Featured Artist Boyd Miles

Experience the creative world of artist Boyd Miles, who presents a vibrant collection of watercolor paintings.

Featured Artist Qingzhu Lin

Painter Qingzhu Lin, on an artistic journey to find and express beauty, presents a striking portfolio of watercolor portraits.

Featured Artist Tim Gault

Experience captivating Pacific Northwest landscapes through the mesmerizing watercolor portfolio of artist Tim Gault.

Featured Artist Nancy Reyna

Featured artist and painter Nancy Reyna shares a delightful collection of nature-inspired watercolors that lift the spirit.

Featured Artist Eliane Pouhaer

Artist Eliane Pouhaer shares an ethereal collection of contemporary abstract art created in multiple mediums.

Featured Artist Robert Benson

Artist Robert Benson presents an inviting collection of watercolors that depict the flow of everyday life.

Featured Artist Mark Lembo

Artist Mark Lembo presents a collection of  mixed-media woven paintings and montages inspired by music. See more of his portfolio on his website.     I play in a pool of aqueous solutions including liquid watercolor, acrylic ink, alcohol ink, liquid acrylics, metallic watercolors, pearlescent inks, even food coloring. I bring to life dynamic works […]

Artist Showcase, Early Winter 2023

Enjoy these favorite artworks from nineteen different artists in a variety of mediums and style.

Featured Artist Annie Clavel

Artist Annie Clavel presents a collection of colorful, flowing abstract paintings using acrylic and watercolor.

Featured Artist Carol Sue Witt

Watercolorist Carol Sue Witt shares a stunning collection of paintings that show the spontaneity of her medium.

Featured Artist Arthur Kvarnstrom

Artist Arthur Kvarnstrom captures the ethereal beauty of the woodland in his distinctive watercolor portfolio.

Featured Artist Kim Dayton

Inspired by the vast natural landscapes of the American Midwest, artist Kim Dayton creates abstracts that convey a sense of place.

Featured Artist Aney Carver

Aney Carver uses a pyrography technique that creates deeply textured, richly patterned and brightly colored artwork.

Artist Showcase, Fall 2022

Enjoy this showcase featuring the work of twenty-four talented artists.