Featured Artist Richard Mudariki

Artsy Shark is proud to present the fascinating portfolio of Featured Artist Richard Mudariki.  See more about this painter from Zimbabwe by visiting his page on SouthAfricanArtists.com and his blog.



What are your goals?

My goals as an artist are to create exciting works of art and have a successful career as a visual artist. I strive to create  products that are not only aesthetically appealing, but that also catch the attention of the viewer, makes him/her think otherwise and pass on a message. Whilst creating a perfect piece of art will be my ultimate goal when l work in my small studio at home, l also intent to create interest in each and every art piece l create.



The viewer must be able to come up with his or her own story by looking at a painting.  I do not want to impose my ideas on the viewer, instead l want him/her to tell me what he or she sees. In most cases what some of my clients tell me about my artworks are things totally different to my initial intentions in doing the artwork. And if someone laughs, becomes scared, disgusted or feels pity by what he/she sees in a painting, then l am happy. It is confirmation that l have been able to catch that persons attention and he/she has reacted in some way.



As an emerging artist, having the opportunity to showcase your work to an international audience is a life long dream. I hope to be able to take part in international exhibitions, fairs, biennials, festivals, residence and workshops. Above all, running my own art business and marketing myself and my work to an international art market, creating relationships international galleries and professionals would be a great achievement.



What are you working on now?

As a visual artist, I am always working on something. It is very difficult to find material at once here, so one has to improvise and use what is there. I have to start working on making the wooden stretcher, stretch the canvas cloth on the wooden stretcher, prime it and then start painting. It’s almost the same for works on paper that need mounting and framing.



I pay great attention to presentation of my art and pay particular attention to detail. Currently l am working a series of very large paintings under various themes and figurative in nature. Because most galleries here in Zimbabwe invite artists to exhibit to shows that have a given theme, you have to create artworks under that theme.



However, l plan to hold a solo exhibition under the theme ‘prophecy’ and organize a solo exhibition to be entitled “Artworks of Prophecy’ later on in the year. In these artworks, l use bright and strong colours. Anything is possible because l have the freedom to create. These can be creations of my fantasies, hopes, fears, prophecies or dreams.  I paint on canvas using mostly acrylic paint, and do small monotypes using various simple printing techniques with oil paint. Occasionally l do paper sculptures and installations.



What inspires you?

Though this may sound funny, my inspiration comes from the naked human body. My fascination is in the curves, the muscles and the structure of both the male and the female body. I am of the belief that the naked body is in its purest form, untouched and free. Sometimes it is hard to get a nude model so l sit in front of a mirror naked and draw myself.



I respect artworks by old masters such as Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci and local artists Mike Dains, Darol Nero and Misheck Masamvu inspire me as these artists took effort in understanding the human form. With the human figures I draw and sketch, l use them in artworks that have central ideas in African culture, symbols, totems, taboos and myths. However, at times inspiration can come from anything interesting enough to be painted and represented as an art form.




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