Artist Showcase, Fall 2022

floral painting by Debbie Lamey-MacDonald

Enjoy this showcase featuring the work of twenty-four talented artists. Click on each artist's name to learn more about them.     Marianne Castle I am inspired by my deep love of animals to recreate them as ceramic sculptures. … [Read more]

Featured Artist Nancy Smyth

pastel portrait of a dog by Nancy Smyth

Artist Nancy Smyth uses pastel and watercolor to capture the expressions and personalities of her subjects in wonderful detail. Find more of her delightful art on visit her website.     I started drawing when I was very young. My … [Read more]

Sell Your Art in Alternative Venues

"Wild We Roam" pop-up gallery featuring Jennifer Irving's photography.

by Carolyn Edlund Alternative spaces have become popular with artists looking to share their work with the public.     As markets transition and become more open, artists are selling directly to collectors more than ever and … [Read more]

Featured Artist Sheryl Ball

floral photography by Sheryl Ball

Photographer Sheryl Ball shares an artistic view of our natural environment through her virtual garden.  See more of her work on her website.     I’ve always loved gardening and flowers, regularly visiting Southern California … [Read more]

Featured Artist Irina Sigalovsky

figurative mixed media painting by Irina Sigalovsky

Artist Irina Sigalovsky shares a magical selection of narrative watercolor and mixed media paintings. See more of her portfolio on her website.     I would like to share my painting process with you even though I am still trying … [Read more]

Featured Artist Robin Sesan

figurative clay monoprint by Robin Sesan

Artist Robin Sesan presents a contemporary collection of clay monoprints using a fascinating process. Visit her website to view more of her work.     One of my earliest memories is my first day of art school at age three. I was … [Read more]

Featured Artist Lynn Chatman

dog painting by Lynn Chatman

Artist Lynn Chatman presents a collection of paintings using symbolism that explores the cycle of life. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     My interest in art dates back to childhood when I submitted a pencil … [Read more]

The Digital Art Market

illustration of a cat in a window

An expert on the digital art market discusses options, challenges and the future of making sales.     Carly Rector, founder of CO2ign Art, software engineer, and long-time patron of digital art, spoke with us about the state of … [Read more]

Featured Artist Thomas Leung

landscape painting by Thomas Leung

Thomas Leung’s landscape paintings leap off the canvas, alive with vibrant color and dramatic contrast. Learn more about this fascinating artist by visiting his website.     I was born on May 30th, 1958, in Hong Kong, the eldest … [Read more]

Featured Artist Teresa Brown

watercolor of a horse by Teresa Brown

Artist Teresa Brown shares a colorful collection of paintings inspired by her love of nature. See more by visiting her website.     Art has been a major factor in my life for as long as I can remember. I've used creativity in … [Read more]

Featured Artist Judy M. King

black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

Photographer Judy M. King presents a collection of black and white images that shine the light on dazzling circus performers. Find more of her diverse work on her website. The circus has always filled me with wonder. Entertainers thrill with … [Read more]

Featured Artist Alexis Lavine

watercolor portrait by Alexis Lavine

Artist Alexis Lavine’s luminous, flowing watercolors capture the beauty in our every day world. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     For many years, I was a die-hard plein air painter. I lugged my easel and … [Read more]

Build Strong Gallery Relationships

Art Gallery

by Carolyn Edlund Your business relationships with art galleries should be trusting, positive and profitable.     Galleries are in business to sell art. You as the artist have a lot at your disposal which can assist your … [Read more]

Featured Artist Merritt Richardson

abstract painting by Merritt Richardson

Artist Merritt Richardson presents a collection of colorful, energetic abstract paintings. See more of her portfolio on her website.     I have always found magic in the process of bringing something new into the world by my own … [Read more]