A Favorite Work of Art

We asked some artists to share a favorite work and their inspiration.

The Creative Process

Finding inspiration, meaning and passion is a search all artists make as part of the creative process. The following artists offer their insights on the meaning behind and the inspiration for their art. Click on the artist’s name to see their website.     Linda Laino: I paint mandalas and mandala murals. Moving back and forth from the […]

Art and Healing

My purpose is to share my abstract nature photography with the hope that it can inspire, heal and awaken the imagination.

Art and the Animal World

We invited some artist friends to share their observations and mediums, resulting in a fantastic display of many different animals, both wild and domestic. Click each artist’s name to see their website portfolio.     dbJR This image is part of my “Rescued Series”.  This beautiful bird is a natural. Everywhere I went this owl posed.  She […]

Ethereal Landscapes

Enjoy this collection of works that are often dreamy and abstract, filled with color and atmosphere.

Foreign Vistas

Inspired by landscapes in many international locations, these artists present their work and share their technique.

Up Close

The theme of this collection of work by a group of artist friends focuses on taking a close up look at the world.

Digital Art Showcase

Digital art can take many forms. We invited some artist friends to share their work, their inspiration and techniques.

Art and the Great Outdoors

Celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors! We invited some artist friends to share their work and what inspires them.

Energized Abstracts

We invited some artist friends to share artistic vision and a favorite work of abstract art.

Art of the Horse

We invited artists to share their own equine imagery and their inspiration.

A Celebration of Color

We invited some artist friends to share their colorful and inspired work.

Love of Color

We asked some artist friends to share their works and their approach to using color.

Artists & Their Work

We asked some artist friends, “What is your creative work about? What is the concept behind it?”     Justine Reichman Moving away from the traditional, my photography permits a private, almost sacred view into myself and my subjects. Hailing from a diverse artistic background, I strive to expose my subject’s unseen beauty, with the goal […]