Featured Artist Revelle Taillon

Revelle Taillon is a talented artist with a charming portfolio of work. She describes herself and her art.



Certain Gemini children worry their parents. Too much creative energy – never satisfied – always searching, questioning, making things. Cluttering up their rooms with piles of collected “stuff” that contain myriad possibilities of being turned into “something”.  Always looking for a way to make their presence felt, and in my case (my case being the middle child of six) finding it difficult to attain that notoriety except for my art.  I drew everything.  Commandeered every pencil, every scrap of paper, in an endless search for perfection.  I read books and wrote poetry and played the guitar. Anything to keep busy.



What are your goals?

I’ve been working in graphic design for about 20 years and now have started creating more “art” (rather than always illustration), and new work related to that part of my life, more drawing, photography, painting and 3D work.


What are you working on now?

I have started a series of bird portraits in pen and ink and Prismacolor and FaberCastel colored pencils.  I am selling these as prints and cards and hopefully will be getting into the licensing market with them for use on different products, such as journals and calendars.



I have also been working on what I call “scanner art”, creating photography of natural objects on the scanner without use of a camera.  It is very time-consuming but the results are spectacular.  The 3D effect the scanner produces makes the final prints look like the objects are pinned on velvet.



What inspires you?

Nature, humor, design, photography, all things visual and unusual, antiques.  Steampunk art and jewelry are my latest inspirations and I’m starting to create some 3D pieces using found objects.


But for now I am working on this series of birds.  I hope to be able to create 100 of them by the end of the year.  Maybe they will end up as a book!  You can see my work on my blog and keep up with my prints for sale at my Etsy shop as I add more and more birds and scanner art.



  1. very nice!

  2. Great interview, Revelle! You write as wonderfully as you draw. I hope this generates lots of interest in your birds because they are great drawings and need to be shared with the world.

  3. Erin Drislane says

    I just love all of these. You are very talented. I especially love the little duckling, his innocence is so cute…. and probably because it finally feels like Spring and Easter is right around the corner. I really enjoyed the article and I look forward to getting some more prints of yours. I love the Warbler, which I have framed in my dining room and your penguin, which is on of my girl’s favorites and is hanging in their room. Keep up the good work!!

    • Beautiful artwork! I love it. Thank you, Artsyshark, for shoiwng us the works of so many talented people. Revelle, you will have no problem licensing your artwork. It’s a beautiful, unique style and I can see many applications for it. I wish you the best!

  4. Beautiful artwork! I love it. Thank you, Artsyshark, for showing us the works of so many talented people.

    Revelle, you will have no problem licensing your artwork. It’s a beautiful, unique style and I can see many applications for it. I wish you the best!

  5. Beautiful designs, Revelle! Looks like something the National Wildlife Federation, Audubon Society, or Backyard Birds might want to license. Keep up the good work!

  6. Lovely interview with you – the bird series is just wonderful and will make a great book.

  7. Revelle, I just love the character I see in each of your birds! So much beauty, attitude, sweetness and strength.

    Thank you for sharing them and it would be no surprise to hear that they have been licensed!

  8. Revelle Taillon says

    Thank you for all the great comments! I appreciate each one!

  9. Revelle, beautiful art work! I could definitely see your drawings in a book! Have ever done any drawings of dogs?

  10. Revelle you are is spectacular as always. The character of you birds are each unique and interesting. Good art.

  11. Your work is really lovely. These birds are so charming. I enjoyed your website as well. Lot’s of luck to you…please feel free to stay in touch, maybe I can help you with licensing. I’ve been doing that for 30 years. We have a lot in common, our love for animals and nature. Look at my painting “The Family Tree” (under prints and cards) on my website and you’ll see what I mean!

  12. Thanks again, everyone!
    Kim, I would love to keep in touch. I really have never licensed anything and your work is extensive and really unbelievable. I though you home page was a photo! You can email me through my profile on my blog! Hoping to here from you. Maybe you can steer me in the right direction!

  13. These are fabulous. I love using colored pencil for animal portraits. Perfect for fur and feathers!

  14. Great bird drawings and interview Revelle. I still like your illustrated coffee ladies too.

  15. I wish I could get them into the right hands. I have one licensing company that has held on to them for almost a year! I have to get back to them AGAIN!!!

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