Featured Artist Jane M. Robinson

Featured Artist Jane M. Robinson embraces abstract work with a colorful enthusiasm. Enjoy more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


Abstract Rock


Michigan native Jane Robinson is an innovative contemporary emerging artist who works in acrylic paint and mixed media.  Complex textures, created through layering various mediums, encourage curiosity about what lies beneath.   Most viewers are attracted to particular pieces not only for the colors and composition but for the sculptural qualities as well.  Her work has been purchased by many private collectors and businesses, as well as the local colleges, DePaul University and the University of Michigan.




Artist Statement

My style is best described as intuitive, abstract painting. Creating through the act of mixing, brushing, and texturing- liberating the process of making art as I weave color and balance, creating a deep connection to each of the abstract works on canvas. When you look at my work please know that I was exploring another place.  Some of you will recognize this place.




What are your goals? 

My goals are to inspire others to explore their own creativity.  I do this by offering workshops for “non-artists”, give presentations and reach others through my blog.  I work to sell my work through various venues including galleries, art licensing, open studio and art fairs.  Like most artists I strive to make art my “day job”.

Ying Yang

What are you working on now?

I am working on a series of large abstract works inspired by the movement and energy of early jazz pioneers.  I have just signed a contract with an art licensing company and am creating a series of work for the fine art licensing market.

Charlie Mingus

What inspires you?

Living an Art Epicurean lifestyle.  The definition of an Art Epicurean is one who strives to find balance while enjoying life’s luxuries. Someone who shares their passions and creativity with the world…without the barriers of geography, culture, color or faith. With a world filled with interesting people, places, experiences, cultures and endless possibilities to stimulating our five senses, we have an incredible journey to travel. Epicureans grasp that sensuous pleasure is an important constituent of human happiness, but only when it is integrated with spiritual and ethical aspects, since all human experiences are essentially holistic spiritual-physical experiences. Although the modern terms “epicure” and “epicurean” imply self-indulgent.


Mojo III


In a world filled with excess, this philosophy and wisdom of Epicurus should be heeded. If we look simply at our lives as a beautiful work of art, enjoying life’s pleasures with simple abundance we will see the beauty of this amazing world. Forget the clichés, the politicians, the bureaucrats, the commercialized side of life telling us what we “need” or the whos, whats or wheres of life.



  1. Thank you for featuring my work on your wonderful site! I look forward to sharing this link with my collectors, friends and family.

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