Featured Artist Betsy Meyer

contemporary woven tapestry by Betsy Meyer

Fiber artist Betsy Meyer has embraced the technique of free-form weaving and its serendipitous outcomes. Enjoy her work and find more by visiting her website.     It’s the mystery of creativity that fascinates … [Read more]

Featured Artist Judy Hodge

landscape painting of the coastline by Judy Hodge

Painter Judy Hodge presents a collection of vibrant abstracted landscapes inspired by the energy of nature and visionary teachers. Visit her website to find more of her work.     In 1964 I fell in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Cliff Kearns

mixed media painting of a white diamond by Cliff Kearns

Shifting geometric shapes and brilliantly changing facets inspired artist Cliff Kearns' Immortal Diamond Series. Visit his website to see more.     My recent series of paintings center around diamonds. One of the oldest and … [Read more]

Mastering Fine Art Photography

mastering fine art photography

by guest writer Dhaval Patel Fine art photography is one of the most elegant and exciting genres in the field of photography. Here's how to get started.     Fine art photography may be defined in different ways by individual … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sarah Yuster

painted portrait of Neil DeGrasse Tyson by Sarah Yuster

Artist Sarah Yuster presents a selection of dramatically expressive oil paintings. More of her work may be seen on her website.     When I was thirteen, my favorite painting teacher said, “Little Yuster, you don’t know how lucky … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rick Hurst

abstract digital photograph by Rick Hurst

Artist Rick Hurst combines multiple photographs to create vividly colorful and intriguing abstract digital art. See more of his portfolio on his website.     Throughout my life, I have been the one who is different—deaf in a … [Read more]

Artist Showcase, Early Spring 2021

polaroid photograph self portrait by Miniman

Enjoy this showcase which features the work of twenty-eight talented artists. Click on each artist's name to learn more about them.     Leigh-Ann Edrich I find inspiration in the beauty around us and in music. I weave both … [Read more]

Featured Artist Deborah Perlman

abstract 3-dimensional canvas by Deborah Perlman

Artist Deborah Perlman explores abstraction in this collection of 3D mixed media bas relief works. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     I have been involved in a number of different jobs and hobbies throughout my … [Read more]

How Digital Artists are Creating and Selling

Digital Art made with artificial intelligence

by Carolyn Edlund The world of digital art is innovative and evolving, with endless possibilities. Five artists reveal what inspires them, the techniques they use, and how they sell their work.     Tom Bates My art weaves … [Read more]

Featured Artist James “Kingneon” Guçwa

painting of the Tucson Inn by James "Kingneon" Gucwa

James “Kingneon” Guçwa paints the American roadside, capturing vintage signs from the forties and fifties in a photorealistic style. See more of his art by visiting his website.     Since I was born with a paintbrush in my hand, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Edd Johannemann

stained glass botanical sculpture by Edd Johannemann

Artist Edd Johannemann plays with the effects of light in his multi-layered glass sculptures. More of his work may be found on his website.     I love light. I’ve always been fascinated by the effect light creates on everything it … [Read more]

Featured Artist Wendy Gordin

oil painting of a boat in a harbor

Enjoy this collection of artist Wendy Gordin’s contemporary oil paintings that capture moments in life. Visit her website to see more of her work.     I wish that I had discovered oil painting much sooner than I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Simon Berson

abstract mixed media painting by Simon Berson

Artist Simon Berson presents a collection of abstract mixed media paintings that combine surrealism and technology. Visit his website to see more of his work.     Growing up in New York City had many advantages. I used to skip … [Read more]

From Wall Street into the Artist Studio

Abstract painting inspired by Wall Street volatility

During her journey from working in the financial industry to becoming an abstract painter, Leila Pinto incorporated her experience on Wall Street and world events into her art.     In a recent conversation, Leila Pinto offered a … [Read more]