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Witnessing in present day what someone else saw a hundred years ago or more inspires me to paint not only the historic wooden ships I have admired for years but also the many wonderful European villages and towns I have recently discovered.


I see myself as an old soul with an appreciation of beautiful places and objects that have withstood the test of time.  The weathered but well maintained subjects possess character and interest which adds a richness and depth to a painting.


The interpretation of the scene, what the artist conveys through expressive brushstrokes, unique perspective and creative color usage is what separates the ordinary from the masterpiece.  Since my art is a form of self-expression, I carefully and sometimes painstakingly review the vast array of subject matter in order to commit myself to the time required to create a painting that will fulfill my expectations.  I endeavor to be meticulous about detail and accuracy, creating paintings that stand up to a critical eye.


My initial visualization determines the level of detail and style in the beginning, although I am not averse to breaking down a painting that has been over developed in order to improve it.  Each painting goes through an evolutionary process, never formulated.  On the contrary, I prefer to go with moments of spontaneity and enjoy having the paint surprise me.



Through the years I have admired the maritime work of John Stobart, Thomas Hoyne and Donald Demers.  Recently I’ve been more influenced by the American and European Impressionists.  Studying the work of Sicily, Monet, Whistler, Frank Benson, Sargent and Chase has challenged me to look at each new project with a more open mind.



I’ve evolved to a place where I most certainly appreciate realism and the expertise necessary to achieve it but creativity of style, usage of paint, careful selection of color and tone all have become as interesting and important as the composition itself.  Achieving a painterly work is a high priority.  I want my paintings to endure over time just as my beloved subjects have throughout the years!



  1. Breathtaking…….Judy

  2. William – Beautiful work!

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