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My name is Kylie Fogarty; I am a Professional Artist living in Canberra, Australia.

Primarily self-taught, I have attended various classes, workshops and short courses to hone my skills, learn new techniques and to challenge my current art practices.



I have always loved the way a pencil and paper could take you anywhere you wanted to be. Drawing is my first love in my art world and my painting has evolved from this.



I enjoy watching the way that ink and oils interact on paper or canvas, it’s an unpredictable combination, which I love to both observe and manipulate.



Having the fortunate opportunity to spend time with amazing Portrait Artist  Sue Taylor (Archibald Finalist), my interest in Portraiture has been reignited from when I was doing Visual Arts in High School. I have only recently been painting portraiture. Up until meeting Sue, I had completed them in either Graphite or Pastel. It’s a whole new world working in oils from life and I am absolutely loving it.



My art practice covers a diverse range of mediums and genres. While this makes it hard to categorise my art, I would not change a thing as I love the freedom in not being confined in what I do.



This past year has included an entry to the 2012 Archibald Prize in Australia, Regional Art Shows and Exhibitions.

My current focus has been on my current Group Exhibition opening in Canberra and creating new work for my upcoming Group Exhibition in April, 2012. This will include line art drawings through to small scaled paintings on canvas.



Essentially my goal for 2012 is to spend a lot more time in my studio creating. I have many paintings waiting to emerge from my last trip to New Zealand, many intriguing faces to draw and I have commission pieces to be completed.

My inspiration for my art practice comes from fleeting moments, thoughts or objects in time, depending on my environment and mood.



On other works such as my line drawings, I try and let the lines dictate the evolution of my work, and I always find it fascinating to see what develops without predetermining this from the beginning.



My work can be seen on my website or in the SCOOP Retail Section at the Strathnairn Homestead Gallery in Canberra Australia.


  1. Beautiful work Kylie.

  2. Thanks so much Alison, its been lovely to be included amongst the great company of the artist on Artsy Shark!

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