Featured Artist Stacy White

I’ve learned over time that visiting places as a photographer has taught me to realize that there is always beauty around us if you take the time to look close enough.

Artist Showcase, Late Spring 2018

Each piece has a story that unfolds through symbols, color and texture.

Featured Artist Mark Hersch

More than anything, I hope my work creates a conversation. A conversation about the passage of time; about how things change, but also, in many ways, how they remain the same.

Featured Artist Ivan Lebedev

I believe that the photographic process is a material essence for self-expression, like canvas or marble; it`s just one of the easiest ways to arrange the visual chaos around me, articulate the hidden harmony within us and share my feelings with others.

Featured Artist David McGlynn

Partly out of dissatisfaction with the limitations of static single image photographs, which represent a single snapshot of time, I sought ways to involve more craft and decision making throughout the entire process, and not simply at the moment of “pressing the shutter button.”

Featured Artist Jerry Lofaro

In many ways, I feel as if my artistic journey is just beginning as I further refine my hyper-realistic, digital art style while also exploring experimental fine art and photography at the same time.

Featured Artist Richard Dennison

I’ll shoot hundreds, if not thousands, of individual photographs for each one. It can take months, and in some cases, even years to have enough options.

Artist Showcase Spring, 2018

From oils and encaustic was paintings to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artists’ passion, curiosity and imagination.

Featured Artist Valeriy Klamm

I visited exotic countries while I was heading big international photo-expeditions throughout Northern Asia. I finally learned that the most exiting discoveries are waiting for us nearby—sometimes right around the corner.

Featured Artist Gail Mancuso

The best advice I can give to any artist is summed up in one word—perseverance. The inevitable peaks and valleys are a critical part of the process, on the creative and the business side as well.

Featured Artist Christine Wagner

My artwork represents, in abstract form, the organic textures and elements that exist in nature, through a variety of materials including paper, found books, thread, beeswax, oils and eggshells, to name a few.

Featured Artist Hank Keneally

Creating art is my “joy juice.” I create every day. This gives me learning delights—about myself, the world and “the face behind the face” in viewing life with more depth.

Featured Artist Michele James

When I first started photographing I fell in love with the movement of water in nature. There was a cleansing property of it that I couldn’t put my finger on.

Artist Showcase Winter 2018

From oils and pastel to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artist’s passion, curiosity and imagination.