Featured Artist Branimir Jaredic

Branimir Jaredic is a photographer from Croatia, currently living in Ireland. His portfolio consists mostly of photo manipulation and digital art.

 Boy in forest


General interest in art with me occurred at an early age through music and drawing.  Drawing occupied most of my childhood up to the age of seventeen.


little girl on hillside



My encounter with photography started at Christmas 2009, when I got my first camera as an gift. Photography and digital art is the medium through which I find it easiest to express myself, although lately I am more attracted to painting as a form of artistic expression.


nude in clouds



My work is based on the theme “Man and his position in the world and nature.” On one hand, I’m trying to express my feelings about the loneliness and unimportance of human beings in this world and on the other, I like to celebrate the beauty of nature.




My work has been published in numerous magazines, and I was one of the final selected artists at a Saatchi gallery competition “Art Paris Showdown.” The process of creating the images is different and varies from project to project.


lonely person in the woods



At the very beginning of my engagement with photography, it took me much longer to realize my ideas.  The reason was that I did not have good knowledge of particular techniques. At this stage, the only thing which stops me in creating art is lack of time and ideas.


lonely figure with clouds


I must admit that I don’t have any big plans and expectations at this time. My goal is to improve my existing skills, and in the near future I would like to go to college to study Art.



  1. i really like his work…i find it mysterious and intriguing but a little put off by this statement: I’m trying to express my feelings about the loneliness and unimportance of human beings in this world. I kinda take offense to that. i see his work more uplifting than that…maybe as man looking for his place or significance in the world. i don’t find people unimportant, we all play a role in this world.

    • Kathryn, perhaps the intention is to create the intrigue you feel and start thinking through man’s significance. I always like to look at art which makes you think, perhaps tells or starts a story and involves the viewer.

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