Featured Artist Suzanne Barton

I witnessed the perfect communion between a dancer’s heart and the “inspirational wisdom of water.” Water takes the form in which it is held and moves in the path of least resistance.

Featured Artist Tim Phelps

The essence and act of mandala creation has pulled me in and delivered just as advertised. Mandalas are engaging, thought provoking, meditative and joyful tools.

Featured Artist Kirsteen Titchener

I am drawn to creating images that are usually impossible to capture in our everyday world, and yet remain somehow believable.

Featured Artist Mark Goodhew

Digital photography has opened new ways to shoot photographs and manipulate and enhance the imagery. I enjoy exploring the technology and the new ways it allows me to present the images I shoot.

Featured Artist Leslie Tucker

Today, my visual arts practice examines the darker side of humanity and has evolved from exploring what we buy, to what we buy into.

Through the Camera Lens

Through the lenses of their cameras, these artists create unique and fascinating visuals. From vibrant colors, 3-D imagery and abstracts to macro photography, each one tells a story. Click on the artist’s name to visit their website.     Roberto Pestarino I love to look at modern buildings and find new worlds.     Paulo […]

Featured Artist Robert Van Praag

Escape and fantasy was always my greatest pleasure but I needed to “make a living.” …And now, at last and finally, finally, through photography and painting, I’ve rediscovered some of the bright, shiny fantasy I’ve always wanted to share with the world.

Featured Artist Eva Polak

As an artist my aim is to create images that people can live with and look at with increasing pleasure—to express a feeling or a moment in time which then becomes timeless.

Featured Artist Tori Gagne

I am a digital photographer mainly focusing on capturing the unique qualities and beauty of equine subject. I also have a love of the abstract—blur, lines and movement are a thread running through my work.

Featured Artist Christopher Kennedy

Having experimented abundantly with artificial light sources, I have now expanded the Photo Luminism technique to using day light sources with Nature’s own colors.

The Creative Process

Finding inspiration, meaning and passion is a search all artists make as part of the creative process. The following artists offer their insights on the meaning behind and the inspiration for their art. Click on the artist’s name to see their website.     Linda Laino: I paint mandalas and mandala murals. Moving back and forth from the […]

Featured Artist Nancy Wood

I choose and adjust colors, move and edit shapes, apply tints and glazes and become completely engrossed in thinking visually about the image. Although the media is electronic I still think of myself as a painter and view the works as digital paintings.

Featured Artist Gloria Sánchez

I describe my style as a mix of surreal, whimsical and kitsch. Some of the things that I consider during the process of creating a piece are the composition and the color scheme. It’s also important for me to make the collage aesthetically pretty.

Featured Artist Steg

Recently I have been feeling that commercial accomplishment should possibly be more of a focus, and have started to create work with that in mind