Featured Artist Brazen Edwards-Hager

Canadian artist Brazen Edwards-Hager offers a beautiful, versatile portfolio. Enjoy her work and be sure to visit her website.



I’m a versatile artist who grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. After raising a set of identical twin boys and pursuing a career in Criminology, I moved to the Okanagan and felt inspired by the overwhelming beauty this valley has to offer.



Despite still emerging with my talent, I feel I’ve come a long way in my development as an artist. One of my major accomplishments was becoming an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, an organization devoted to maintaining high standards, consistent skill and proficiency in Fine Art.



I have been fortunate enough to have my artwork collected internationally, highlighted in numerous juried exhibitions, local art shows and galleries. Although I have established a reputation with Wildlife, my subject matter also includes Still Life, Floral, Landscapes, and Figurative subject matter. I feel it’s important to push myself as an artist and to explore the boundaries, never being afraid to try new and engaging approaches to art.



I find watercolours, especially on Yupo paper and my recent exploration into Sumi-e (Japanese Brush Painting) liberating as the painting literally develops before my eyes, unfolding its surprises as it progresses. Sumi-e especially gives me a sense of serenity, as there is no plan formed or sketch done beforehand.



Often described as the haiku of painting, I am inspired by the elegance and simplicity of Sumi-e, but have added a modern twist with my technique and use of watercolours. However remaining true to traditional methods, I still grind my own ink and use traditional bamboo brushes.

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