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Artsy Shark is pleased to present the intricately drawn portfolio of featured artist Alasdair Roy. Enjoy his work and visit his website for more information.


Ugo Monye and Joe Worsley


I specialize in Cross Hatching using Pen & Ink. I believe it is an art form that although less prominent today has a huge history that has never left us. I gain inspiration from all things around me but most especially (and most recently as you can see by my portfolio) amazing feats of Architecture and Sports men and woman who have got to the top of their game. I like to think my work is very atmospheric and using the Cross Hatching Technique I create high contrasting images using shadows and tones.


Illustrated portrait of Nick Easter


I draw these sports men and women because the passion and commitment they have to reach the top of their game and be the best at what they do shows in every aspect. I try to focus solely on the person in my picture, not adding a background or any colour so the viewer can see what I am trying to capture.


Illustration of the Colosseum in close-up detail


The Colosseum is a project I randomly decided to do after researching the history and gaining inspiration from this. The Colosseum drawing was the first foray into drawing architecture and although probably my best gave me a lot of problems which I had to overcome, but essentially learnt from. Although its history is amazing and the building is a wonder to behold I realised that this building held no relation to me.

Illustration of the Colosseum by Alasdair Roy


This made me open my eyes to what is around us every day. I had driven past Durham Cathedral many times and even seen it from the train thinking what a remarkable building it was. I decided to go and visit and gain more inspiration and motivation. After speaking to the marketing manager I was commissioned to create some drawings showing the columns and the rarely photographed inside of this impressive building. I wrote an article on what inspires me and how to gain your own inspiration, doing this was an eye opener for me and made me realise how much I miss every day.
I have recently started time lapsing my drawings to show the world how I create this work from beginning to end, I love these videos and they provide me with the motivation I need to complete each drawing. With so many people asking how to use the cross hatching technique I created a cross hatching tutorial explaining how simple the process is with constant practice.


Fordson Dexta


I am currently working on two drawings, the latest in my Durham Cathedral Series and a drawing of an old tractor. I generally work on more than one drawing at a time so that when I get my artists block I can just switch over to something totally different.


Durham Cathedral Door Knocker


I have recently started my own business doing graphic design, illustration and fine art called Dark Design Graphics. My aim is to create a niche that nobody has filled whilst designing a recognisable brand with my unique work.



  1. I taught Ali at Prep school and his potential then was huge. He won an Art Scholarship to Framlingham on the strength of his outstanding portfolio. It is great to see him make the progress he has established today. His drawings are atmospheric and depict architecture and sporting legends in a historical way using advanced cross-hatching methods. It definately works for him and I wish him all the success with his Dark Designs business. I am very proud. H

    • David, thank you for visiting and for your comments. Alasdair’s work has garnered many wonderful comments through social media on this article, from artists and others who truly admire his portfolio. You should be very proud!

    • Thank you very much David! I would like to say David was the most inspirational teacher I have had. He taught us so many new techniques and to think outside the box, when many art teachers would keep us confined to what was deemed ‘proper’.

      I can not thank David enough for giving me the motivation and inspiration to continue to improve my work. Considering I think the amount of people who received scholarships almost tripled the year David became our teacher, I believe a lot of artists owe you a great deal.

      I would encourage anyone to check out his work at http://www.davidholden.org.uk

      Thank you once again David, I hope you continue to inspire people the way you inspired me!


      Ex student

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