Artist Showcase, Fall 2023

Our latest showcase features talented artists in different mediums who share some of their favorite works.

Featured Artist Chris Palm

Photographer Chris Palm draws awareness to the world’s vanishing tropical forests through his TreeTalk series.

Featured Artist Sandra Bechtold

Featured artist and photographer Sandra Bechtold presents a serene portfolio drawn from the natural world.

Featured Artist Debbie Brady

Enjoy the impressive portfolio of Canadian photographer Debbie Brady, whose macro images explore the hidden beauty in nature.

Featured Artist Filipp Kabanyayev

Embark on a journey through light and perspective with photographer Filipp Kabanyayev whose extraordinary portfolio is drawn from nature.

Featured Artist Ann Newman

Abstract photographer Ann Newman discovers hidden meanings in her close-up graphic style to revive our senses.

Featured Artist Julian Starks

Photographer Julian Starks presents a stunning wildlife portfolio, with a mission to protect and preserve these magnificent species.

Featured Artist Luis Abel Espino Arvizu

Embark on a visual journey across diverse cultures through the lens of Mexican photographer Luis Abel Espino Arvizu.

Featured Artists George Repetti & Danielle Rayne

Father/daughter collaborators George Repetti and Danielle Rayne present a breathtaking collection from their nature-based portfolio.

Featured Artist John Lawlor

Photographer John Lawlor produces bold images with an impact bigger than life. Enjoy his distinctive style of art.

Featured Artist Eliane Pouhaer

Artist Eliane Pouhaer shares an ethereal collection of contemporary abstract art created in multiple mediums.

Featured Artist Elizabeth Leitzke

Photographer Elizabeth Leitzke shares a compelling collection of photographs that capture the details of nature and life. Enjoy her portfolio and find more by visiting her website.     I am a fine art and macro photographer from Florida. Becoming a photographer has been my dream for as long as I can remember.     […]

Featured Artist Robin Zygelman

Featured artist Robin Zygelman presents a stunning selection of photographs that catch the eye and the imagination.

Featured Artist Charlie Milgrim

Artist and sculptor Charlie Milgrim presents a selection of works that address challenges in our changing world.