Step Into My Studio

Artists at work are always fascinating. Take a moment to visit with these artist friends in their studios and on location. Enjoy, and click on each name to see their website.


Artist Emilie Heurtevent in studio


Emilie Heurtevent

My paintings explore the ideas of movement, gesture, emotions and traces of becoming. I want to take the beholder to a place of full and deep energy.


Jennifer Ansardi Painting in her Studio


Jennifer Ansardi 

Painting is a conduit to emotions and experiences that have impacted my life. Relying upon my personal journey to influence and guide the creative process allows my work to continually evolve.


Artist Lisa Gibson in studio


Lisa Gibson 

My mediums are acrylic, watercolor, ink and colored pencil on paper. Depending on the piece, I use one or any combination of these in layers to build up the image.


Robair Bern Devine in the studio


Robair Bern Devine

I create visually stunning fine art glass and mirror sculpture that are illuminated with a vibrant color changing light system controlled by a 44 key wireless remote. All art is sketched, cut and carved by hand using aluminum oxide, high speed rotary and a chipper.


Mary Mirabal in studio


Mary Mirabal

I am a contemporary acrylic artist who just began painting last year. I love expressing myself and trying new techniques and fun mediums. Abstracts and painting knives are my zen.


Char Wood painting en plein air


Char Wood

I paint in oils on canvas mounted on birch plywood. My technique is good composition and values, and vibrant colors done loosely for an impressionistic effect. My studio is 85% the great outdoors unless the weather or canvas size doesn’t permit.


Artist Jacqueline Seymour in her studio


Jacqueline Seymour

Through art I aspire to show truth by finding the beauty in this crazy, imperfect, layered masterpiece called life. Because life is an artist we could only hope to become.


Artist Nadia Louderback in her studio


Nadia Louderback

My art is about color. Studio Portico is tucked in an English garden offering lots of inspiration. I find my expressionistic oil painting style with bold strokes the most expressive.


Artist Teresa Helan Peireira in her studio


Teresa Helan Pereira

I am an Australian artist based in Malaysia, and the colour and competing aspects of modern and traditional life inspire my artworks. From my studio in the garden and with views to daily street life, my paintings and mixed media works are created using strong layers of colours.


Artist Rachel Olynuk in her studio


Rachel Olynuk

I am a Canadian Expressionist Artist, creating colorful paintings of Abstract Mosaics and Romantic Silhouettes. Using acrylic colors on canvas, my unique style embodies a mix of simplicity, color and inspiration.


Artist Moira Donohoe paints en plein air


Moira Donohoe

I am a fourth generation Yosemite National Park, California native and enjoy creating my colorful oil paintings outdoors. I use brush and palette knife to craft richly textured and energetic work.


TLynn Brentnall in her studio


TLynn Brentnall

My work includes watercolor and acrylic paintings integrated with form and color that intertwine with rhythmic layers of feelings. The focus of my creative spirit is fundamentally the relationship with our inner self and externally with the people around us.


Artist Suzette Datema in her studio


Suzette Datema

Painting is like opening a bottle of fizzy drink in my tummy. It tickles and swirls and makes me almost lightheaded. Out flows a dance of colours woven with symphony and harmony onto the canvas. After hours of dedication and contemplation just pure satisfaction! The next day I long for the feeling and grab a new canvas to start the addiction all over again.


Artist Sonali Kukreja in her studio


Sonali Kukreja

My body of work is diverse, from representational to abstract. My inspiration comes from observing the world around me; all I do is keep my eyes and mind open and take a look. My aim is to help clients realize their creative side with my artwork and the thoughts portrayed in them, challenging their thoughts and perceptions and ultimately make a positive effect in their daily life.


Artist Chelle Destefano in her studio


Chelle Destefano

I work with pen, ink and watercolours. I often start with a pencil sketch, and then I ink in waterproof pen (unipen and Le Marvy pens) then watercolouring begins.


Artist Gail Steinberg in her studio


Gail Steinberg

I paint with a mixture of pigmented beeswax and damar resin. I love encaustics (dating from 5th century BC) because the translucent quality of the beeswax permits light to radiate outwardly making the painting appear to shine from within and the many layers encourage viewers to look deeper.



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  1. Thank you Carolyn!!! I am honored to be in the company of such talented artists.

  2. Thank you Carolyn, it is an honor to be a part of “Step Into My Studio”.

  3. This was so fun to see other’s studios – thank you so much for including me!

  4. I love sneaking a peek at artists working away in their studios!!

  5. Thank you so much Carolyn. I’m so glad to be part of the adventure!

  6. Jodi McGuirk says

    An honor to have known Chelle DeStefano for more than a decade. I have witnessed her unique and remarkable talent blossom into the most wonderful artist she is today. Chelle’s ability to represent the world around her and the imaginations within is truly a gift from God. She sees the past, present and future both in the here and now, and in her dreams, recreating the visions with Passion and Purity rare in the world today. Her path encompassed by Angels!

    • Thank you Carolyn for this article 🙂 a great honour! Jodi thank u for ur beautiful comment! You have been a wonderful supporter and I’m proud to call you my friend. Writing this from Venice where I’ve had an exhibition going and it has been wonderful exhibiting internationally. I’m looking forward to coming home and creating more artworks as is on the agenda 🙂 much love to you Jodi for ur support xoxo

  7. I’m so excited to have been chosen as part of this post! This not only supports me in my art goals, but also my 30 Before 30 goals. Thank you so much Carolyn! It’s such a honour to be part of your art community.

  8. Thanks Carolyn. Saw this now for the first time.

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