Featured Artist Karen Whitman

The meticulously detailed linoleum block prints of artist Karen Whitman draw the viewer into her compositions. More of this artist’s work can be seen on her website.


Backyards in Winter

“Backyards in Winter” Linoleum Cut, 36″ x 20.75″


My work expresses my love for the cityscape, inspired especially by the city of New York. The graphic nature of the city scene lends itself very well to my medium, the linoleum block print, which I discovered in 1995, having only made etchings and lithographs prior to that time.



“Downtown” Linoleum Cut, 31.5″ x 18″


When I was introduced to block printmaking, I knew immediately that this was the medium for me.


Midtown Mambo

“Midtown Mambo” Linoleum Cut, 24″ x 36.75″


I enjoy the physicality of the carving of the blocks and the dramatic contrast of black and white, juxtaposing a variety of patterns and textures to achieve the illusion of grays.


One Way

“One Way” Linoleum Cut, 18″ x 14″


I’m attracted to a complex, detailed composition through which the eye flows easily from one vignette to another.


Village Morning

“Village Morning” Linoleum Cut, 17″ x 21″


Viewers often tell me that every time they look at my prints, they find something they’ve never noticed before.



“Birdwatcher” Linoleum Cut, 9″ x 12″


My prints have a narrative quality to them, capturing a moment that is part of a longer story. I aim to show the city in a positive light, imbuing movement and character from the rooftops down to the streets with an element of whimsy, and yet without intention.


Brooklyn Bridge with Sloop Clearwater

“Brooklyn Bridge with Sloop Clearwater” Linoleum Cut, 12″ x 9″


Some images still have a touch of mystery or even foreboding, embodying the dichotomy of city life.



“Solitude” Linoleum Cut, 24″ x 33.5″


I have exhibited extensively throughout the country and have won seven medals of honor for my work.


Rooftop Rhythms

“Rooftop Rhythms” Linoleum Cut, 18″ x 24″


My linocuts are in the collections of The British Museum, The Institute of Fine Arts in Taipei, The Museum of The City of New York, The New York Historical Society, The New York Public Library, The Hofstra Musuem, The Portland Museum of Art and The Zimmerli Art Musuem, among others.


Fantasia on Brooklyn

“Fantasia on Brooklyn” Linoleum Cut, 35.5″ x 23″


My block prints were featured in American Artist Magazine in December, 2002 and in the September 2015 issue of Long Island and New York City’s 25A Magazine.


Artist Karen Whitman cutting linoleum

Artist Karen Whitman cutting linoleum


I am also listed in Who’s Who in American Art and Who’s Who in America.


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  1. Oh Karen I love your work! It evokes the topsy-turvy slightly askew feeling of the city. I really tune in to the humor of “One Way”..typical NY street sign clarity! This New Yorker says thanks for the memories..

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