Featured Artist Jim Chaput

abstract digital image of yellow trees on a mountain by Jim Chaput

Artist Jim Chaput has embraced the digital realm in his art, creating multi-layered and dreamlike abstract landscapes. Visit his website to view more of his work.     I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I started drawing … [Read more]

Featured Artist Gayle Isabelle Ford

watercolor close up of leaves by Gayle Isabelle Ford

Artist Gayle Isabelle Ford shares her portfolio of serene landscapes and floral portraits rendered in watercolor and oil. Visit her website to view more of her work.     I cannot remember a time when I did not draw and love … [Read more]

Featured Artist Laura Hunt

painting of a man feeding a bird by Laura Hunt

Artist Laura Hunt’s contemporary figurative paintings focus on human relationships and storytelling. View more of her work by visiting her website.     My childhood on a central Texas farm, while idyllic in many respects, was … [Read more]

Featured Artist Suzanne Aulds

painting of eggs on blue and white fabric by Suzanne Aulds

Suzanne Aulds translates a love of beauty and appreciation of nature into her still life paintings and landscapes. See more of her portfolio by visit her website.     My life has always revolved around art. When I was a child, I … [Read more]

Why Paint a Series?

Artist painting in the studio

by guest blogger Tim Saternow When an artist creates a series of works, it's an opportunity to make a powerful statement.     When I first started to seriously paint, finding subject matter I liked was always difficult. The … [Read more]

Featured Artist Betty Jean Billups

painting of a ballet dancer at rest by Betty Jean Billups

Betty Jean Billup’s plein air paintings capture the essence of a scene with loose and sweeping brushstrokes. Visit her website to see more of her work.     From my earliest memories, I've always wanted to give back to the world … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sol Hill

mixed media digital image by Sol Hill

Artist Sol Hill presents a collection of large-scale metagraphs that explore inner experiences and our perception of reality. To learn more about his process, visit his website.     “…all great art is art about art…” These words, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Conny Lehmann

abstract mixed media painting by Conny Lehmann

Guided by a fascination with color, artist Conny Lehmann paints intuitively expressive abstracts. Visit her website to learn more.     I have been fascinated by colors, cityscapes, clouds and sunsets throughout my life. My … [Read more]

Featured Artist Wesley Lowe

oil painting of a pond with water lilies by Wesley Lowe

Canadian artist Wesley Lowe tells stories through his detailed oil paintings of landscapes, figurative and historical scenes. More of his work may be seen by visiting his website.     I have always had a passion for art and have … [Read more]

Sell Your Art on Instagram

Selling Art on Instagram

by guest blogger Karlie Carpentier Rosin Ready to make online sales? Instagram is an outstanding e-commerce platform for visual artists.     Selling art online has never been more popular. If you haven't done so already, now is … [Read more]

Featured Artist Andrea Wendel

corner writing desk of wood and metal by Andrea Wendel

Artist Andrea Wendel’s innovative furniture designs are inspired by her passion for creating handcrafted, sculptural objects with a purpose. Visit her website to view more of her portfolio.     As an Illustration major, my career … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mitch Barrett

Through sculpture and painting, artist Mitch Barrett seeks to balance perfection and imperfection and explore the hidden self. Enjoy more of his work by visiting his website.     My artwork reflects my life, a work in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Carole Belliveau

Artist Carole Belliveau presents a collection of luminous figurative paintings in her classic style. See more of her stunning portfolio by visiting her website.     Art has been my calling since I was a child. Initially I wanted … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sana Doumet

silver and gold linked necklace by Sana Doumet

Inspired by ancient cultures, artist Sana Doumet creates stunning jewelry designs with gold, silver and precious stones. View more of her collection by visiting her website.     While living in Ecuador, I cried every time the … [Read more]