My Art Inspiration

We asked a group of artist friends “What Inspires You?”

Featured Artist Nancy Ridenour

My gardens, nurtured by my family florist background, are a source of peace and beauty. I photograph the delicate flowers each morning, with the soft light of the rising sun. In the afternoon, I am able to catch the backlit beauty of the petals.

Featured Artist Paul Pinzarrone

My work celebrates color without texture. These are snapshots of my ideal world—clean and intense, seductive yet scary, celebratory and playful.

A Celebration of Color

We invited some artist friends to share their colorful and inspired work.

Featured Artist Cheryl Maeder

My work is a collage of saturated memories from my early childhood, infused with my expanding adventures from my travels and everyday life.

Featured Artist Tom O Scott

Metaphors that evoke landscapes, animals, human situations, mythology, humor, and cultural archetypes help me connect with the viewer. I consider the title of each work to be an integral and vital part of the creation.

Featured Artist Sherry Karver

When I am sitting in a café or walking down the street, I become a “people watcher,” and often wonder who somebody is, what they do for a living, etc. Maybe this is a bit of voyeurism or just plain curiosity that many of us have about others.

Artists Celebrate Nature

Nature has always been an inspiration and influence for artists.

Are You Overwhelming Your Customers with Too Many Choices?

If the collection of work that you have for sale is unwieldy and tends to overwhelm customers, you must cut through the clutter and make some hard decisions.

Featured Artist Dorothy Berry-Lound

I don’t see things the same as other people; when I take a photograph I can see a different version emerging in my head, one that tells a story and builds upon the energy of the image.

Featured Artist Daniel McPheeters

With my science background, I am always aware of the natural forces that shape the universe. I see not only the lyrical beauty of landscapes and skyscapes, but also the beauty of the mathematics of nature that a scientist experiences. I try to convey that beauty by including circles, lines and grids in my works.

Featured Artist Lee Hendrickson

The entire field that I photograph is typically no larger than the head of a pin, but an infinite array of patterns can result and the complexity of design and their amazing beauty never cease to fascinate the viewer.

The Art of the Landscape

We asked some artist friends to share their work, and received wonderful and even surprising interpretations!

Featured Artist Robert Lott

The camera image is simply the starting point for my work. I try to create a finished image which best captures the emotion, lighting, depth and dynamic range that I experience when observing the scene before me.