Featured Artist Ksenija Kostic Pecaric

Printmaker Ksenija Kostic Pecaric presents a stunning series of linocuts inspired by Hebrew calligraphy and Biblical figures. Find more of her work here.


Hebrew inspired linocut print

“End of Time” linocut, 12″ x 9″


I was born into an artistic family in the former Yugoslavia, now Serbia. My mom was my first art teacher and I spent hours in her ceramic, painting and design studio. I spent early years between inland Serbia and the Adriatic coast in Croatia. I graduated from the High School for Design in Belgrade.


Biblically inspired linocut print

“Among the Egyptians” linocut, 12″ x 9″


After graduating, I spent a year in Prague where I was studying photography. I came to New York in the second half of 1993 and stayed until 1997. There I was introduced to Hebrew calligraphy, which I use often in my work. In 1996, I had my first one-person show in 1996 at Riverdale Y Gallery. From 1997 to 2004 I was living in Krakow, Poland studying fine art and art education.


Linocut print Hebrew word for forgiveness

“Forgiveness” linocut, 9″ x 12″


My work—paintings and linocuts—were used in publications as illustrations. I graduated with a master’s degree in fine art and art education in 2003 from Pedagogical University of Krakow. After moving back to the US, I exhibited my work internationally in solo and group shows for over 25 years. My work is in private collections internationally. I have been teaching art to all age groups and to full-time high school students. I work in printmaking, painting, collage, photography and ceramic mediums.


linocut with Hebrew words

“Prince Yosef” linocut, 12″ x 9″


I’m introducing myself with a bit of biography and presenting my eclectic background to show how my work developed and transformed over time. As an artist of many interests, I like to use different techniques and mediums in my work. I really do not like to be labeled just as a printmaking artist or painter or photographer or ceramicist. I like to use all the techniques to express and explore the theme and mediums for specific projects.


Biblically themed linocut print

“Aaron – Blessing Hands” linocut, 12″ X 9″


I’m inspired by the works of many artists. Picasso is an exceptional multi-medium artist who expressed himself in painting, sculpture, ceramics. I know I am not Picasso, but I do have curiosity as a child and a desire to use all the above mediums. My styles change over time, but I believe that comes very naturally to me. I also come back to the same theme or subject of interest, but the approach is somewhat different.


Linocut with Biblical theme

“Miriam, the Big Sister” linocut, 9″ X 12″


Here I share my small size linocut series that I started creating during 2020 and have continued. Mainly I concentrate on Hebrew lettering, calligraphy, and the meaning of names and words. I take famous names from Biblical sources and the people around me as an inspiration. I try to make a connection linking the past to the present. Names like Moses, Aaron, Miriam or Sarah is just the beginning of that pursuit.


Nature themed linocut with gold Hebrew lettering

“In the Garden” linocut, 12″ x 9″


Drawing inspiration from old Polish paper cuts, medieval book illuminations and calligraphy was my primary element in creating the series. These calligraphic elements and forms are continuously evolving in the series. I am coming back to it refreshed after taking a break doing something else creatively.


Hebrew calligraphy linocut

“Light Upon Darkness” linocut, 12″ x 9″


My interest in calligraphy and calligraphic forms is always present and evolving when working in the linocut printmaking medium. This series of work is mostly in multiple shades or values of color. Added to each print are hand painted embellishments with gold dominating the composition and designs. I would like to emphasize the meaning and importance of visual elements, symbols or letters.


Linocut with Hebrew calligraphy

“Unity” linocut, 9″ X 12″


As a committed educator whose creative time is limited, I view these linocuts as a personal escape and meditative pause between teaching and working with students and daily life challenges. I hope you will pause, take a moment to view my artwork and enjoy the colors, forms, lines and letters.


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