Featured Artist Adriana Christianson

Australian artist Adriana Christianson creates delightful works from clay. Enjoy and visit her website to see more from this talented potter.



I have been a potter for over thirty years, and a teacher in community settings, and participated in Artist in Schools Programs … and raised a family alongside.


Vases with Bird images


When my family was quite young, it was tricky to pursue my work, and I would refer to the need to make as a drum beating inside me. It would get louder and louder ~ it’s who I am, it’s what I do, and now I think that drum has become my heartbeat.


Thrown ceramic cups with underglaze decoration


I produce predominantly functional thrown ware, which is always highly decorated with underglaze brushwork and sgraffitto. At the moment, I have two distinct ranges, my “Bird” series and the “Retro” range, both of which I will be presenting at my very first trade show this July in Melbourne, Australia, at Design Made Trade, with Craft Victoria.


Bowl and plate with painted bird


I’m not a maker that spends a lot of time planning and designing work on paper. Designs just come into my head. I see the detail of each piece (there in my little head) and I refine them by the process of making, so in effect my work –  the clay – has always been my sketchbook. It has only been very recently that I have begun to produce a few artworks on paper.


Handpainted pinched ceramic dishes with birds


I am also dipping my toe in the water and contributing some work to an Art Show being held in New York called “Parallax” on August 3-5, 2012. I was invited to participate via an online Artists Profile website which I had posted my details & images. Sadly I won’t be accompanying my work to New York, but I’m really excited to be participating!


Handpainted ceramic plate


I have two studios. One is at home where all the making/firing happens, and another is a shared space in town, where a lot of the decorating is done. I have a small display there which I laughingly call the “showroom”!


  1. Great post! Wish I was in Melbourne for Design Made Trade or better yet, New York for Parallax!

  2. These are all great clay designs! I love the drum design.

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