Featured Artist Ann Schwartz

collage by Ann Schwartz

Artist Ann Schwartz creates delightful mixed media collages, each a tiny complex world of its own. See more of her art by visiting her website.     Receiving my B.A. from the University of Florida, I married and moved to New … [Read more]

Featured Artist Annie Pillaktuaq

abstract figurative painting by Annie Pillaktauq

Inuit artist Annie Pillaktuaq presents a collection of distinctive symbolic paintings that evoke stories and reflect her native culture. View more of her portfolio here.     Creating art, whether it is a painting or a knitted … [Read more]

Are You Looking for an Artist Agent?

Art gallery patrons Miami

by Carolyn Edlund What to know about artist representation, agents and galleries.     If you are seeking representation to sell your art, keep a few things in mind before you start. Although there are many honest art dealers and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Colleen Rieu

abstract landscape by Colleen Rieu

Artist Colleen Rieu shares a collection of abstract paintings that vibrate with energy and color. See more of her work on her website.     I create art because it’s easier for me to express myself with paint than … [Read more]

Featured Artist Tara Verkuil

abstract floral painting by Tara Verkuil

Painter Tara Verkuil shares a collection of whimsical mixed media abstracts that delight the senses. See more of her portfolio on her website.     I have always loved art and being creative.     From the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Nivia Bejerano

portrait of two woman by Nivia Berejano

Artist Nivia Bejerano draws from traumatic childhood experiences to imbue her portraits of women with pain and power. See more of her art on her website.     There’s so much I can say about my art, but to understand my art you … [Read more]

Featured Artist Michael Hartstein

floral landscape painting by Michael Hartstein

Artist Michael Hartstein shares a selection of vibrantly colorful paintings that display nature’s boundless beauty. Find more of his portfolio on his website.     I've been interested in art and design since grade school—that was … [Read more]

Why Pricing Consistency Matters

Display at an outdoor art fair

by Carolyn Edlund Do your art prices remain constant whether selling directly to collectors, online or through a third party? Here’s why consistency matters.     When you have set prices for your artwork according to a formula … [Read more]

Featured Artist Christi Kraft

architectural photography by Christi Kraft

Artist Christi Kraft shares a fascinating collection of photographs and the heartfelt concept behind her work. See more by visiting her website.     My whole life, I’ve always been a noticer. It’s tremendously important to me … [Read more]

Featured Artist Vasu Tolia

abstract painting by Vasu Tolia

Artist Vasu Tolia offers a visual journey through her vibrant mixed media portfolio. See more of her work by visiting her website.     I am a contemporary painter from Michigan. I migrated to the United States from India to … [Read more]

Featured Artist Carol Sue Witt

floral watercolor by Carol Sue Witt

Watercolorist Carol Sue Witt shares a stunning collection of paintings that show the spontaneity of her medium. View more of her portfolio on her website.     My main goal in painting has been to capture a moment, a feeling; but the … [Read more]

Featured Artist Margaret Biggs

seascape by Margaret Biggs

Artist Margaret Biggs paints peaceful, meditative imagery that expresses nature’s beauty and strength. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.     Nature, since time immemorial, has been a place of healing and refuge. … [Read more]

How to Use Coupons as Art Sales Incentives

How Artists can Use Coupons

by Carolyn Edlund Want to offer special deals without running a sale? Consider offering coupons to incentivize purchasing.     As an artist or maker, you should be confident with your prices. Resist the urge to discount too … [Read more]

Featured Artist M. Graham Godfrey

landscape painting by M. Graham Godfrey

Artist M. Graham Godfrey presents a collection of international landscapes that capture the spirit of the rural countryside. See more of his work by visiting his website.     After 50 years of growth and change, I am more aligned … [Read more]