Featured Artist Linda Laino

To be “in” that magical space of experience and to come out of it with something to give to the world is both the artist’s gift and reward.

Featured Artist Arlene Steinberg

When I think about my artwork, I usually consider everyday items. Still life has the magical ability to conjure up many emotions and memories.

Featured Artist Tim Phelps

The essence and act of mandala creation has pulled me in and delivered just as advertised. Mandalas are engaging, thought provoking, meditative and joyful tools.

Featured Artist Blake Conroy

The core of my work is made up of large pieces that address my concerns about the environment. I want to express this concern in an elegant way to reach as large an audience as possible.

Featured Artist Julia Gabrielov

Many of my works revolves around the spirit that is within everything, be it a tree, an animal, or the ocean. I personify that spirit in a visually stunning way, often with a beautiful girl.

Featured Artist Chris Gray

The process of creating art is relaxing to me. I am creating something new and that is the favorite part of my work. I can create anything if I have the knowledge to do it. I define art as creativity plus knowledge.

Featured Artist Holly Helgeson

Most of my color palettes are inspired by the beauty bursting in nature. Another wonderful influence on my work comes from Mid-century modern design. I love the simple geometric patterns, clean lines, and bold color palettes.

Featured Artist C. Tanner Jensen

I believe art is a very personal thing that is played out in a public arena. For the artwork to be meaningful to an individual, it needs to make a connection with them.

Featured Artist Tina Dinte

My strength has always been drawing. I find the process of mixing colours, getting the right paint consistency and selecting the perfect brush, frustrating. So, after MUCH experimentation, I now ‘draw’ with paint onto the canvas with squeeze bottles.

Featured Artist Julie T. Chapman

I don’t remember what first compelled me to pick up a piece of scratchboard a few years ago, but from the first attempt with it I fell in love with the medium—it’s such a pure way of “drawing” with light.

Featured Artist Marsha Wilson

Burning is like drawing without the smudges, or painting without the paint drying on the brush. It is a medium that leaves very little room for mistakes.

A Favorite Work of Art

We asked some artists to share a favorite work and their inspiration.

Featured Artist Lea McComas

My art is an extension of that fascination with the human experience. It’s about capturing stories with fabric and thread. Each piece is meant to introduce the viewer to a new character or set of characters by opening a window to their narrative.

Art and the Animal World

We invited some artist friends to share their observations and mediums, resulting in a fantastic display of many different animals, both wild and domestic. Click each artist’s name to see their website portfolio.     dbJR This image is part of my “Rescued Series”.  This beautiful bird is a natural. Everywhere I went this owl posed.  She […]