Featured Artist Christopher Kennedy

Having experimented abundantly with artificial light sources, I have now expanded the Photo Luminism technique to using day light sources with Nature’s own colors.

Art and Healing

My purpose is to share my abstract nature photography with the hope that it can inspire, heal and awaken the imagination.

Featured Artist Daniela Majic

I am inspired by so many things, it is hard to keep track of them all. I find I am inspired by childhood nostalgia and gardens, fairytale stories and strange movies.

Featured Artist Nancy Wood

I choose and adjust colors, move and edit shapes, apply tints and glazes and become completely engrossed in thinking visually about the image. Although the media is electronic I still think of myself as a painter and view the works as digital paintings.

Art and the Animal World

We invited some artist friends to share their observations and mediums, resulting in a fantastic display of many different animals, both wild and domestic. Click each artist’s name to see their website portfolio.     dbJR This image is part of my “Rescued Series”.  This beautiful bird is a natural. Everywhere I went this owl posed.  She […]

Featured Artist Dennis Sabo

My interest is in the natural details; how the environment on a particular day, in a particular light, and at a particular moment in time correlates to my personal vision and interpretation of nature.

Featured Artist Yelena Strokin

Whether my photography is formal and delicate or simple and rustic, I work to create an image that possesses a timeless quality, one that transcends culture and continents to add graciousness and beauty to any setting.

Foreign Vistas

Inspired by landscapes in many international locations, these artists present their work and share their technique.

Featured Artist Karen Glosser

I love the challenge of seeing how far I can push the gear I own to create images that reflect a sense of place, and that also portray my vision and feelings of a particular moment as I press the shutter release.

Up Close

The theme of this collection of work by a group of artist friends focuses on taking a close up look at the world.

Featured Artist Mike DeCesare

I see a world defined by discrete, fleeting moments in time and place, illuminated by impressionistic washes of luminosity, expressed in forms, colors and expressions that create frames of experience imprinted in memories.

Art and the Great Outdoors

Celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors! We invited some artist friends to share their work and what inspires them.

Featured Artist Frantisek Strouhal

I love to work with the human form. It is the most universal symbol of beauty that stirs and satisfies my mind and heart. Thus the human form is essential to my art work.

Featured Artist Robert Brusca

My images are done with a creative purpose just like a painter. Like all artists, my work is personal and is created for my enjoyment based on my vision. I am a very visual person. Everything I see is a photograph that inspires me.