Featured Artist Joyce Kubat

The human figure has always been my focus, and over the years it’s become a psychological focus. By incessantly reworking my drawings, little by little, something unknown surfaced. Intimacy and psychological intensity surfaced.

Foreign Vistas

Inspired by landscapes in many international locations, these artists present their work and share their technique.

Featured Artist Mike Jory

My work is vibrantly coloured and uses expressive line. I hope this conveys the way the beauty of nature makes me feel.

Featured Artist Linda Ann Weber

In the end my “Graffiti Series” is a body of work that explores non-objective painting. Each painting is an extension of who I am and what I feel in the moment.

Featured Artist Laura Newmark

Later in life I discovered the inner world when I learned to meditate and go inside. What I see and what I experience in altered states is almost as vivid and nurturing as the external worlds I explore on canvas.

Featured Artist Jeff Ripple

For me, this is accurately describing a scene in paint while infusing the painting with my emotional response to the light and atmosphere on that landscape.

Featured Artist Jason Kotecki

I am inspired by pop culture, children, and the wisdom, wonder and nostalgia of childhood. I try to make art that inspires, entertains, and encourages people, hopefully carrying a little reminder of what’s really important in life.

Featured Artist Heather Robinson

Technically “mixed media,” my art combines paint, acrylic medium, stencils, drips and washes. I use many layers of each to create a feeling of depth in each of my pieces.

Featured Artist Richard Shaffett

Art is my passion and my life. My goal is to connect with like-minded people and share my love of islands and oceans with them through my work.

Up Close

The theme of this collection of work by a group of artist friends focuses on taking a close up look at the world.

Featured Artist Steven Mikel

I am passionate about our gift, as humans, to be able to “see” beyond simple observation.

Featured Artist Linda Schroeter

My goal is to one day be the best at my craft, to create powerful paintings that have meaning and will be noticed, and to keep passing on time honored techniques to others.

Featured Artist Wendy Pepyat

Mostly though it’s all about the colour, I kind of think you can paint whatever you like and it will be successful if you use the right colour in the right place.

Featured Artist Dan Menta

I get enormous pleasure and satisfaction when I start with a blank white surface and slowly bring to life a painting of a recognizable image from our past or present and then watch my customer’s face when they see their completed painting.