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I was born in Mountain View, California in 1973. As a child growing up in the military, I lived in several cities throughout California as well as in Japan. However, most of my childhood was spent in Mountain View. In 1994 I moved to Sacramento, where I started pursuing my career.



My education consists of being self taught, experimenting with different techniques through books, and trying new ideas with several types of media.

I have been commissioned for multiple projects from tattoos, murals, and pieces of work. In November, 2008 I was selected as artist of the month for Artistic Edge out of Sacramento, Ca which several pieces were purchased.



Through the years, I have used several types of media and each has its own purpose. Pastels, chalk, and oil work best for landscapes and seascapes. Pens which consists of brush, fine tip, and ink are best for detail in color for wildlife. Charcoal, black and white, are perfect media for shading and lighting. Now my preferred media is graphite pencil.  It works best for detail, and also allows me to have the most control. I have also learned to work with color pencil which is for light color and depth. Watercolor pencil has been used for color wash in backgrounds. Always learning to use new techniques and methods with multiple media is important.



As the years went on, the areas that appealed to me were wildlife, land and seascapes, and an occasional still life. With my subject areas, it is challenging and always changing. It takes a patient creative mind, requires detail and most important, it is relaxing and fun.



My inspiration is my daughters Linsey, Karli, Kelsi, and Leilani. They like to see me complete each piece, and it allows me to teach them what techniques I have learned. It also gives me the time to spend with them and to teach them to be creative and to use their imagination.



Putting myself in touch with wildlife comes easy to me. There are times that I can feel what the animal feels, and think what the animal thinks, which is how I get my ideas to move from mind onto the paper. I have a respect for wildlife that helps me create my work a passion, which I believe is evident in every piece.


  1. karli montagne says

    dad im so proud of you keep up your good work

  2. Bjr, merci pour le post. Je fais tourner. ++

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