Featured Artist Lisa Hilton

figurative clay sculpture by Lisa Hilton

Fascinated with the human form, sculptor Lisa Hilton creates figures in clay that explore emotions and relationships. See more of her portfolio on her website.     My route to becoming a clay sculptor has been long and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rochelle Berman

digital photography collage with woman and butterfly by Rochelle Berman

Photographer Rochelle Berman offers a selection of Dreamscape Portraits, focused on the inner beauty and strength of women. Visit her website to see more.     Being a fine art photographer allows me to capture the immense beauty … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sheldon Greenberg

figurative landscape painting by Sheldon Greenberg

Artist Sheldon Greenberg shares a portfolio of dynamic paintings that explore relationships, memories and perception. Visit his website to see more of his work.     I started making art as a kid while growing up in Kansas, and I … [Read more]

Featured Artist Josephine Close

mixed media painting by Josephine Close

Mixed media artist Josephine Close incorporates mystical and magical elements in her nature-inspired portfolio. Learn more by visiting her website.     I am a self-taught mixed media painter based in Los Angeles. My work focuses … [Read more]

Call for Artists, Fall 2021

Call for Artists Fall 2021

Artsy Shark is seeking 48 artists in all mediums to feature in upcoming portfolio articles. We are currently accepting submissions. Deadline is October 28, 2021.     Interested in having your art presented in a gorgeous online … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dana Zed

glass sculpture by Dana Zed

Artist Dana Zed shares a collection of illuminated sculptural glass boxes that hint at other dimensions, mystery and magic. See more of her portfolio on her website.     I first encountered glass at Rhode Island School of Design … [Read more]

Featured Artist Victoria Johnson

figurative digital drawing by Victoria Johnson

Artist Victoria Johnson discovered a new creative passion using a digital medium. Enjoy her portfolio and story, and visit her website to learn more.     In 2018 two things happened. First, I was stuck in a bit of a rut with my … [Read more]

Featured Artist Jennifer Hanscom

sterling silver guitar pendant by Jennifer Hanscom

Artist Jennifer Hanscom showcases her Connection Collection line of jewelry, which uses elegant and timeless design. View more work by visiting her website.     Throughout my life I have found my bliss through designing and … [Read more]

Featured Artist John R. Wilson

painting of a Red-Winged Blackbird by John Wilson

Artist John R. Wilson uses a muted palette and ethereal painting style to add wonder and mystery to his natural landscapes. See more of his art by visiting his website.     Being an artist is the most wonderful/most awful … [Read more]

How to Increase Traffic to Your Art Website

Course on how to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Art Website

by Carolyn Edlund Online sales are a dominant force in the art market, and a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. Driving traffic to your art website should be an essential part of your art business strategy.     One of the most … [Read more]

Featured Artist Brigitte Balbinot

oil and cold wax painting by Brigitte Balbinot

Artist Brigitte Balbinot creates richly textured abstract paintings that reflect her life experience. View more of her portfolio on her website.     Painting is a form of expression that allows me to compile and distill my life’s … [Read more]

Featured Artist Tuesday Winslow

paper mache framed mirror by Tuesday Wells

Artist Tuesday Winslow handcrafts striking one-of-a-kind papier-mâché mirrors influenced by Mayan and Japanese cultures. Visit her website to see more of her work.     Because paper is made from a natural resource that is … [Read more]

Featured Artist David Sherwin Parker

landscape painting by David Sherwin Parker

Artist David Sherwin Parker paints vividly colorful scenes of the Southwest in his distinctive pointillist style. Visit his website to see more of his work.     My fundamental artistic premise is that vibrant colors positively … [Read more]

Featured Artist Christie Marks

mixed media collage art by Christie Marks

Artist Christie Marks presents a compelling portfolio of mixed media works that reflect impoverished environments and the human condition. See more by visiting her website.     I am a Bay Area mixed media artist inspired by … [Read more]