Featured Artist Wayne Moran

As it is true for authors that they generally do their best work when they write about topics that they know very well, the same is true for artists and photographers. My early inspiration from seashores and mountain scenes continues to be a major driver in my artistic work today.


Many artists find themselves inspired by the places they have visited. Enjoy the following scenes from around the world that caught the imagination and the passion to create. Click each name to visit that artist’s website.     Fiona Hind This image of the “Black Forest in the Mist” is a familiar scene in The […]

Featured Artist Roberta London

I always see a flower or tree that surprises me, either because of its breathtaking beauty or because it is something not usually seen.

For the Love of Pets

These artists all find passion in capturing the warmth and personality of our precious pets. Whether it be a frolicking dog, a composed cat or a majestic horse, the hearts and souls of the animals in these images shine forth. Learn more about each artist by clicking on their name.     Caryl Pomales This […]

Featured Artist David Zlotky

As a painter, I was particularly interested in illustration and making paintings that related to hidden stories. As a photographer, I still love the hidden story.

The Abstract World

Abstract art is an expression of shape, color, line and form whose imagery often departs from visual reality. These artists approach their art in unique and varied ways, creating a language of their own to describe their take on altered reality. Click on each name to view their website.   Marisa D. Aceves I document […]

Featured Artist F. M. Kearney

Flowers have become a favorite subject of mine. Their varied shapes and colors offer an unlimited number of amazing photo ops—a cornucopia of creative possibilities.

Featured Artist Suzanne Barton

I witnessed the perfect communion between a dancer’s heart and the “inspirational wisdom of water.” Water takes the form in which it is held and moves in the path of least resistance.

Featured Artist Kirsteen Titchener

I am drawn to creating images that are usually impossible to capture in our everyday world, and yet remain somehow believable.

Featured Artist Mark Goodhew

Digital photography has opened new ways to shoot photographs and manipulate and enhance the imagery. I enjoy exploring the technology and the new ways it allows me to present the images I shoot.

Featured Artist Ron Colbroth

These days with new innovations in technology seeming to appear daily, I find that photography is more of a joy that it ever was. My creativity seems to be in constant flux as I explore new avenues to improve my images and how I view the world around me.

Through the Camera Lens

Through the lenses of their cameras, these artists create unique and fascinating visuals. From vibrant colors, 3-D imagery and abstracts to macro photography, each one tells a story. Click on the artist’s name to visit their website.     Roberto Pestarino I love to look at modern buildings and find new worlds.     Paulo […]

Featured Artist Robert Van Praag

Escape and fantasy was always my greatest pleasure but I needed to “make a living.” …And now, at last and finally, finally, through photography and painting, I’ve rediscovered some of the bright, shiny fantasy I’ve always wanted to share with the world.

Featured Artist Eva Polak

As an artist my aim is to create images that people can live with and look at with increasing pleasure—to express a feeling or a moment in time which then becomes timeless.