Featured Artist Lilianne Milgrom

The direction and aesthetic of the work is invariably determined by the subject itself…When a viewer genuinely connects with my art, be it on an intimate or an immersive scale, I feel tremendously fulfilled and uplifted.

Featured Artist Mindy Colton

Capturing the essence, spirit and natural expression exhibited by horses, not just the realistic representation and using their images to elicit a feeling or mood is essential to my work.

Featured Artist Gerard Justin Ferrari

I view my sculptures as highly-crafted, complex, three-dimensional clay collages that embody disparate influences, forms and conceptual ideas.

Featured Artist Francesca Busca

What inspires me? It would be easier to say what does NOT! Everywhere I look, every consideration I make, is a source of inspiration.

Featured Artist Sheryl Zacharia

The intention of my art is not to tell a story, but to create objects that influence and enhance the space around them, evoking an emotional response.

Featured Artist Kirsten Stingle

I work carefully to approach each story as an exploration, allowing multiple interpretations. My intent is not to dictate the sculpture’s narrative, but for each viewer to find a story that is personal and unique to them.

Featured Artist Daniel Bassett

Most of my work is about catching a moment. Whether it is a portrait, a character jar or a planter, my goal is to make pieces that have impact.

Featured Artist Stephanie Osser

I usually incorporate some musical item or theme into my major compositions.

Featured Artist Judith Unger

I am currently working on a Swan Maiden Mythology Series embracing mythological images.

Featured Artist Theresa McCarthy Sayer

Sculpting dogs is what I enjoy and my favorites are the bully breeds. With skin too large for their bodies it creates interesting rolls and wrinkles for sculpting.

Featured Artist Ralph Páquin

The act of creating art enlightened me. Art is spiritual; it connects me to the universe, and to its energies that are otherwise unapparent.

Featured Artist Ruth Apter

When I take a step back and look at the animals I create it occurs to me that I am after their essence. I do not make bears . . . I make “bear-ness”.

Featured Artist Kathy Pallie

Working with clay, a material which comes from the earth, reminds me to reach and stretch in my thinking and creative process, and to nurture my passion for clay and to communicate my ideas.

Featured Artist Blue Fire MacMahon

All I know for sure is that it feels good and so satisfying to be in my studio working, my hands immersed in clay