Artist Showcase Spring, 2018

From oils and encaustic was paintings to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artists’ passion, curiosity and imagination.

Featured Artist Sharon Sayegh

My paintings have layers of meaning and there is a lot of symbolism in them as well as narrative running through them. Inspiration is everywhere for me.

Featured Artist Sima Schloss

I get my inspiration from my own life experiences, but from my students as well. Getting to know them and listening to their stories of their history of immigration situations gives me so many ideas.

Featured Artist Frederic Lecut

I believe art should generate strong, positive emotions in the mind and heart of the beholder. Most of my work is about the eyes of real people.

Featured Artist Sheila Kern

I like to create paintings that draw you in, into another world or a better feeling place, maybe a new place you’ve been trying to get to all along but didn’t know until you stepped into it.

Featured Artist Michael Costello

My work with the model as muse gives us a window to the individual soul. I intend to inspire the viewer to observe the subject with a level of pathos; to confront the truth within themselves as to what they believe to be beautiful.

Featured Artist Shanlin Ye

I make use of washes to form an abundance of effects. I am fascinated by the fluidity and ungoverned nature of watercolor. I enjoy watching the water and the color dancing on paper.

Featured Artist Jane Caminos

Now that I’m an artist activist with On Women Bound as my life’s work, I’ve come to believe that as artists it’s our responsibility to use our talent to change the world for the better.

For the Love of Pets

These artists all find passion in capturing the warmth and personality of our precious pets. Whether it be a frolicking dog, a composed cat or a majestic horse, the hearts and souls of the animals in these images shine forth. Learn more about each artist by clicking on their name.     Caryl Pomales This […]

Featured Artist Silas Onaja

My use of water is a metaphor for what I see as the refreshing fluidity of life that is embodied in the effervescent faces of the children that live in my neighborhood.

Featured Artist Billy Tackett

There is so much potential for this particular application (splatter art) and I intend to continue exploring and evolving with it as much as possible.

Featured Artist Anne-Marie Zanetti

My emotions are a very important stimuli in my creative process—I find when I am creating I am more present to my immediate surroundings and my internal world.

Featured Artist Judith Selcuk

One of my pet hates is when I hear or read about coloured pencils being referred to as pencil crayons. I feel this greatly undervalues them. The way in which I use them is akin to oil painting in that they are used like glazes; each colour shines through the next and gives my work a very three dimensional feel.

Featured Artist Dan Menta

I get enormous pleasure and satisfaction when I start with a blank white surface and slowly bring to life a painting of a recognizable image from our past or present and then watch my customer’s face when they see their completed painting.