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Artsy Shark features painter Aimee Arbic, who presents her portfolio and a new technique she is using. Find out more by visiting her website.


For illustrator and nature artisan Aimée E. Arbic, an interest in art blossomed at the tender age of 5. Even as a small child she was never without her sketch pad, drawing images of everything and anyone that came into her view. This love of art grew into a passion that has become her life’s work, and what continues to inspire her every day.


A native of Battle Creek, Michigan and the daughter of a prominent dentist, Aimée developed a strong work ethic and a commitment to detail that shows in the quality of her artwork. She worked as a dental assistant to fund her training at the Kendall School of Art and Design, in which she holds a bachelor and masters degree in fine arts with a focus on illustration. Along this journey she encountered many obstacles, but because of her passion for art and commitment to her calling she was triumphant and able to overcome adversity.



Through the years, Aimée has developed a unique and dynamic style. Her understanding of composition, attention to detail and meticulous color application bring a striking realism to Aimée’s work. Her goal is to be a self-sustaining artist, producing images that are compelling and touch the viewer in a personal or emotional way.


What are you currently working on?

The project I’m working on is painting with real coffee. Coffee art is a unique art form. It requires a delicate touch. Capturing the depth of my images is possible through a slow and sophisticated process of building layers upon layers of coffee. The espresso works like watercolors and is permanent. It took me three years to master the technique. I have a separate website explaining the coffee process and gallery. The examples shown on the site, I have had for years and the coffee paint still looks great.



I have a project on kickstarter, a website which is a funding platform for creative projects .


  1. Aimee, fantastic artwork! Thank you for sharing.

    I’ve said before that “You know you’re a real artist when you realize that you just dipped your paintbrush in your coffee… again.”

    Artist, Aimee Arbic actually paints with coffee — on purpose! Remarkable work. I bet her paintings smell yummy too.

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