Featured Artist Julia Hacker

Enjoy featured artist Julia Hacker’s lovely painting and collage work. Find out more about her art by visiting her website.



When I was 16 years old, I signed up for lessons at a local art school in Minsk, Belarus where I grew up. That very day, a new part of my spirit was born. I was transformed from bookworm to budding artist. I continued to pursue my passion and went on to earn a Masters degree in Fashion Design, then worked for 10 years in that field until I immigrated to Canada. The first few years here were very lonely, yet I felt fortunate to have my love of art to fill the void. All I needed to do was take another course or pick up my paintbrush and my life would regain meaning.



Now Canada is home and my reasons for picking up a brush are very different. I have been working as a full time artist for just a couple of years but have never been happier in my life. I love to experiment with different media and every time I am about to embark on learning a new technique, I feel the excitement of a child in a toy store. Having no formal training in classical oil technique has proven to be beneficial. In the process of learning through experimentation, I discover many wonderful things. Sometimes not following the rules leads one on a path of unexpected adventures.



Over the years I have been inspired and influenced by a variety of artists. Stumbling upon a book by contemporary artist Nick Bantock a few years ago changed my views on collage. His work made me realize that collage could be regarded as great art, on the same level as other more traditional styles. My other mentors have been Gustav Klimt for his whimsical decorative approach and the French Impressionists for their unorthodox sense of colour. And of course, Marc Chagall. While studying in his hometown of Vitebsk, his art taught me that it is not the surroundings that create an artist but the other way around.



Today, I am gathering all I have learned through training, observation, and experimentation and unite it with what is in my heart. I am currently working in mixed media, combining oil, acrylics and collage, in an effort to create a whimsical mystery of abstract and realistic images. I like to choose a theme and develop it into a small series, then move onto a new subject.



Currently, I am exploring the feminine side of life. For years I was not comfortable addressing with this topic, considering it almost a weakness. At this stage in my life, I am finally able to embrace this side of my persona and take pride when working on floral abstracts or the figurative “Esquire Girl” series. In addition, I have often been commissioned to create paintings in different sizes and colour combinations that reflect the collector’s dream and surroundings.

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