A Powerful Portfolio Speaks for a Nonverbal Artist

An emerging artist who creates from an existential place speaks directly to the viewer in a raw, emotional form.

Artist Showcase, Late Fall 2020

Discover compelling works of art in this showcase featuring a group of twenty-five artists who love what they’re doing.

New Educational Resource for the Art Community

The concept is to provide a free educational platform that teaches, supports and provides feedback for visual artists everywhere.

Playing Up

For many people who have reached their goals and been blessed with success, gratification comes not through more conquest, but through helping others.

In The Studio

Artsy Shark celebrates the artist’s studio, and presents a gallery of candid shots of our artist friends at work

In Praise of Older Artists

Later-in-life artists bring a tremendous amount of life experience to their chosen practice, and with great dedication somehow often end up making up for lost time in building a new career.

Artists at Work

Artsy Shark presents some artist friends hard at work in their studios or on location. Enjoy!

Your “Aha Moment”

The “Aha” moment. That moment of clarity. A sudden realization, a point where everything clicks. It may change your life.

Your Creative Flow/Interview with Tory Hughes

Tory Hughes is an artist, writer, and creative coach. She talks about the creative process, how artists get stuck, how they can overcome blocks and empower themselves.

Featured Artist Nashay Jones

Artsy Shark is pleased to present the portfolio of Nashay Jones, a painter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She discusses her experience, inspiration and goals.

Featured Artist Michael Vincent Manalo

Michael Vincent Manalo presents his portfolio of haunting and beautiful images. He manipulates photographs to create images about feelings, dreams and everyday occurrences. He discusses his life and inspirations.

Featured Artist Patricia A. Smith

Artist Patricia A. Smith presents her portfolio of work, discusses her inspiration and her methods of creating mixed media abstract art.

The Art of the Great Idea

Giesla Hoelscher, a Minnesota native, has launched a line of photo collages relating to cities, universities and personal histories.

Featured Artist Igor Lukyanov

Ukrainian artist and illustrator Igor Lukyanov shares a wide selection of portraits, fashion design and product design.