Featured Artist Aruna Rao

Enjoy the work of Florida impressionist oil painter Aruna Rao, who presents a portfolio of landscapes created in a sunshine state of mind.

Featured Artist Muffy Clark Gill

Enjoy the fascinating portfolio of artist Muffy Clark Gill, who creates batik paintings on silk inspired by world travel.

Featured Artist Maria Morales

Artist Maria Morales shares a dynamic abstract portfolio and a story of overcoming conventions to find her true inspiration.

Featured Artist Barney Levitt

Enjoy the portfolio of featured artist and oil painter Barney Levitt, who approaches his creative work with humor and charm.

Featured Artist Enda Bardell

Artist Enda Bardell’s impressive watercolor portfolio features stunning vistas imbued with a timeless quality.

Featured Artist Laura Hunt

Artist Laura Hunt shares a fascinating collection of landscapes and narrative figurative paintings with a personal and emotional edge.

Artist Showcase, Early Spring 2024

Artsy Shark celebrates the work of dozens of talented artists in various mediums in our newest showcase of art.

Featured Artist Linda Eader

Florida featured artist Linda Eader presents a boldly vibrant collection of tropical alcohol ink paintings.

Featured Artist Misty Dempsey

Featured artist Misty  Dempsey shares a luscious mixed media portfolio of flowing, organic nature-inspired paintings.

Featured Artist Roopa Dudley

Enjoy the charming and whimsical portfolio of artist Roopa Dudley, whose love of chess defines her distinctive style.

Featured Artist Jocelyn Friis

Artist Jocelyn Friis shares a dreamlike portfolio of abstract landscapes, drawn from memories and inspired by nature.

Featured Artist Susan Miller-Havens

Artist Susan Miller-Havens presents a collection of paintings that capture human relationships with humor and insight.

Featured Artist Mitchell Gibson

Featured artist Mitchell Gibson shares a compelling story and a selection of works from his surreal portfolio.

Featured Artist Neecy Twinem

Enjoy this collection from the colorful nature-inspired portfolio of artist Neecy Twinem, who tells stories through painting.