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Artsy Shark presents the portfolio of Featured Artist Hazel Berger, who captures natural beauty with her camera.  Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.



Hazel Berger has found her niche as a flower photographer. Her framer says, “Hazel’s flowers look like they are flying.” Early in 2010 Berger received two honorable mentions and a third place at the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta and her career is growing ever since. Her work includes images of Hydrangea, Cone-Flowers, Japanese Magnolias, Zinnias, Cosmos, Black-eyed Susans and other flowers.



Hazel sold her first photograph over 20 years ago and has been shooting and studying photography since then, but she did not consider art as a career until a trip to Barcelona in 2007. To perfect her craft, Hazel first learned on slide film, then experimented in a black and white lab at the Southeastern Photography School. Since then the artist has switched to a digital camera and works in Photoshop. She shows her art as part of two photographic societies in Atlanta.



Over the past year, Berger has also begun showing her work at various art festivals in the southeastern United States. For the shows, she is printing her work on canvas. Once the work is on canvas, Berger often adds acrylic paint to highlight the beauty of the image, so it becomes a mixed-media work. Her hydrangea will be showing in the Gallery at Serenbe in December.

Her big goal is to get people outdoors. Once they are there good will happen. They will conserve more, exercise more, notice the little things, share with their children. Life.



Her goal each Spring is to catalog the Japanese Magnolia. It is an easily missed beauty. She loves them especially because the blooms look so different even side by side. Her first solo show was a collection of thirty-two magnolia images on canvas and fine art paper in a solo show May of 2010 in Roswell, Georgia titled “Magnolias on Magnolia Street.”. View the slide show here.



Currently, Berger is visiting all the Georgia state parks within one year, photographing, blogging and video recording the surroundings.  This project will culminate in a show next October in Atlanta. Hazel plans to shoot the majority of photographs in the Spring when the parks are blooming. Her hope is to provide an objective look at the park, find a couple she wants to visit each year, and send Georgians outdoors. Wouldn’t it be cool if every family bought a state park pass?



Color and blooming flowers inspire the photographer. Music and happiness are also uplifting and all about Hazel’s art. And she remembers dragging her father to the High Museum in Atlanta to see the Monet exhibit about 15 years ago. Two years ago she took her daughter to Paris to see the water lilies up close. Monet’s canvases are enormous and gorgeous. Hazel has begun a study of water lilies. Another influence in her work, Hazel studied the history of photography and especially loves Henri Cartier Bresson’s work and thinks about the decisive moment behind the camera lens.



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my work on your site. I love photography and appreciate your support of my work.

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