Featured Artist Silas Onaja

My use of water is a metaphor for what I see as the refreshing fluidity of life that is embodied in the effervescent faces of the children that live in my neighborhood.

Featured Artist Billy Tackett

There is so much potential for this particular application (splatter art) and I intend to continue exploring and evolving with it as much as possible.

Featured Artist Anne-Marie Zanetti

My emotions are a very important stimuli in my creative process—I find when I am creating I am more present to my immediate surroundings and my internal world.

Featured Artist Judith Selcuk

One of my pet hates is when I hear or read about coloured pencils being referred to as pencil crayons. I feel this greatly undervalues them. The way in which I use them is akin to oil painting in that they are used like glazes; each colour shines through the next and gives my work a very three dimensional feel.

Featured Artist Dan Menta

I get enormous pleasure and satisfaction when I start with a blank white surface and slowly bring to life a painting of a recognizable image from our past or present and then watch my customer’s face when they see their completed painting.

Featured Artist Lioba Brückner

I still can’t believe that I can paint these crazy, colorful, romantic and almost kitschy paintings of fantasy creatures, even fairies and angels, and that there are people out there who love them and support my art.

Featured Artist Stacy Hatley Carter

I am a portrait, seascape and landscape artist that strives to amaze my clients with ultra realism and a deep immersion with my drawings.

Featured Artist Denise Fulton

Literature is a great source of inspiration for me. One of my guilty habits and great pleasures is listening to audio books while I paint. I’ve noticed that the types of books have a big influence on the subject of my paintings.

Featured Artist Veronica Jaeger

There is a sense of absurdity and vulnerability, a doomed scenario where humankind seems to be heading, nostalgia about a non-existent future if everything continues in the same path.

The Human Condition, Divinely Inspired

by Carolyn Edlund Hamish Blakely’s masterful series of paintings of fallen angels won an award from Manhattan Arts in their “New Beginnings” competition, and further recognition by Artsy Shark for his concept and body of work. I recently interviewed him about this complex and meaningful collection.     AS:  How did you develop the concept […]

Featured Artist Lis Zadravec

In my narrative portraits, it is what someone looked like as a child, before the moment you knew the story or at a place of decision. I call them my Girl Heroes because becoming the woman I was meant to be against all odds is the story I know best.

Featured Artist Benji Alexander Palus

I am moved to pick up the brush for the outsiders, the misunderstood, the suffering; women whose lives have been shaped by disaster, betrayal, hardship, and yet shaped into something beautiful.

Featured Artist Leah Davies

In my portraits, I want to make the animal’s personality shine and bring out their very best aspects. I pride myself in capturing the animal’s spirit and life force within my paintings or drawings.

Featured Artist Trisha Lambi

I decided to turn professional in 2003 when I was invited to participate in the Fourth Edition of the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy