Featured Artist Lisa Rickard

graphite portrait of Lyra by Lisa Rickard

Artist Lisa Rickard uses the nude figure as the basis for a series of allegorical paintings. Learn more by visiting her website.     I am a classically trained figure painter, currently painting figure allegories in my Florida … [Read more]

Featured Artist Cookie Ashton

abstract mixed media painting by Cookie Ashton

Artist Cookie Ashton presents a collection of spontaneous abstract paintings. See more of her colorful portfolio by visiting her website.     I was twelve years old the first time I was introduced to any type of professional art. … [Read more]

Featured Artist Monika Pate

watercolor of oranges in a silver bowl by Monika Pate

Artist Monika Pate uses strong light and contrast to create strikingly realistic watercolor paintings. Enjoy more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     I was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland and moved to the United … [Read more]

Featured Artist Catalin Domniteanu

sculptural stained glass by Catalin Domniteanu

Artist Catalin Domniteanu creates complex, sculptural works in glass that invite a closer look. Learn more about his work by visiting his website.     When a pandemic disturbs our lives with such severity—perhaps a reminder of … [Read more]

How Artists Can Plan a Virtual Display

by guest blogger Erica Goldemberg Technology and current events are pushing the art world to go digital. How can artists plan and implement a successful online presentation of their work?     Since March of this year the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Ejiwa “Edge” Ebenebe

digital portrait of a black woman by Ejiwa Ebenebe

Artist Ejiwa "Edge" Ebenebe creates fantastical portraits using acrylic and digital mediums. Visit her website to see more of her colorful imagery.     Whimsical fairy tales and ethereal folk tales have always been a part of my … [Read more]

Featured Artist Yvonne Gaudet

painting portrait of an owl by Yvonne Gaudet

Yvonne Gaudet presents a delightful collection of whimsical portraits of animals united for good. Visit the artist’s website to see more of her work.     In junior college I realized my true self as an artist. This led me to earn … [Read more]

Featured Artist Brian McClean

photograph of sunset in San Diego, CA by Brian McClean

Brian McClean’s stunning landscape photography shimmers with color and energy. Find more of his portfolio by visiting his website.     I began my photography journey as a way to escape the everyday stressors of active duty … [Read more]

Featured Artist Paola Luther

painting of a city street scene at dusk by Paola Luther

Paola Luther uses strong contrast and luminous color to create vibrant paintings that spring to life. Enjoy more of her work by visiting her website.     Strong lights and darks. Contrasting colors. Perhaps growing up in a … [Read more]

Avoid These 4 Pitfalls that Lose Art Sales

This is an example of consultative selling techniques

by Carolyn Edlund As an artist, you’re looking to make more sales. Avoid these four communication mistakes that can cause you to lose them instead.     Growing a successful business selling art is a commitment, and it's not … [Read more]

Featured Artist Roberta Lynn Rose

mixed media painting of ice cream on the road by Roberta Lynn Rose

Artist Roberta Lynn Rose created the “Landscapes Beneath Your Feet” series with the intention of changing the viewer’s perspective. Enjoy these unique paintings and see more by visiting her website.     While sitting on my patio … [Read more]

Featured Artist Christie Mellor

painting of people at a table by Christie Mellor

Christie Mellor presents a series of figurative paintings that share dark stories, drama and mystery. Visit her website to learn more about her work.     I was a working actor for years in Los Angeles doing guest spots, … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sudie Rakusin

oil and cold wax abstract image by Sudie Rakusin

Artist Sudie Rakusin shares a collection of multi-layered abstracts filled with pattern and symbolism. Visit her website to see more of her artwork.     In 2016, I ventured into the world of abstracts with cold wax and oil as my … [Read more]

Featured Artist Tina Davidson

altered digital photograph by Tina Davidson

Artist Tina Davidson presents her “Altered States” collection of photographic images with hidden details waiting to be discovered. See more of her work by visiting her website.     In 1995, while stationed on a military exercise … [Read more]