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Frogs in the Moonlight


I’m a self-taught artist who has explored various techniques, subjects, and styles for over 25 years. My art influences have included: Sulamith Wulfing, Brian Froud, Alphonse Mucha, Susan Seddon Boulet, Virgil Finlay, and Jove Tansson.


Tamarin Tree


For the last few years I’ve returned to my true love – watercolors on paper. I get a lot of joy from flowing saturated watercolor on to soaking wet paper – this unpredictable process inspires me, frees my imagination and provides opportunities for “happy accidents” to influence the resulting shapes. Over this vivid foundation, I can then pursue my second love – detail – with pastel chalks, pencils, pen, and charcoal. Things bloom naturally from the mass of colors: creatures, figures, landscapes, skies, forests…




2011 was a banner year for me, with two gallery shows, a published book cover, and a CD cover. I’m grateful to learn more every day about social media and web marketing, volunteering with school art programs, and spend plenty of time painting, drawing, and dreaming. Lately I’ve been exploring greeting cards, licensing options, and print and pattern design as new venues for my work. As I look forward into 2012 and beyond, my goal is to become a better “internal listener” – to bring my art closer to my true childlike nature.


Peace on Earth


“…I unlearn, and become as I were a little child again, that I may enter into the Kingdom of God.” -Thomas Traherne


Little Owl's Dream




  1. Wow…such lovely, cheerful work. Just the colours themselves are moving and generate some great feelings of joy. Thank you for posting Leah Jay’s work, Carolyn! Something totally awesome to place on my Pinterest board for inspiration!

  2. Very cool art so nice to meet you!

  3. Thanks everyone, great to meet you too! I’m so glad my art brings a smile 😀

  4. Beautiful Colors streaming straight from your heart and soul. I was searching for an art piece done by Susan Seddon Boulet for she is one of my favorite artists. In my search this morning I found you and your awesome work. Keep following your heart. It knows your deepest desires and as you capture them for your self to see, you will then know how important each one is and will share them with the world. Be the change you want to see.
    Peace to US All,

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