Artist Showcase, Fall 2023

Our latest showcase features talented artists in different mediums who share some of their favorite works.

Featured Artist Elizabeth Sher

Featured artist Elizabeth Sher creates mixed media and digital artworks that blend messages with tactile craftsmanship.

Featured Artist Angela Sanders

Artist Angela Sanders shares a colorful portfolio of surreal digital images filled with mystery and dynamic energy.

What is Generative AI and How Does it Impact Artists?

Expert Carly Rector gives an overview of recent developments in generative AI and how they impact artists and the art industry.

Featured Artist Kathrin Legg

Illustrator and surface designer Kathrin Legg reflects a nostalgic, simple way of life in her charming portfolio.

Featured Artist Max Tzinman

Featured artist Max Tzinman presents a fascinating collection of work that envisions a surreal, futuristic world.

Featured Artist John Lawlor

Photographer John Lawlor produces bold images with an impact bigger than life. Enjoy his distinctive style of art.

Featured Artists Gray Johnson

The collaborative duo of Gray Johnson presents a dynamic collection of digital art created with layered images.

Featured Artist Allison Inglesby

Enjoy the ethereal portfolio of featured artist Allison Inglesby, whose complex layered works tell visual stories.

Artist Showcase, Winter 2023

Artsy Shark’s current showcase includes works from talented artists in a variety of styles and mediums.

Featured Artist Wayne Anthony Rice

Enjoy the mesmerizing portfolio of photographer Wayne Anthony Rice, who shares a collection of works from his Artificial Reality series.

Featured Artist Alexander Winegardner

Featured artist Alexander Winegardner explores a fascination with outer space using technology as a creative tool.

Featured Artist TB Murphy

Enjoy the engaging portfolio of featured artist TB Murphy, who is inspired by retro mid-century modern design and minimalism.

Artist Showcase, Early Winter 2023

Enjoy these favorite artworks from nineteen different artists in a variety of mediums and style.