Art of the Horse

We invited artists to share their own equine imagery and their inspiration.

Art & Women

Feminine subjects have always been a major focus of art. We invited some artist friends to share work that celebrates women.

The Art of Silence

Silence can be your friend, and a great tool to move from the sale to the close.

Art & Yoga: Mindfulness

Open up to the experience of the art event without a thought or expectation of what it should/will be.

A Celebration of Color

We invited some artist friends to share their colorful and inspired work.

How I Learned to Love Art Commissions

After moving through some deeper self-doubt, I have come to a place of joy working on custom orders.

I am an Art Farmer

As I sit at an art show I rest in the knowledge that I am an art farmer. Each person I connect with, each conversation I have represents raindrops drizzling the field in front of me.

Three Writing Traps Artists Should Avoid

The folks who read your grant application aren’t interested in the state of your marriage or what you had for dinner last night. They want to know about your work, so that’s what you should focus on.

Artists Celebrate Nature

Nature has always been an inspiration and influence for artists.

The Art of 3D Typography: An Interview with Noah Camp

3D typography is the art of altering letters in computer software that brings the text to life.

An Artist in Transition

“This is the story of a lot of artists,” says Dayal, “they are always on fire. But I am like a phoenix rising from the ashes.”

Artists & Their Work

We asked some artist friends, “What is your creative work about? What is the concept behind it?”     Justine Reichman Moving away from the traditional, my photography permits a private, almost sacred view into myself and my subjects. Hailing from a diverse artistic background, I strive to expose my subject’s unseen beauty, with the goal […]

The Art of the Landscape

We asked some artist friends to share their work, and received wonderful and even surprising interpretations!

Art & Meaning

These seven artists all have a deeper meaning and concept to their work.