Featured Artist Rebecca Fullerton

landscape painting of a mountain lake

Oil painter Rebecca Fullerton presents a portfolio that captures the landscape of New Hampshire in all seasons. See more of her work on her website.     The silence of an alpine meadow is broken only by the crunch of my boots on … [Read more]

Featured Artist Luann Udell

mixed media primitive fish sculpture

Mixed media artist Luann Udell shares a portfolio of sculptural work inspired by nature and prehistory. See more by visiting her website.     I’ve been making my art—jewelry, fiber art, and small sculptures inspired by … [Read more]

Call for Artists, Spring 2024

featured artist collage

Artsy Shark is searching for 48 artists in all mediums to feature and promote in the coming months. Submissions are currently being accepted.     Featured artists are profiled through individual portfolio articles that share … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ryn Clarke

peony themed digital photography collage

Photographer and digital artist Ryn Clarke presents a collection of astonishing botanical composite images. Enjoy and visit her website to learn more.     As a “traditional” photographer of landscapes and macro photography, I have … [Read more]

Featured Artist Amalya Tumanian

colorful abstract painting #art

Painter Amalya Tumanian shares a collection of boldly colorful abstract work and a story of evolution and change. Enjoy and find more on her website.     I was born in Yerevan, Armenia. In 1991, I was already a well-established … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jody Ahrens

Colorful western landscape painting #art

Jody Ahrens presents a collection of colorful landscapes painted in a fresh and spontaneous style. See more by visiting her website.     My earliest memory of purposefully creating art was around four years old. Sitting alongside … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lynda Fay Braun

abstract art inspired by Florida marshes #abstract

Artist Lynda Fay Braun presents a fascinating digital portfolio inspired by the Florida wetlands. Enjoy and visit her website to see more.     For as long as I can remember, I have felt a profound connection with nature and have … [Read more]

Are You Under or Over-Pricing Your Art?

Art show in Boquete, Panama

by  Carolyn Edlund How can you set prices for your art correctly, without over or underestimating the value?     What is the correct price for your art? That will largely depend on your sales history. For seasoned artists, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Alex Bond

classic still life by artist Alex Bond #stilllife

Artist Alex Bond shares a collection of classic paintings created in the style of the Dutch masters. Enjoy his portfolio and view more by visiting his website.     I present a collection of portraits of famous people, and a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Craig Trapp

abstract bird art collage #birdart

Artist Craig Trapp blends a deep spirituality and philosophy in the creative state. Enjoy his portfolio, and visit his website to see more.     I am a California intuitive painter of abstract expressionism. Inspiration for most … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sandra Bryant

mosaic of a bowl of apples #apples #fruit

Artist Sandra Bryant presents a stunning portfolio of glass mosaics inspired by travel and culture. Enjoy and see more by visiting her website.     I absolutely love to travel. Whether it is to explore my local landscape as a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Patricia Scarborough

oil painting of sand dunes #beachart

Experience an amazing collection of nature-inspired works brought to life by the hand of painter Patricia Scarborough. View more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     I am unapologetically in love with the landscape. This … [Read more]

The Power of Your Network

a network of people

by Carolyn Edlund For artists in business, building relationships can be the difference between merely surviving and thriving.     The art world is a place where relationships and connections play a pivotal role. In many ways, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dennis Sabo

vibrantly colorful fine art photo of wetlands

Artist Dennis Sabo’s stunning photography of the natural world captures light and its effect on the landscape. Visit his website to see more incredible imagery.     My fine art has been included in solo and group gallery exhibitions, … [Read more]