Featured Artist Arabella Proffer

American artist Arabella Proffer paints portraits of fantasy aristocracy ~ together with fictional backgrounds, crests and family trees, she creates a world of punk/Elizabethan drama.

The Art of the Great Idea

Giesla Hoelscher, a Minnesota native, has launched a line of photo collages relating to cities, universities and personal histories. She discusses her marketing strategies.

Featured Artist Carla E. Reyes

Mixed Media Carla E. Reyes discusses her background in decorative arts and her techniques and goals. She presents her mixed media portfolio.

Featured Artist Krystal Campbell

Featured Artist Krystal Campbell is a native of Jamaica living in Canada. She is launching her career with her illustrations and artwork. She is inspired by emotions and her art is somewhat unpredictable. Krystal works in pen and ink, graphite, charcoal and digital drawing.

Featured Artist Helene Kippert

Featured Artist Helen Kippert creates “energy art”. She works with fractals and digital art to create complex designs which express energy fields and divine.

Featured Artist Moshe Mikanovsky

Moshe Mikanovsky is a Canadian artist who paints in watercolor and acrylics and is also a printmaker. He creates Judaica, and also Ketubah, which is used in Jewish weddings. He discusses his work and what inspires him.

Featured Artist Sandi Harrold

Australian artist Sandi Harrold presents her portfolio of delightful animals and children. She discusses her life and inspiration, and talks about her upcoming children’s book.

Featured Artist Patrick McCrohan

Artsy Shark featured artist Patrick McCrohan creates simple yet dramatic images on sandstone. He discusses his artwork, and his techniques.

Featured Artist Igor Lukyanov

Ukrainian artist and illustrator Igor Lukyanov is featured on Artsy Shark. His portfolio shows a wide range of portraits, fashion design and product design. He discusses his background and his goals.

Featured Artist Rebecca Potts

Featured Artist Rebecca Potts’ work is highly unusual, and reflects her interest in geography, energy and the environment. She creates “maps”, collages, photos and animated works based on science and art.

Featured Artist Sandra Davis

Featured Artist Sandra Davis creates paper collages, as portraits of people she has known, expressions of emotion and black culture. She recently has started working on music and dance themes.

Featured Artist Kristin Doner

Featured Artist Kristen Doner works with abstract scanner art, using fingerprints and photographic tracings as images. She discusses her career, her work in pottery and going back to school to change mediums.

Featured Artist Francis Vallejo

Featured Artist Francis Vallejo graduated from art school in 2009, and is working on his portfolio to be an illustrator and graphic artist. He discusses his work, and his background.

Featured Artist Dave Crosland

Scottish artist Dave Crosland discusses his wildlife drawings, what inspires him and how he began as an artist. A compelling story of rising from unfortunate circumstances to launch an art career.