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I am a member of International Association of Art, member of Artists Union of Russia, and am included in the Encyclopaedia ‘Who is who in Russia’. From 1997 I took part in Regional, National, international exhibitions.



In today’s artworks, I have an objective to create a picture that would be ideal for the observer’s perception, to find a necessary combination of the colour spots, depicted objects, to find harmony in draughtsmanship, to transform the nature so that it conveyed my impression of it; and at the same time, in such a way that the picture looked effortless, that all the work of the artist was not conspicuous for the observer.



I do not follow one particular style. For me, different styles are only the tools to create art images. The range of my interests include realistic landscapes and still nature, pictures in impressionistic manner, decorative compositions, abstract and analytical compositions, and symbolic artworks.



In my avantgarde compositions I ‘decompose’ the world into its components and then, like out of mosaic, put it back together again. Though the houses are still houses, and trees are trees, the world looks different. This approach gives an opportunity to accentuate attention on different moments of life, look at the world from a different point. The impressions of the real world, such as coolness, heat, sunshine or a reminiscence of some familiar places are irrelevant here. I render my insight of the world, I look through the objects.



Such things as perspective, horizon line, correlation between the size of the objects are not important for the insight. This approach allows to show the nature of the connections between the objects of this world. None of the objects depicted in these artworks is a particular object of the existing world, nor does it exist in the real world. I paint the ideas about objects, notions of objects. It is the symbolic meaning of the depicted objects that comes forward; their role is to evoke certain subconscious reactions and feelings (different in different people).



For example, “the Urban Street” was painted after my own childhood drawing. The drawing itself was done in realistic manner, and there is little left of it in this painting. I rendered my childhood ideas about this street, the way I perceived it. But this is my vision. The beholder can see there something different.



I like to paint picturesque locations, and at the same time find symbolic implications in acts of nature and in life of people. Some critics call my artworks symbolic realism. In any case, the application of various styles gives a lot of freedom in work. My works can be found in private collections in Russia, France, Germany, the USA, United Kingdom and other countries.


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