Find and Focus on Your Art Market

Find and Focus on Your Art Market. Read about it at

by Carolyn Edlund Are you going in too many directions with your art business? You'll achieve better results by getting organized and focus on appropriate markets.     I speak with a lot of artists individually, and often ask … [Read more]

Artist Showcase, Late Spring 2018

"Sunshine on My Shoulders" Fluid Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 36" by artist Marita Gentry. See her portfolio by visiting

Enjoy this stunning Showcase of Art featuring works by invited artists. We asked each one to share their purpose, inspiration or the creative process behind their work. Click on the artist's name to view more of their … [Read more]

Featured Artist Joanie Landau

“Need to Dance” Digital Collagraph, 30” x 30” by artist Joanie Landau. See her portfolio by visiting

Inspired by the urban landscape, the collagraphs of artist Joanie Landau are comprised of stark images in black and white, or saturated color. Visit her website to see more of her work.     As a young artist, I discovered and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Mark Hersch

"Phelan Building, San Francisco, Photography, 40" x 32" by artist Mark Hersch. See his portfolio by visiting

Using a technique he calls “rephotography,” artist Mark Hersch gives viewers a sense of the passage of time by combining historic archival images with his own photography. Visit his website to see more of his … [Read more]

Featured Artist Amy Pleasant

“Something Worth Waiting For” Acrylic on Canvas, 24” x 36” by artist Amy Pleasant. See her portfolio by visiting

Artist Amy Pleasant’s brightly colorful mixed media paintings, focus on the past merging with our collective future. Visit her website to learn more.     Although painting is my passion and I have been drawing since I was a small … [Read more]

How Artists Can Approach the Press

How Artists can Approach the Press. Read about it at

by Carolyn Edlund Want to attract press attention for your art? A thoughtful, planned approach gets the best results.     Successfully making connections with press members and others who are able to help promote and share your … [Read more]

Featured Artist Chris Navarro

“Twenty % Chance of Flurries” Bronze Sculpture, 13’ x 15’ by artist Chris Navarro. See his portfolio by visiting

Known for monumental bronze sculptures, artist Chris Navarro focuses on the untamed world of the American cowboy and animals of the American West. Visit his website to learn more.     I am a national award-winning artist from … [Read more]

Featured Artist Leanne Fink

"Call of the Canyon" Oil on Linen, 24" x 24" by artist Leanne Fink. See her portfolio by visiting

Inspired by the lush countryside around her, Leanne Fink creates visually dynamic paintings filled with vivid color. Visit her website to see more of her art.     Artists are unique in that we are willing to bare our souls to the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Amy Guion Clay

"First Thought, Best Thought #20" Acrylic and Toner on Paper, 10" x 13" by artist Amy Guion Clay. See her portfolio by visiting

Amy Guion Clay's abstracts are richly layered and filled with soft earth tones that express a world beyond the visual. To see more of this artist’s work, visit her website.     In life and art, I long for the horizon. There is an … [Read more]

Featured Artist Malem Lemieux

“Cantering Andalusian” Borosilicate Glass Flame Worked, 5.5” Tall by artist Malem Lemieux. See her portfolio by visiting

Malem Lemieux’s art is primarily focused on horses; her expressive paintings, drawings and sculptures portray them full of life and movement. Visit the artist's website to learn more.     Indulge in an ethereal dance of light … [Read more]

How Artists Can Work with Stagers

"Splash I" and "Splash II" india ink on canvas, 36" x 48" by Joyce Creiger.

by Carolyn Edlund Interested in growing revenue for your art business? This market can provide opportunities and repeat customers.     Stagers are professionals who work with real estate agents to help them sell homes by … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ivan Lebedev

"Sixteen Elephanties" Photography on Paper, 50" x 50" by artist Ivan Lebedev. See his portfolio by visiting

Russian-born artist Ivan Lebedev uses photography to make connections by sharing his visual interpretation and restructuring chaos. See more of his work by visiting his website.     I was born fifty-eight years ago in Yaroslavl, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Al Vesselli

"Really Wet" Watercolor, 25" x 35" by artist Al Vesselli. See his portfolio by visiting

Shimmering, jewel-like translucent glass, bathed in sunlight, is beautifully captured and magnified with brilliant color in artist Al Vesselli’s watercolor paintings. See more of his art by visiting his website.     I’ve been … [Read more]

Featured Artist Alessandra Ricci

“INSIGHT OUT” Oil on Double Canvas, 24" x 30" “INSIGHT OUT” Oil on Double Canvas, 24" x 30" by artist Alessandra Ricci. See her portfolio by visiting

Through her unique 3D canvases,artist Alessandra Ricci captures significant moments in time, leading the viewer to a deeper understanding of everyday life. Visit her website to see more of her intriguing art.     I was born in … [Read more]