Featured Artist Cathy Hunt

Artsy Shark presents the portfolio of featured artist and watercolorist Cathy Hunt. Enjoy her inspired colors and soft compositions, and see more of her work here.




What are your goals?

I love working with color and texture which is what motivates me to create art. But I am also very interested in product development. I am currently developing a line of scarves that feature my abstract watercolors.




I am exploring other ways to incorporate my art into products, as well as seeking opportunities to license my art. An ongoing goal of mine is to keep a good balance between creating my art and marketing my art.




What are you working on now?

I just returned from a trip to Italy and I am so inspired to start a new series of watercolors based on the texture and colors of the buildings in Venice. I fell in love with all the ancient, weathered walls and window shutters in beautiful pinks, corals, ochres, and earthy grays and browns. I have just started mixing my palette and I am excited to get started.




What inspires you?

Color. Texture. Shape. It is the focus of everything I create. I like to surround myself with beautiful things and I find my inspiration in a variety of sources.




This can include trends that catch my eye in home decor, textiles and fashion, things I clip out of magazines, sights I see in my travels, and, of course, the pure beauty of the outdoors.



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