Featured Artist Jonathan Lara

Jonathan Lara, also known as “Jonny Transcend” is our newest featured artist. Using diverse mediums, he creates bold colorful art. Enjoy!




I am both a visual artist and woodworker, and with some of my art I tend to fuse both these elements together as one. I work with many different mediums. All my paintings are usually created from a mixture of both acrylics and spray paint and I tend to work with these mediums because of the fast dry times.




I participate in many live art shows and that has affected my style and use of mediums. I tend to gravitate towards creating paintings of dark images, however I do not like to be crammed in one category and paint a wide variety of styles. What each painting does have in common is the use of vibrant and bold colors. Everything I create I try and make unlike any other artist. I don’t like to follow rules and do anything normal so I always try and push boundaries when I am painting. I never play it safe and I believe that really shows through in all my work.



What are your goals?

My goals at this time are just to basically grow as an artist and hopefully one day make a full time living from painting. Gaining respect from other well-known established artists and having fans that love my art. I want to hopefully inspire other new artists in trying new things and pushing their art every time they paint.


Rose Diamond


What are you working on now?

I am doing a series of three kid-oriented murals for a local business. I don’t usually paint kid-friendly art, so this has been a new experience for me. However it has been a load of fun and really affected the way I now approach painting. Besides that, I have a series of paintings that I am working on and hoping to wrap up in the next two months. The series will be based on animals of all types. Again something different for me, but I am always trying new things.




What inspires you?

I take inspiration from everything around me. Textures, plants, pictures, and the world directly affect everything I create. I take a little part of everything around me and pour it into my artwork. I am extremely inspired by watching other artists paint live. When I see a great piece of art made, it pushes me to paint more and push my limits.



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