Featured Artist Marc Poisson

Oil painter Marc Poisson captures the dramatic beauty of the landscapes of Australia and South Africa.

Featured Artist Peggy Stokes

Artist Peggy Stokes creates stunning alcohol ink paintings by blending and moving the inks into vividly colorful, swirling images. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website for more.     I am a self-taught artist, which I find amazing at my age!  My passion for art came to me later in life after I had […]

Featured Artist Kristi Abbott

Artist Kristi Abbott creates intricate paper collages built with layers of texture, pattern and color.

Featured Artist Amanda Bielby

Montana artist Amanda Bielby fulfilled her dream of becoming an artist through learning techniques in the building trades. See her website for more of her work.     Some would say that I was fooled at a young age by my athletic ability, a talent for fine detail and a learning disability that pulled me […]

Featured Artist Phillippa Lack

Artist Phillippa Lack uses Photoshop to transform her silk paintings into abstract designs printed on fabric.

Featured Artist Kimberly Cammerata

Artist Kimberly Cammerata uses watercolor to capture the light and rich detail of Italy.

Featured Artist Gail Kolflat

Artist Gail Kolflat’s colorful paintings capture moments, portray transitions and tell bold stories. Enjoy her portfolio and visit her website to see more.     My paintings are of humanity. They reflect people engaged in a variety of activities or at assorted events. The inspiration for my subject matter is my interest in the human […]

Featured Artist Bob Landström

Artist Bob Landström uses crushed volcanic rock as a medium to paint colorful and symbolic metaphysical paintings.

Featured Artist Gale Gibbs

Artist Gale Gibbs creates mixed media paintings filled with bustling activity and stories to tell.

Featured Artist Frances Bildner

Painter Frances Bildner shares her abstract portfolio and talks about inspiration, influence and a love of colour.

Featured Artist Irene Raspollini

Italian artist Irene Raspollini paints stylized, distinctive portraits using augmented reality techniques.

Featured Artist Mimi Chen Ting

Artist Mimi Chen Ting uses large planes of color and basic shapes in her compelling abstract paintings.

Featured Artist Lance Rodgers

Artist Lance Rodgers’ bold oversized paintings are designed as thought-provoking narratives.

Featured Artist Liz Cole

Mixed media abstract artist Liz Cole creates joyful paintings focused on memorable and inspiring moments. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.     If asked what I paint, I would have to say joy and color! This is in complete contrast to my years spent in the Midwest, where gloomy days were […]