Featured Artist Linda Schroeter

My goal is to one day be the best at my craft, to create powerful paintings that have meaning and will be noticed, and to keep passing on time honored techniques to others.

Featured Artist Wendy Pepyat

Mostly though it’s all about the colour, I kind of think you can paint whatever you like and it will be successful if you use the right colour in the right place.

Featured Artist Dan Menta

I get enormous pleasure and satisfaction when I start with a blank white surface and slowly bring to life a painting of a recognizable image from our past or present and then watch my customer’s face when they see their completed painting.

Featured Artist Cindy Sacks

Painting encourages me to pay attention: to each petal, to each face, to every detail and its position in the whole.

Featured Artist Kathryn Freeman

I look for the wonder behind everyday existence, and try to interpret the symbolism of ordinary things. I hope to create a harmony in which form and content merge to convey a convincing world and a believable narrative.

Showing Your Art Effectively: 3 Steps to an Engaging Display

Placing fewer, stronger works on the wall can also give the visitor an appetite for more.

Featured Artist JD Miller

I am inspired by each and every moment of life. It is such a gift to be alive and expressing my experience as a human being in art.

Art and the Great Outdoors

Celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors! We invited some artist friends to share their work and what inspires them.

Featured Artist Karen Merkin

I am drawn to the colors around me, especially the play of light and shadow on those colors. I particularly like to focus on the details of everyday objects.

Featured Artist Allison McGree

My process is raw and emotive. I usually don’t have a plan for my paintings, but sometimes write words on the blank canvas before I begin—thoughts, poems, questions—akin to a type of prayer. The words layer on top of one another and then, the painting unfolds.

Featured Artist Elisa Sheehan

All of the inspiration for my work comes from my deep love of nature, the rhythm of the seasons and the unparalleled beauty that comes with all the stages of growth, bloom, decay that we all witness each and every day.

Featured Artist Alise Loebelsohn

. I draw from the random patterns and images found in nature, and memories that fade but reappear unexpectedly to explore unclear truths and make sense of the world in which we live.

Featured Artist Bonnie Lambert

My mission is to communicate the joyous, wild beauty of nature reflected through urban spaces.

Featured Artist Jennifer Sonksen Duran

Through my watercolor paintings, I explore human emotion. I am heavily inspired by the connection one can make through the eyes and hope that my audience can feel the emotion I pour into my work.