Featured Artist Debbie Packer

contemporary macrame by Debbie Packer

Fiber artist Debbie Packer takes macrame techniques to a higher level with this collection of nature-inspired works. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     I experienced quite an uprooted childhood, moving around … [Read more]

Featured Artist Robin Zygelman

Cherry blossoms in the rain

Robin Zygelman presents a stunning selection of photographs that catch the eye and the imagination. Visit her website to see more of her work.     I grew up in West Islip, Long Island, and have spent the past decade capturing … [Read more]

How to Give Great Press Interviews

Press interview

by Carolyn Edlund Have an interview opportunity with a member of the press? Reduce stress and plan for a positive outcome with these tips.     As a visual artist, getting press coverage can be an effective way to promote your … [Read more]

Featured Artist Catherine Kirkland

whimsical painting of comets

Artist Catherine Kirkland presents a otherworldly collection of colorful paintings in her distinctive pointillist style. See more by visiting her website.     Following a fine arts education and a long career as an award-winning … [Read more]

Featured Artist Yildiz Grodowski

abstract art collage

Abstract painter Yildiz Grodowski shares a selection of artwork created to inspire human connection and communication. View her portfolio on her website.     An amalgam of two cultures: that’s me! I was born and raised in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rita Curtis

Oil painting of a flower show

Artist Rita Curtis offers a collection of bold, eye-catching oil paintings to brighten any room or mood. See more of her work by visiting her website.     Color harmony and drama are the basis of my art. My palette leans toward … [Read more]

Featured Artist Oscar Esteban Martinez

Collage portrait of different peoples

Artist Oscar Esteban Martinez presents a selection of portraits intended to show the diverse nature of humanity. Enjoy his fascinating work and see more on his website.     From a very young age I knew that art would be a part of … [Read more]

Insurance Basics for Artists

art festival

by Carolyn Edlund Are you aware of the types of insurance your art business needs to protect against loss and liability?     The following overview provides a basic understanding of some of the types of insurance visual artists … [Read more]

Featured Artist Charlie Milgrim

Art installation

Artist and sculptor Charlie Milgrim presents a selection of works that address challenges in our changing world. View more by visiting her website.     I’m a California-based artist working with various media. I started out my … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lauri Fernandez

Oil painting, light in branches

Artist Lauri Fernandez presents a collection of tranquil nature-inspired paintings that lift the spirit. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     My paintings are about the beauty, peace, and spiritual renewal found … [Read more]

Featured Artist Tan-Yah Jackson

Painter Tan-Yah Jackson shares her artist journey and presents a collection of vivid landscapes. See more of her portfolio on her website.     I’m a landscape artist with a studio in Oklahoma. I was born and raised in South … [Read more]

Featured Artist Cheryl McDonald

Surreal pencil drawing of a landscape and moon

Artist Cheryl McDonald presents a collection of fantastical scenes created in graphite and colored pencil. See more of her surreal artwork on her website.     I was raised in a small town by two loving parents who came from small … [Read more]

How to Use ChatGPT for Art Marketing


by Carolyn Edlund Artificial intelligence can be incredibly useful for artists who need to produce ideas and content and add a professional touch to their marketing efforts.     Although AI isn't perfect, it's free, easy to use … [Read more]

Featured Artist Maria Poroy

Painting of houses in bold colors

Painter Maria Poroy shares a portfolio of works ablaze with color and emotional impact. Enjoy her art and see more by visiting her website.     I create art by observing the world through the lens of my experiences and travels. … [Read more]