Featured Artist Alise Loebelsohn

. I draw from the random patterns and images found in nature, and memories that fade but reappear unexpectedly to explore unclear truths and make sense of the world in which we live.

Featured Artist Bonnie Lambert

My mission is to communicate the joyous, wild beauty of nature reflected through urban spaces.

Featured Artist Jennifer Sonksen Duran

Through my watercolor paintings, I explore human emotion. I am heavily inspired by the connection one can make through the eyes and hope that my audience can feel the emotion I pour into my work.

Energized Abstracts

We invited some artist friends to share artistic vision and a favorite work of abstract art.

Featured Artist Carol Scott

I further expanded the possibilities of the subject by deconstructing segments of crystal so focus is placed on the visual aspects instead of the function. To this end, my work attempts to reconcile the disparate styles of representation and abstraction in a mutual aesthetic coexistence.

Featured Artist Muriel Timmons

Creating a painting is always quite an adventure and it often seems the greatest excitement of the entire process occurs when I’m physically far from my studio and when my studio is the farthest thing from my mind.

Featured Artist Calvin Teng

My vision is to unite and share my painting philosophy with the Western world, allowing Western society to become more acquainted with Eastern heritage, tradition, and oriental aesthetics by connecting through my artworks.

Featured Artist Cory Sewelson

In juxtaposing these normally disparate elements, I’m trying to force an awareness of how we usually organize our lives. I like the memories, emotions, and connections that are uncovered when these normal boundaries are removed.

Featured Artist Dara Daniel

During my journey as an artist, I found that it is important to me to create paintings that have personality and delight the viewer’s visual sense. Most importantly, I want to create art that others can connect with on an emotional level.

Featured Artist Amy Keller-Rempp

Robert Bateman critiqued my work at an art show back in 2000, and based on the picture of “Ice Storm” which I painted when I was only sixteen, he thought I had thirty five years of experience under my belt. That encouraged me to continue on the artist path I had chosen.

Featured Artist Andrea Monroe

The colors I use are always hand mixed or happy accidents, depending on how you want to look at it. I follow no rule of thumb in their placement either. That kind of “letting go” makes for a pretty interesting overall experience, leading the viewer deeper into the painting.

Featured Artist Danielle Trudeau

Dramatic lighting is an important feature in my work, as the strong contrast can reveal hidden textures and secrets that the subjects have, as well it adds a certain element of excitement to a piece.

Featured Artist Joan Gallagher

I used to paint just flowers, but living at the Jersey Shore gave me the ocean and boardwalk, and that has been a constant source of inspiration for me.

Featured Artist Christine O’Brien

My sketches capture the essence and ideas for paintings, and I also make notations on how I might depict the feeling of an ocean breeze, the calming sound of the waves and the carefree life of figures relaxing or frolicking in the sand.