Featured Artist Pat Maguire

Artist Pat Maguire captures the beauty of the natural world in this collection of softly ethereal oil paintings. See more of her work on her website.


oil painting of a landscape with autumn trees

“Autumn Glory” oil on canvas, 24″ X 48″


I was about seven years old when my grandmother took me to a museum in Buenos Aires featuring the art of Dutch Masters. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a painting in the far corner of the room that seemed to call to me. It was a Rembrandt self portrait and it spoke to me across the centuries. I knew right then and there that I wanted to become a painter.


Oil painting of a man with balloons by Pat Maguire

“Balloon Man” oil on canvas 18″ X 18″


From that moment on, I have drawn and painted to express my feelings.


Oil painting of a marina with boats by Pat Maguire

“Safe Harbor” oil on canvas, 20′ X 24″


I received a B.S. in Fine Art from Skidmore College, and much later, an MBA from Florida Atlantic University. Even though I have painted for most of my adult life, I was fortunate to be able to dedicate myself fully to my craft for the last 20 years. Still, I continue to take workshops from artists I admire to improve my skills.


oil painting of a coconut tree by Pat Maguire

“Coconuts” oil on panel, 11″ X 14″


I often paint en plein air, but when I’m not outdoors, I work and teach out of my studio in Florida.


Oil painting of a sunset by Pat Maguire

“Glory” oil on canvas, 22″ X 28″


My paintings reflect the world I see, filtered by my emotions, which I express through color and brushstrokes. I have lived in several countries and traveled extensively, so I’m attracted to themes of our shared humanity, as well as nature. Living near the ocean gives me constant source of inspiration.


Oil painting of waterlilies on a pond by Pat Maguire

“Lilies” acrylic on canvas, 36″ X 48″


Painting is both an escape, a way to communicate, and communion with the natural world.


Oil painting of tropical birds hunting for food by Pat Maguire

“Breakfast Hunt” oil on canvas, 30″ X 40″


A list of the awards I have received, the places my work has been shown, and publications can be found on my website.


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  1. Martha Harrell says

    Lovely colors. Lilies is my favorite.

  2. Pat,
    I enjoyed looking at lilies and the coconut paintings.

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