Art is purchased by corporate clients for placement in all types of settings. … [Read more]

Featured Artist Margaret Lipsey

colorful abstract art

Painter Margaret Lipsey explores color and connection in her serene portfolio of abstract works. Enjoy and visit her website to see more from this artist.     I discovered my love of painting and meditation at the same time. I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Max Tzinman

barren futuristic landscape by artist Max Tzinman

Artist Max Tzinman presents a fascinating collection of work that envisions a surreal, futuristic world. View more of his work by visiting his website.     “If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” ~ Edward … [Read more]