Featured Artist Francis Powell

British artist Francis Powell, currently residing in France, presents some of his sculptural work.  He is an artist, musician, writer, and videographer, with exposure on MTV. He also enjoys working as a DJ and performance artist.



I have been painting/printmaking seriously since my teen age years, my first major influences were surrealist painters and abstract expressionists, particularly some of the work by Kandinsky.



Later I was particularly inspired by Primitive art in particular African Art and masks and the early work of Jackson Pollock and Penk. Currently living in Paris, I find this a very inspirational city and not only within the context of the many galleries, just absorbing the city life and much visual diversity.



My current ambition is to have another  one man show in Paris and to combine it with the music I make. I would also like to use my work for illustrations and for even clothes design.

My video “Reflections of an artist and a writer can be seen here.



The work I am doing at the moment is mostly constructing “found objects” and painting on them, which I consider painterly sculpture.


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