Featured Artist Sierra Roberts

My work is about capturing a person’s spirit, self-identity and emotions, engaging viewers through human connection.

Featured Artist Merrin Jeff

I strive to capture on canvas that peaceful feeling of dabbling your toes in the water as they sink into the sand, all while listening to the melodious sound of each wave as they roll towards you.

Featured Artist Susan McLaughlin

I am thrilled to be an artist because I can create my own worlds. In these worlds, I am an explorer, uncovering, recording and rearranging the beauty of the natural world, as well as the beauty of human beings.

Featured Artist Jan Brandt

The knowledge that designs repeat in nature, from micro to macro, is fascinating to me. I conjure and build compositions into magical formations which hint at the mystery and beauty of a world unseen by the naked eye.

Featured Artist Ruben Cukier

My work talks about our society, the symbols of our collective unconscious, our emotions and our desire to persist through our works.

Featured Artist Bea Roberts

I find I that using different mediums together adds exuberance and a freshness to the art as they look, act and feel different from each other. This also adds extra energy to my artwork.

Featured Artist Carl H. Bradford

Though I’m still experimenting with new approaches, color techniques, formats and executions, I see myself capturing or recording the history of jazz for a new generation of traditionalists.

Featured Artist Barney Levitt

My work often crosses over from reality-based, into whimsy and fantasy. Narrative and titles are important to me, and humor often plays a big part in my paintings.

Featured Artist Diane Jorstad

My preferred subject matter tends towards something with light, form and color. An apple is called red but if you look at it closely you will see a variety of colors and values.

Featured Artist Efrat Baler

I combine linear drawing and 3-dimensional objects on, beneath or behind the canvas melding them into the painting, and use texture, paints, strong contours and color to emphasize the painting and transitions into relief and onto objects.

Featured Artist Heather W. Ernst

I drive emotion direct from thought to canvas, with no planning if possible. A painting is my recording of my reaction to an environment. If I do add a recognizable form, it won’t be the color it is in reality, because what I see and feel internally isn’t.

Featured Artist Elaine Florimonte

When I study the work of other painters, I see them as either colorists or tonalists. I am a colorist. I use color to create a “sense” in my paintings—awake-ness, devotion, excitement, tranquility.

Featured Artist Sandra Pearce

I still have much to learn from the great masters, as I do continue to study with the best. I don’t think I shall ever stop learning, reaching and growing–always hungry for more and never satisfied.

Featured Artist Shelley Smith

To this day, I’m analytical in my approach to painting and design and I enjoy a great story, seeking subjects that spark the imagination or tickle my funny bone. I love making these gems look good.