Featured Artist Colleen Nash Becht

As an artist working in transparent watercolor and living in the tropics, there is an abundance of organic sunlight which captures my imagination and stimulates my creativity.

Featured Artist Linda Laino

To be “in” that magical space of experience and to come out of it with something to give to the world is both the artist’s gift and reward.

Featured Artist Mary Kay Neumann

Climate change put “fire in my belly” to focus on the social change aspect of my artwork. I emphasize the threat to our environment by the climate crises and ways we can make a difference.

Featured Artist Gary Cadwallader

And so, I want a painting to be an extrovert. The painting has to stand up and shout, to reward the viewer so that people never leave a room without having to look at it one more time.

Featured Artist Dale Popovich

When I get back to my studio I create color roughs from my photo references that intrigue me. What has taken me years of painting to recognize is to leave unimportant things out of my painting. Simplify!

Featured Artist Caroline Deeble

I believe through my paintings the viewer can connect with nature, it’s gentle rhythm, its immense power and its cleansing ability to calm the soul.

A Favorite Work of Art

We asked some artists to share a favorite work and their inspiration.

Featured Artist Nicki Isaacson

I hope my paintings convey the passion I have for color, and hopefully people will be enticed to pause and savor the dynamic results of this beautiful medium.

Featured Artist David Hoque

I do enjoy all types of art and art that’s rendered from beginners as well as from seasoned professionals. I primarily enjoy exploring subjects that have great contrast in light and dark tones and that are rich in color.

Featured Artist Patrice Cameron

The paintings and stories I want to relate emphasize calm in the natural world—a place to experience the re-balancing I often feel when there.

Featured Artist Steven Mikel

I am passionate about our gift, as humans, to be able to “see” beyond simple observation.

Featured Artist Jennifer Sonksen Duran

Through my watercolor paintings, I explore human emotion. I am heavily inspired by the connection one can make through the eyes and hope that my audience can feel the emotion I pour into my work.

Featured Artist Mary Dove

Sunlight, for me, is the most important aspect of painting. Sunlight provides a setting to contrast bright light against strong shadows.

Featured Artist Jeanette Fournier

People have revered nature for thousands of years. Continuing this ancient tradition of creating animal and bird artwork is my way of honoring our innate and spiritual connection with the natural world.