Featured Artists Joe Adams and Erich Elfeldt

one-of-a-kind table by TimberFire Studio

Joe Adams and Erich Elfeldt of TimberFire Studio present a collection of heirloom quality handmade furniture and accessories. View more by visiting their website.     We have been best friends since childhood, and TimberFire … [Read more]

Featured Artist Karen Johnston

abstract mixed media painting by Karen Johnston

Artist Karen Johnston shares a portfolio of abstract works created using an intuitive and spontaneous practice. View more paintings on her website.     Listen…put an ear to my paintings and hear the stories I am … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lloyd Crow

Mixed media artist Lloyd Crow offers a portfolio of compelling works focused on social commentary. See more of his art by visiting his website.     Though my vocations throughout most of my adult life have been varied, my one … [Read more]

Featured Artist Kathy Q. Parks

Artist Kathy Q. Parks presents a collection of whimsical nature-inspired paintings. Enjoy more of her art by visiting her website.     I loved to play in mud as a child and nothing has changed much in that regard, other than the … [Read more]

5 Online Tools That Show Your Art in a Room

In situ photo of artwork in a room

by Carolyn Edlund These helpful virtual tools make it easy to show and sell art online.     Ready to increase your online art sales? Present your work beautifully by sharing the impact and scale of artwork with potential … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ian David Spencer

abstract digital landscape by Ian David Spencer

Artist Ian David Spencer presents a portfolio of mystical, dreamlike images using photography and digital painting techniques. Visit his website to see more of his inspired works.     Since my early teens, well over forty years … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rachel Houseman

landscape painting of Madrid, NM by Rachel Houseman

Award-winning artist Rachel Houseman captures the brilliance and spirit of the American Southwest. View her website to see more of her work.     My process comes from my experience with nature. I have found that it is what you … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rick J. Delanty

Painting of sage by Rick J. Delanty

Artist Rick J. Delanty presents a portfolio of contemporary landscapes inspired by an appreciation of the natural world. Learn more by visiting his website.     Nature inspires me. My work is about the power and beauty of nature … [Read more]

Featured Artist Denis Gaston

abstract mixed media figurative painting by Denis Gaston

Artist Denis Gaston creates mixed media abstract figurative paintings inspired by indigenous cultures around  the world. Visit his website to discover more of his art.     Around the age of ten I announced to my amused father, “I … [Read more]

Design a Captivating Display

Customer looks at prints at an outdoor art fair

by Carolyn Edlund Design your display as the perfect space to show your art using these merchandising tips.     Whether you're setting up a booth at a fair, planning a pop-up, or a designing a sales area in your studio, your … [Read more]

Featured Artist Barbara Liss

concrete sculpture portrait of a woman with a head covering by Barbara Liss

Artist Barbara Liss creates concrete sculptures of expressive faces that relate to the human condition. Find more of her work by visiting her website.     Creating my sculptures with concrete was an obvious choice for me. It was … [Read more]

Featured Artist Rhonda Dicksion

color pencil drawing of blackberries by Rhonda Dicksion

Award-winning artist Rhonda Dicksion present a collection of bold and graphic colored pencil drawings. Find more of her captivating art by visiting her website.     I always thought you needed an art degree to be an artist. You … [Read more]

Featured Artist Pamela Beer

oil and cold wax abstract painting by Pamela Beer

Artist Pamela Beer presents a collection of boldly vibrant abstracts painted in oil and cold wax. Learn more about the artist by visiting her website.     I have always been creative and lived in a world of very precise, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Shandy Staab

painting of a white draft horse in harness by Shandy Straub

Painter Shandy Staab beautifully captures the power, grace and character of her equine subjects. Enjoy her portfolio and see more by visiting her website.     My work is derived entirely from my … [Read more]