Featured Artist Ryn Clarke

Photographer and digital artist Ryn Clarke presents a collection of astonishing botanical composite images.

Featured Artist Craig Trapp

Featured artist Craig Trapp blends a deep spirituality and philosophy in the creative state. Enjoy his portfolio.

Featured Artist Aryana Londir

Featured artist Aryana Londir presents a collection of contemporary textural collage that combines influences.

Featured Artist Elisabeth Fitzhugh

Featured artist Elisabeth Fitzhugh creates colorful and detailed collages using regional and cultural imagery.

Featured Artist Lisa Ann Lening

Featured artist Lisa Ann Lening presents a charming collection of contemporary 3D mixed media collage artwork.

Featured Artist Lisa C. Sachs

Mixed media artist Lisa C. Sachs presents a fascinating and colorful collection of figurative collage work.

Featured Artist Alejandro Perez Dominguez

Artist Alejandro Perez Dominguez draws from life experiences to create dramatic portraits and figurative paintings.

Featured Artist Ann Schwartz

Artist Ann Schwartz creates delightful mixed media collages, each a tiny complex world of its own.

Featured Artist Andrea Lewicki

Artist Andrea Lewicki draws from nostalgic sources and recycled materials to create mixed media abstract collages. Visit her website to see more of her work.     Art is a portal to my second childhood. When I am in creative flow in the studio, I return to the optimistic and curious version of my younger […]

Featured Artist Eric Goldstein

Artist Eric Goldstein presents a collection of mixed media sculptural canvases that convey his impression of light and the landscape.

Featured Artist Lynn Hanley

Artist Lynn Hanley uses vibrant oils and collage to create magical abstracts and landscapes.

Featured Artist Jo Rankin

New Zealand artist Jo Rankin shares a selection of ethereal, layered abstract paintings.

Featured Artist Hayelz

Digital artist Hayelz creates endangered animal portraits to share insight into the loss of biodiversity.

Featured Artist Zabé

French artist Elisabeth Marette, also known as Zabé, uses paper and mixed media to create colorfully expressive portraits.