Featured Artist Toby Davis

Each city I discover seems to have its own “flavor” and I enjoy trying to put those aspects into my work. I hope that my paintings are able to connect viewers with a special place in their lives.

Featured Artist Linda Laino

To be “in” that magical space of experience and to come out of it with something to give to the world is both the artist’s gift and reward.

Featured Artist Bob Palmerton

As an artist, I feel obligated to capture the unique character of a landscape at a given moment in time, and to enhance its key features and the message it conveys with a painting that will always remain the same to be enjoyed by future generations.

Featured Artist Scott Troxel

In terms of style and subject matter for both mediums, I am mostly an abstract, non-objective artist. I do tend to blur the line between minimalism, color field painting, the hard-edge school and constructivism.

Interpreting the Human Figure

I have a raw style that captures expression with the simplest techniques/materials while exemplifying a volume of richness to every piece.

Featured Artist Julia Gabrielov

Many of my works revolves around the spirit that is within everything, be it a tree, an animal, or the ocean. I personify that spirit in a visually stunning way, often with a beautiful girl.

Featured Artist Linda Stelling

I am fueled by my interest in color and the dream studies I have been exposed to for so long.

Featured Artist SuZahn King

To me, painting is an everyday process, like breathing. It is my breath, my life, my passion. It is my form of yoga and meditation. It is my fascination with every thing around me that is constantly changing. It is me, saying with my art, “Look, look at what is around you, slow down, rejoice. Puravida.”

Featured Artist Alisha K. Ard

When I plan a painting, I tend to use dramatic lighting to emphasize the details I find give the most character to each pair (of shoes)–the shininess, the worn creases, the scuffed toes, the varying textures.

Featured Artist Donna Lee Nyzio

Whether or not you’re familiar with maritime themes, you can enjoy the air of tranquility, subtle story and color that my paintings embody.

Featured Artist Sarah Mandell

The art of needle felting is something I discovered about ten years ago and have learned to love by practicing every day.

Featured Artist Cecelia Feld

My work, in printmaking, painting and collage is about exploring relationships. There are references in my work to the textures, colors, lines and shapes of my encounters in the real world.

Featured Artist Maryanne Hawes

I very much believe in the intuitive viewing as well as making of art. I want my art to help people connect with their senses, their thoughts; to offer an opportunity for a mindful or contemplative moment in the day. I believe that a viewer’s interpretation of my art is equally as valuable as my own.

Featured Artist C. Tanner Jensen

I believe art is a very personal thing that is played out in a public arena. For the artwork to be meaningful to an individual, it needs to make a connection with them.