Digital Art Showcase

Artwork by Suzanne Handel

Digital art can take many forms. We invited some artist friends to share their work, inspiration and techniques. Click on each name to see more of their art.     Marcus Blackwell I'm interested in storytelling, combining a … [Read more]

Featured Artist Wendy Pepyat

“Heart Centre” Acrylic on Canvas, 76cm x 76cm by artist Wendy Pepyat. See her portfolio by visiting

Australian artist Wendy Pepyat paints from intuition, telling stories with her art. Visit her website to see more.     I am deeply spiritual painter, and being plugged in intuitively allows me to channel my work, which means it … [Read more]

Featured Artist Daniel Bassett

"Josquin Des Prez" Clay, 15" x 16" x 11"by artist Daniel Bassett. See his portfolio by visiting

Artist Daniel Bassett creates stoneware busts, vessels and planters that capture the eye and the imagination. See more of his delightful work by visiting his website.     Most of my work is about catching a moment. Whether it is … [Read more]

Top Art Fairs in America

Old Town Art Festival

by guest blogger Connie Mettler Art Fair Calendar has announced the results of its 4th annual "America's Best Art Fairs" survey, the only national online look at the country's juried art fairs and craft shows, designed to increase “art fair tourism” … [Read more]

Featured Artist Dan Menta

“Roger Waters (FEAR BUILDS WALLS)” Acrylic on Clay-board, 2' x 3'by artist Dan Menta. See his portfolio by visiting

Artist Dan Menta creates stunning black and white images of celebrities and others through the technique he calls “The Art of Removal.” See more  amazing portraits by going to his website.     I’m 52 and I’ve been drawing from … [Read more]

How to Write a Compelling Artist Statement

How to Write a Compelling Artist Statement. Read about it at

by guest blogger Adam Eisenstat     Why is an artist statement important? An artist statement is a marketing piece designed to make someone interested in your work. A good artist statement helps make an artist and his/her work … [Read more]

Featured Artist Cindy Sacks

“Workshop” Watercolor, 30" x 22” by artist Cindy Sacks. See her portfolio by visiting

The watercolors and oil paintings of New York artist Cindy Sacks offer a story that invites the viewer into an intimate space. See more of her artwork by visiting her website.     I enjoy when a painting works like a portal, … [Read more]

Featured Artist James Becker

‘’57 Chevy Headlight” Pencil, 14” x 11” by artist James Becker. See his portfolio by visiting

Artist James Becker’s pencil drawings of classic and muscle cars are amazingly detailed, seeming to capture sunlight glinting off chrome. See more of his work by visiting his website.     I’ve been doing some sort of commercial … [Read more]

How Artists Earn: Art-Related Products

Elsa Canto offers a variety of products using her art.

by Carolyn Edlund Quite a few artists earn income from multiple sources, including selling products bearing their art or design.     I recently spoke with three artists who share their art-related products, how they are made and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kathryn Freeman

"Rabbit Summer" Oil on Linen, 48" x 48" by artist Kathryn Freeman. See her portfolio by visiting

Combining narrative with landscape and classical composition, artist Kathryn Freeman’s dreamlike  oil paintings draw the viewer in. See more of her intriguing compositions by visiting her website.     My fascination with … [Read more]

Showing Your Art Effectively: 3 Steps to an Engaging Display

Tips on hanging art for display. Read about it at

by guest blogger Pete Dunn Displaying your art to an audience is in many ways the culmination of the creative process. It’s also one of the most important art sales opportunities – a prime chance for people to fall in love with your … [Read more]

Featured Artist Stephanie Osser

The Barber of Seville in My Home Town by artist Stephanie Osser. See her artist feature at

Stephanie Osser combines her love of music, theater and art in her delightful ceramic portfolio.  Visit her website to learn more about this versatile artist.     I am a ceramic artist who has emerged after a long career as an … [Read more]

Featured Artist JD Miller

“Sun King” 3D Oil on Canvas, 48” x 60” by artist JD Miller. See his portfolio by visiting

Artist JD Miller refers to himself as a Reflectionist. His 3D sculpted oil paintings have been called transcendental, allowing the viewer to experience his art in their own way. Learn more by visiting his website.     My goal is … [Read more]

Art and the Great Outdoors

Artwork by Audrey Key Dowling

Celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors!  We invited some artist friends to share their work and what inspires them. Click each name to visit their website.     Carrie B. Jacobson I've just returned from a painting trip to … [Read more]