Featured Artist Jean Calomeni

Enjoy the watercolor portfolio of featured artist Jean Calomeni, and see more work from this talented artist by visiting her website and blog.


My mom introduced me to painting many, many years ago. We’d gather our supplies and set up our easels in our breakfast room. She painted in oils and I chose watercolor.

There is no medium like watercolor that can produce the lovely transparent effects, the gorgeous blends, and the washes full of life and vibrancy. If you’ve ever stood in front of a beautiful watercolor or admired a good photo of one, you know what I mean.

My themes are ones of relationships, longing, loss, acceptance, independence and the empowerment and strength of women. Sometimes my paintings are somber; sometimes playful.

My hope is that you’ll find something here that speaks to you, whether it’s the skillful use of the medium or images that make you say, “Oh, yes. I’ve been there!”

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The Queen Can't Hear You

“The Queen Can’t Hear You” by Jean Calomeni



Coming Ashore

“Coming Ashore” by Jean Calomeni



Trouble in the Garden

“Trouble in the Garden” by Jean Calomeni



Louise of Arabia

“Louise of Arabia” by Jean Calomeni




“Run” by Jean Calomeni




  1. Lovely work!

  2. lovely work

  3. Wonderful. A watercolour artist with work which is full of thought and has something to say.

  4. I have, for many years been of fan of Jean’s work. It is a rare thing to find a watercolor artists whose work provokes so much thought and feeling. You walk away from her paintings touched by the emotions they convey. Lovely.

  5. Thank you all, for the very much appreciated comments! It is the highest praise to know that I’ve touched a few lovely souls out there.

  6. Hi Jean,
    I’m a decorative artist living in Germany ( native Calif.). I just opened an atelier and I’m thinking
    of new ways to contact new clients . The Germans are tough cookies and I thought maybe you have ideas
    to attract more business. In the US interior designers work hand in hand with decorative artist but
    so far I’ve had no luck with them. I live in a small city and house staging hasn’t really come here yet either.
    Of course that could be an advantage. It’s hard to be creative and so visual and at the same time a business woman. I have a flyer from a marketing coach that I’m planning to see soon. If you have any ideas or things that i should ask her, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for your time.
    Gina De Nuccio

  7. Hi, Gina,

    Well, I can only speak in generalities given that we’re in different places. First of all, I hope you’re using social media to your advantage. That’s one of the best ways to let people know about you. And use more than one site, not just Facebook. Definitely get on Pinterest. You have to keep a presence alive or people will never find you and not stay with you. I think that Carolyn here who is owner of Artsy Shark could probably give you more tips than I could. She has lots of great business savvy! Good luck in your endeavors.

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