Featured Artist Deana Mattos Diefenbach

Deana Mattos Diefenbach is Artsy Shark’s newest featured artist. Enjoy her whimsical portfolio, and visit her shop on Etsy to see more of her work.



What are your goals?
I guess when I first started creating, my goal was to fulfill that inner creative desire that runs deep inside of me. It may be gardening, painting, building or fixing something. There is always the call to have the connection between my mind, heart and hands.  As life went on, I had another goal to be able to sell my things – to at least support the creativity. This can be very pricey, especially when I have a love of supplies and buying new things to try out.




As selling started picking up and I felt the gratification of having others love my art, I started to feel a connection with the energy of others having pleasure in what I do.  So now my goal is to be able to share my art with many. I love getting original art to appreciators of all ages and walks of life and also be able to share with them how to create their own art.  I strive for my art to stir emotion and connection.




What are you working on now?

Oh, so many things . . . I am continuing in the fun of discovering reclaimed, recycled items to paint on.  I am always trying to push myself to try new things and and new techniques.  I have been really enjoying painting everyday objects and seeing the beauty around us that we take for granted.  I am also involved with teaching and sharing art with kids at our local schools. This really is a back-to-basics passion builder for me, encouraging kids to keep thinking outside the box and really letting their own creativity bloom and grow. It seems that with all the other studies that passion is stifled, and this is one area where it should be encouraged. It reminds me to let my passion show through again.



What inspires you?

Everything! Life, nature, experience, family, weather, joy, adversity, food . . . Every daily experience and human interaction affects us in some way – what do we do with that, how do we handle it, what is our reaction.  For me the answer to much of that is to paint and create.  It is a release to much that I take in.  I think that is why I am a ever-evolving and changing artist, because my life is as such, always changing, moving and growing.



  1. what a wonderful feature! i am fortunate to have commissioned several pieces of bella’s gorgeous work and it’s just fabulous!

    siempre- dorana

  2. Thanks so much for the great feature. You did a wonderful job. Will be sharing this everywhere.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE Deana’s work – definitely one of my most favourite artists! great feature!

  4. Deana, You are a gifted artist with the most beautiful, sweet paintings. I love your work! I appreciate how you paint everyday objects and how they come to life with your color choice and creativity.

  5. love it! very nice feature and you picked a great artist to feature!

  6. This is a lovely feature! I see your love of art in your paintings other things you have done artistically. It’s fantastic that you are working with children at your local school. You are giving them such a beautiful gift.

  7. You could not have picked a better person/artist to feature. Deana is not only a wonderful artist, but truly a caring friend, committed wife, mother and daughter and a joy!

  8. Deana is also a great Etsy teammate!

  9. Great blog about a wonderful artist. Enjoy the interview.

  10. Lovely work!

  11. I love her work
    she only gets better
    a bit prejudice but I’m the mama

  12. I love Deana’s work, I own one of her first grocery sack paintings…… a lilly. Once I saw what she had painted it on I just HAD to have it. :O) Great article!

  13. I love her work – and it’s so nice to get a peek into her inspirations and motivation.

    My Sweetie Bean (one of your teamies)

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