Featured Artist Mako Fufu


Artsy Shark presents featured artist Mako Fufu, who combines East and West graphical influences to create her unique style of art. See more by visiting her website.


I was born in Argentina in August 1st 1983, with a mix of Italian, German, Spanish and French blood. As if this mix wasn’t enough already, I was attracted by all things Japanese from an early age. I´m hyperactive and curious and cannot stay still, nor limit myself to a single media, style or theme: I´m always eager to explore new grounds.


Since words seems to be not enough to transmit my deepest feelings and switching moods, I canalize it all through my artworks. My signature style could be defined as sensual and full of life.



I´m a self-taught artist. Still, I’ve complemented this self-acquired knowledge by studying for a Graphic Design degree on the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), but quitting it after a while. It wasn’t what I’ve expected. I´m currently starting my studies for a degree on Visual Arts on the National Institute of Arts (IUNA).




My goals are:
-Being the best artist I can by learning new techniques, trying new media, practicing and improving my own style. And having fun while I do it!
-Inspiring people, beyond the fact they´re artists or not. I like to let everybody know that if you´re really passionate about something you can get to make your dreams come true. You just have to put your mind and heart into it.
-Making a good living from this, so I can keep on doing what I enjoy, reaching the most people I can . . . with the least stress possible!


Right now I´m making murals as often as I can (I really enjoy it), filling up my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 2011, and I´ve just started working on my own webcomic!. I always wanted to share stories about facts that happened to me, good or bad, but in an enjoyable humorous way. I think it´s important to be able to laugh about situations that have pissed you off in the past, that way you get the most of them. And if you get to laugh about them too, you´ve made the most of them!. They´re available here.


I´m inspired by art made by passionate people. It may be animation, murals, illustrations, movies, music… you can tell when the work came from the artist´s heart.


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