Featured Artist Virginia Peck

Artsy Shark presents featured artist Virginia Peck. You can see her full portfolio of work and more about this artist by visiting her website.



Virginia Peck’s Buddha paintings are exhibited on Newbury St. in Boston and are in many private collections. She also has a fine art Giclee business. Andover Chapel at Harvard University had a six-month show of her prints on canvas in 2009. Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Lenox, MA, has a permanent exhibit of these Giclees.



But since 1998 she has also been making altered books. These Journal Sketchbooks are a place to allow the more earthy, sexual, underworld of the subconscious to come out and play. She sees the Buddhas and the Journals as the representation of Yin and Yang, the dark and light, of her nature. There can’t be one without the other. She loves being able to express both sides.


What are your goals?

I would like to publish my Journal Sketchbooks and have more people know about them.


What are you working on now?

I am investigating self-publishing companies. I’m starting new journals. For the past 5 1/2 years I’ve been studying to become a Human Design analyst. I am contemplating using my Journal style of art to help people go deep within themselves to uncover their true and authentic being.



What inspires you?

I’ve always been inspired by the iconoclasts in art history… those artists who have remained true to their own, unique vision, no matter what the “Art World” or “Art Market” says or does. And I’m inspired by my Aunt Audrey, who water skied and ice skated all year to keep her legs strong so she could downhill ski on her 80th birthday… which she did!




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