Featured Artist Barbara Burns

Tapestry weaving allows me to construct an image, integral with the cloth, exhibiting a depth of color and texture I feel I can achieve no other way. The tactile experience of working with fiber, along with the richness of the woven surface, excites and drives me as I watch images emerge while I weave.

Featured Artist Pierpaolo Catini

In my creative journey, I felt the need to create a thick surface in my artworks, something material that people can feel and touch.

Featured Artist J. M. Brodrick

J. M. Brodrick’s paintings are both realistic and abstract at once. The artist uses dynamic brushwork and a complex palette to create figures that emerge from undefined backgrounds. Visit her website to learn more about.     I’ve been painting since early in my youth with my grandmother, a professional artist from Helsinki, Finland, and I […]

Featured Artist Coba Beukman

Sometimes something inside me just needs to be expressed onto a canvas, or an image I see just needs to be re-seen through the strokes of a brush.

Featured Artist Ivan Lebedev

I believe that the photographic process is a material essence for self-expression, like canvas or marble; it`s just one of the easiest ways to arrange the visual chaos around me, articulate the hidden harmony within us and share my feelings with others.

Featured Artist Alessandra Ricci

With my work, I attempt to capture significant moments in time, locations, expressions, bodies in motion, feelings and human nature. My art also reflects natural elements that surround our everyday lives.

Featured Artist Jennifer Wang

What inspired me to draw was never a person; it was the feeling of a lost connection between people.

Featured Artist Marc Scheff

In the past, my work drew on the struggles I know we all face. Now, as I create the work for my new show, my focus is on themes of healing and strength—the powerful combination of fear and courage that ties itself inextricably to the human experience.

Featured Artist Jack Magurany

There is something about a blank canvas that excites me. Maybe it’s because it’s an opportunity to experiment with spontaneity and chance. I love to paint people, particularly the face.

Featured Artist Marcelo Neira

When I successfully capture the person’s character in a portrait, it is a real thrill because it reveals the whole and complex personality.

Featured Artist Suellen McCrary

I am a figurative painter working primarily in oils. Fascinated with the face and figure I create paintings that I hope transcend the outward appearance and capture the inside essence of a person.

Featured Artist Jeannette Sirois

At the same time, for me, art must also be about issues that have deeper meaning, ones directly connected with how we interact and treat each other. Issues of race and equality have been a prominent part of my work, and I often use words on figures to move the message along.

Artist Showcase Spring, 2018

From oils and encaustic was paintings to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artists’ passion, curiosity and imagination.

Featured Artist Sharon Sayegh

My paintings have layers of meaning and there is a lot of symbolism in them as well as narrative running through them. Inspiration is everywhere for me.