Featured Artist Irene Hoff

Vivid colors and a unique compilation of styles and visual elements—for example, pictures, cartoons, symbols, signs and words—are often the basis for my authentic collage-pop-art-kind-of-style.

The Creative Process

Finding inspiration, meaning and passion is a search all artists make as part of the creative process. The following artists offer their insights on the meaning behind and the inspiration for their art. Click on the artist’s name to see their website.     Linda Laino: I paint mandalas and mandala murals. Moving back and forth from the […]

Featured Artist Karen Benjamin

Sustainability of our planet is a complex issue which I am constantly inspired by. With my art I try to raise awareness about issues that will affect future generations if change is not implemented.

Featured Artist Francesca Busca

What inspires me? It would be easier to say what does NOT! Everywhere I look, every consideration I make, is a source of inspiration.

Featured Artist Ande Hall

With each new painting I try to explore some new variation in my “dance” with the patterned fabric. I have so many ideas (and fabrics) awaiting their turn in the realization queue.

Featured Artist Gloria Sánchez

I describe my style as a mix of surreal, whimsical and kitsch. Some of the things that I consider during the process of creating a piece are the composition and the color scheme. It’s also important for me to make the collage aesthetically pretty.

Featured Artist Linda Ann Weber

In the end my “Graffiti Series” is a body of work that explores non-objective painting. Each painting is an extension of who I am and what I feel in the moment.

Featured Artist Laura Newmark

Later in life I discovered the inner world when I learned to meditate and go inside. What I see and what I experience in altered states is almost as vivid and nurturing as the external worlds I explore on canvas.

Featured Artist Cory Sewelson

In juxtaposing these normally disparate elements, I’m trying to force an awareness of how we usually organize our lives. I like the memories, emotions, and connections that are uncovered when these normal boundaries are removed.

Featured Artist Paige Hirsch

I get into the moment and let my intuition lead the way. I love painting abstracts, mixed-media pieces because the outcome is endless. I am not required to follow any rules or to make something representational.

Art & Women

Feminine subjects have always been a major focus of art. We invited some artist friends to share work that celebrates women.

Featured Artist Therese Boisclair

I hope my work touches people who see it. It is personal. I paint from the heart. When I’m painting, I am very spiritual, I think about life, relationships, and passed loved ones – the things that I care about.

Featured Artist Shannon Amidon

The life of an artist can be isolating, so sharing and connecting with my community is a vital part of my art practice. The connection and interaction with others often fuels me and my creative work.

Featured Artist Roxane Hollosi

My inspiration is its own internal flame, fueled by the need to bring a visual voice to the intangible ambiances around me. The meditative and healing nature of the creative process combined with the organic forms of nature is at the heart of my inspiration.