Featured Artist Lori Landis

Featured Artist Lori Landis paints from the heart, creating an uplifting portfolio of work. Enjoy, and visit her website to see more from this talented artist.



Zen World VII Painting



My media is acrylic paint and used in many of my paintings collage, charcoal, metals, gold or copper leaf, artists’ crayon, pastel and heavy gels, whatever the canvas asks me to do. I paint flat on an architect’s table and layer & glaze. Adding and subtracting, I change the painting many times until it feels right to me.



Human figure on red field



It could take a week or months. I work on 2-4 paintings at a time because I need to let the paint and gels dry and to think and let that painting get into my subconscious mind to percolate.



Abstract painting Joy is Strength



I’m working on myself too. This journey I’ve undertaken as an artist is to grow as a person and have the courage to face myself to just be. Letting go of old ideas or thinking of the past or future and just being in the present. The conversation between myself and the canvas is truth. I know in my heart and soul when a painting is complete. It’s a feeling of contentment.



Abstract painting by Lori Landis



Joan Miro, Mondrian, Klimt, Jasper Johns and Diebenkorn are very different artists but I feel their influence just the same. My work is geometrical to a point but many people have described my work as very quiet in feeling and look. I pursue beauty and serenity and use rich colors to get that feeling across.



Abstract painting red blue and beige



As for the viewer of my work, I like them to step back away from the painting they see and see something different than when they are close up. There is a little surprise like a small painting within a larger painting. Sometimes it is obvious and sometimes not.


Abstract Painting by artist Lori Landis


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