Artist Website Review

Is your artist website effectively helping you present your art to the world?


  • Do you want to understand your site visitor’s experience?
  • Learn what is working and what is not – and how to improve it?
  • Are you interested in building your audience, marketing your work, and making connections with potential customers online?


Carolyn EdlundArtsy Shark offers artists the opportunity for a complete website review and evaluation. You receive an extensive, personalized email report from Artsy Shark founder Carolyn Edlund, including a page-by-page critique of your artist website, and suggestions for improvement created specifically for you. This includes strategies to take your artist website to a more professional level, give a better visitor experience, and reach out to your audience for higher traffic and better publicity.


Includes a close look at:

  • Your Website Theme and Appearance
  • Your Art Portfolio, focusing on your body of work and presentation
  • Website Copy – About Page, Artist Statement, layout and readability
  • Your Message – Communicating about Your Art to your Target Audience
  • Social Media Presence
  • Functionality and Navigation
  • How to Improve your Website Visitors’ Experience
  • Step-by-step ways to improve your site now, with links to resources
  • Addresses specific questions and challenges that you request

Your personalized website evaluation will be emailed to you within a week of submitting your request.


Artist Website Review is $69.00

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Questions about this service? Feel free to get in touch with me by email at [email protected] or phone at 410-977-2915. 

 What clients are saying ….

Thank you for the wealth of information you put into this review. I will be reading this email several times to generate my action list. ~ Nika Hay

Carolyn Edlund’s website evaluation was extremely helpful. She gave me ideas that I’m sure will become business strategies in the future. Having a knowledgeable set of eyes look at my website was valuable. Having a set of eyes so intimately familiar with the world of art? Priceless! ~ Debra Keirce

“Living” with a current website is easier than making yourself change it. Carolyn made me realize what currently works well for me, and what simple things I should do to make a stronger impact. I’m excited about the possibilities and relieved to know I now have a game plan to follow! Why haven’t I done this sooner!? – Helen K. Beacham

Carolyn’s critique was honest, positive and extremely helpful in getting me to act on my gut feelings for updating and improving my website.  When asked for help in website design she had a great recommendation ready for me.  I highly recommend you reach out to Carolyn for any support you need and I can’t thank her enough for how she has helped me. ~ Jesse Ensling

The website review was very thorough and presented suggestions easily implemented. It was so valuable to have Carolyn review my website from her professional perspective familiar with what my goal as an artist is. It was also reassuring to know what I was doing right. ~ Barbara Liss