Featured Artist Gay Tracy

Enjoy the whimsical charm of artist Gay Tracy’s paintings, and how she tells stories through her work.


Hell's Cats by artist Gay Tracy

“Hell’s Cats” by artist Gay Tracy


My name is Gay Tracy, but I just use my first name to sign my work.  I am a painter and have been painting professionally for the last twenty years.


Dancing in the Stars

“Dancing in the Stars” by artist Gay Tracy


I paint because I love color and the feeling of moving paint on a canvas; mixing color, making forms; creating.


Don't Fence Me In

“Don’t Fence Me In” by artist Gay Tracy


I enjoy the challenges that painting brings and the process of solving these problems. I paint from my gut, or visual sense, without a fixed idea of what the final work will be.


Banjo 1

“Banjo 1” by artist Gay Tracy


The work itself guides me as I guide the work and mistakes are made and hopefully fixed. This process excites me and adds to my joy of experimentation.



“Stop” by artist Gay Tracy


One challenge I explore is painting motion and emotion. Often joining emotion and motion to create a story. A story for the viewer to discover and play with.



“Lick” by artist Gay Tracy


I often paint “portraits’ of dogs, which are uniquely colored and are actually paintings of emotion as expressed by dogs.



“When” by artist Gay Tracy


I am also exploring people, the human figure, their interactions. Again these challenge the viewer to create a story about what is happening.




“Electrified” by artist Gay Tracy




  1. You are such fun– a fun artist, a fun person, and we enjoy your work! Keep us posted on your showings so we can know what’s new in your work. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations on having your work featured here, Gay. I love your paintings! Good to see your art again! Keep it up, Girl! Love, Susan

  3. Nice job Gay!

  4. GREAT to have you home. What a nice tribute to be on this site!

  5. Dini Burt says

    Congratulations ! I love the emotions portrayed through the faces of dogs.
    Great job.

  6. Kathryn Grammer says

    Gay’s work is brilliant in color and imagination. She really captures the caves at Lescaux. She also writes with honesty and grace.

  7. Diane Peters says

    Congratulations! Gay. This is quite an accomplishment.

  8. Great to see your words with your wonderful pictures! Brava!

  9. Always love the play of color in your work. The fauves would be proud!. Change »

  10. Gay,

    I love your work and am particularly taken with the painting, “Find Joy”. It is wonderful.
    Congratulations for having been chosen to show your work on this website.

  11. You are terrific…person and artist…Unmitigated Joy my favorite…fun to see him in Joy!

  12. Your use of color has always impressed me. How your work connects to artistic expression from hundreds if not thousands of years ago
    has too! Congrats!

  13. Beautiful, upbeat, honest work.

  14. Barbara Tracy says

    I LOVE your work! It’s soooo expressive and free! I often view your paintings and can FEEL the story they tell and, the story is one of joyful living along with embracing the dark moments. Your paintings flow with the colors of emotion! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us!

  15. I finally got around to checking this out…wahoo! I miss not seeing you..and your wild, wacky, wonderful critters at the Brush, so this was a good way for me to catch up on what you’re up to….and it’s all good (so good, so good, so good!)

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