Featured Artist Brian Peters

digitally printed ceramic sculpture by Brian Peters

Artist Brian Peters presents a collection of 3D printed ceramics fabricated into rhythmic and textural constructions. Visit his website to see more of his work.     My passion lies at the intersection of craft and technology, and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lara Ivanovic

painting of rusted cars in Pennsylvania by Lara Ivanovic

Artist Lara Ivanovic captures a surprising beauty in junked cars and abandoned buildings. See more of her remarkable paintings by visiting her website.     As a young child, I drew the usual fantastical scenes of girls with … [Read more]

Write Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Opened

How to Get Emails Opened with Captivating Subject Lines

by guest blogger Mckenna Hallett Each email in an inbox has about two seconds to capture attention. Here's how to grab attention and get your message opened.     We all have favorite emails from a beloved source that we open … [Read more]

Featured Artist Posey Gaines

watercolor landscape by Posey Gaines

Artist Posey Gaines intuitively uses expressive brushstrokes when painting his watercolor landscapes. More of his work can be found on his website.     I am a watercolor artist living in Glenpool, Oklahoma. Since I was a child, I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rose Collins

painting of a fox and a bird by Rose Collins

Artist Rose Collin shares a collection of colorfully expressive wildlife portraits. See more of her engaging portfolio by visiting her website.     I am delighted to present my portfolio of wildlife animals displaying my unique … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ray Beldner

abstract sculptural paper collage by Ray Beldner

Sculptor and new media artist Ray Beldner juxtaposes different forms and ideas to create sculptural collage. Learn more about this artist by visiting his website.     Pulling images from art history books, art magazines, posters … [Read more]

Featured Artist Michael Frank Peterson

painted layered glass sculpture of a field of yellow flowers by Michael Frank Peterson

Artist Michael Frank Peterson creates layered glass paintings that draw the viewer into scenes that come to life. See more of his work by visiting his website.     I create my painted layered glass sculpture for this reason: in a … [Read more]

Setting and Reaching Your Art Business Goals

How to set SMART goals

by Carolyn Edlund What do you want to achieve? Define your vision, set specific goals, and build a road map to get there.     Give some serious thought to the vision you have as a working artist. What do you really want to … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kathryn Stotler

abstract coastal painting by Kathryn Stotler

Artist Kathryn Stotler captures the beauty and intensity of the ocean with her loose, energetic painting style. Visit her website to see more.     I moved to the far northern California coast thirty years ago with my husband and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sandra Pipken

digital photograph of a Gerbera Daisy by Sandra Pipken

Artist Sandra Pipken presents a compelling collection of floral portraits created using digital photography. To view more of her portfolio, visit her website.     What is my story? “Story of my life is a palimpsest/Changed only … [Read more]

Featured Artist Stan Sisson

mixed media painting of a bird in flight by Stan Sisson

Artist Stan Sisson creates dreamlike mixed media and oil paintings that convey a sense of spirituality. Find more from this artist by visiting his website.     I’ve found, through my journey, how to realize and apply the gifts … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sherri Madison

abstract 3-D painting on 3-D cardboard by Sherri Madison

Sherri Madison presents an amazing collection of artwork using recycled cardboard in order to inspire and encourage sustainability. Learn more by visiting her website.     I grew up in an Army family and we moved often. My work … [Read more]

Self-Curate Your Artist Portfolio

watercolor of an eye by Robert Ruggiero

by Carolyn Edlund Review and revise your portfolio to give a professional and versatile presentation.     I often hear from artists who want an impartial review of their portfolio. They have questions like, "Is it the right … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jack McGowan

Plein air painter Jack McGowan presents a collection of American Southwest landscapes to inspire concern for the sustainability of our environment. Visit his website to see more.     I’m a plein air painter living and painting in … [Read more]