Featured Artist Victoria Mauldin

I am a story teller, and nature is my subject! I most often start with my own photography and the stories emerge though the magnificence of form, color, light, beauty and relationships in the world around us.

Featured Artist Daniella Willet-Rabin

I’m learning to work on the overall composition. In the future I will strive to put in some empty resting spaces for the eye, because, as of now, I have the compulsory need to fill the entire canvas with patterns and dots!

Featured Artist Gary Cadwallader

And so, I want a painting to be an extrovert. The painting has to stand up and shout, to reward the viewer so that people never leave a room without having to look at it one more time.

Featured Artist Julie T. Chapman

I don’t remember what first compelled me to pick up a piece of scratchboard a few years ago, but from the first attempt with it I fell in love with the medium—it’s such a pure way of ‘drawing’ with light.

Featured Artist Dale Popovich

When I get back to my studio I create color roughs from my photo references that intrigue me. What has taken me years of painting to recognize is to leave unimportant things out of my painting. Simplify!

Featured Artist Billy Tackett

There is so much potential for this particular application (splatter art) and I intend to continue exploring and evolving with it as much as possible.

Featured Artist Lilianne Milgrom

The direction and aesthetic of the work is invariably determined by the subject itself…When a viewer genuinely connects with my art, be it on an intimate or an immersive scale, I feel tremendously fulfilled and uplifted.

Featured Artist Erik Abel

One of the goals for my art is having the courage to continue growing and changing as an artist. Boundaries need to constantly be pushed—otherwise the art begins to die.

Featured Artist Kim Vergil

All artwork has its job to perform and mine is to unleash a sense of energy source into the space that surrounds it, making its contribution by engaging human interaction through interpretation.

Featured Artist James Robert White

My paintings naturally depict complexity. They provide the viewer with a feeling of connection with the world around us.

Featured Artist Caroline Deeble

I believe through my paintings the viewer can connect with nature, it’s gentle rhythm, its immense power and its cleansing ability to calm the soul.

Featured Artist Leslie Franklin

I believe art has the power to create a state of mindfulness which is difficult to accomplish in our busy world…Art captivates and brings the viewer immediately and fully into the present.

Featured Artist Jak Ruiz

Each piece is like a musical arrangement of sorts where the canvas, time of day, temperature, my temperament, the paint and the brush all play off each other to create harmony.

Featured Artist Karen Lehrer

Currently, I am inspired by the natural world, such as eroded surfaces that have been weathered by time, and the neutral colors found in sand and stone.