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Artsy Shark features an American classic! Enjoy these architectural drawings from talented artist and illustrator Charles Ott. See more of his work by visiting his website.



My name is Charles Ott and I am a self-taught architectural illustrator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I create very detailed hand-drawn pen & ink illustrations featuring the prominent buildings & landmarks from my city, as well as many of America’s treasured landmarks.



I was fortunate to discover my talent at an early age and since then several influences along the way have attributed to my growing achievements.  Pittsburgh is a beautiful city with a melting pot of cultures and it continually inspires me as an illustrator with its diverse architecture, storied history and traditions which are passed one generation to the next.  All of those contributing factors are forged into my artwork like the very ingredients that produced the steel that came to define Pittsburgh.



My artwork is featured in art galleries, businesses, colleges, gift shops, private homes throughout the world and even the White House.  I am determined to become one of Pittsburgh’s great artists because I feel that my work is a reflection of the places that symbolize this great American city.



My illustration portfolio and the website itself are only three years old and there are still many works I would like to complete throughout my lifetime.  I continue to create drawings depicting the scenes of Pittsburgh and the many national landmarks.



Lately, I have also been focusing my efforts towards networking with art licensing and publishing companies in the greeting card and stationery industries.  Social networking on sites such as Facebook and Twitter has also played a pivotal role in the growth of my business and identity as an artist.  Through those outlets, I have been introduced to countless artists and respected professionals in the world of art and design such as Chandra Michaels, Lori McNee, Melody Lea Lamb, Maria Brophy & Tara Reed.  The information and links available on websites such as ArtsyShark is a tremendous resource for artists and one which I recommend for fellow artists.


  1. Great work Charles!!

  2. This work is really clean and tight! I love the discipline of it. And I’m knocked out that Charles is self-taught! (There aren’t that many of us who achieve such amazing results without education and training.)

    I can see this work also being licensed for clip art, iStockphoto, and other image houses as well as greeting cards and stationery.

    Really impressive work. Kudos to Charles!

  3. Thank you Carolyn for featuring me and my illustration artwork as a ‘featured artist’ here on Artsy Shark. It is a personal achievement and honor to be included amongst the collection of so many talented artists shown before and amongst me. Thank you for your friendship and the time and effort you put forth in sharing my portfolio with the artists & visitors of Artsy Shark.

  4. Thank you for the kind comments Trisha & Terri! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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