Featured Artist John Hintz

There’s a whole fantastic, almost otherworldly layer, of abstract lines, shapes, colors, textures, shadows and reflections out there hidden within stray vegetation and terrain. It’s my goal to seek out this extraordinary, nature-made art and digitally capture as much of it as I possibly can.

Featured Artist Claude McCoy

With algorithmic art, the artist who is mathematically challenged may have no idea in mind as to what that assembly of mathematical formulas and numbers will create.

Featured Artist Peter Boyadjieff

I seek a visual discourse combining physical realism and figurative imagery in order to critically engage the viewer. Through my work, I attempt to communicate with the audience within a broader multicultural context.

Featured Artist Dominick Conde

I create my pop art by taking a photo, adding digital effects to it and then transferring the image onto fabric, canvas or glass with mod podge.

Artist Showcase, Mid Winter 2019

Invited artists share some of their favorite works in diverse mediums for this Artist Showcase.

Artist Showcase, Winter 2019

Artist Showcase, Winter 2019 features a variety of artists and their favorite piece of art. Included are artist quotes and links to their websites.

Featured Artist Trevor Keen

I am drawn particularly to people and animals for my subject matter and my sketchbooks are full of faces and figures, both cartoony and realistic.

Featured Artist Sylvia Cohen

I enjoy using the combination of pencil with its preciseness and the unpredictability of ink and watercolours.

Featured Artist Fleur Spolidor

My work is about ordinary moments in life that become extraordinary, the sublimation that happens with the addition of disrupting elements. They slip into the image as in life, without noise in order to make you realize the fragility of the moment.

Featured Artist Catherine King

First and foremost, my intent is to tell a story. Through digital fine art I share that story. My images are typically photo collages brought together and enhanced through a wide range of techniques and software including Photoshop.

Featured Artist Laurent Newman

My style is eclectic, the result of an odd combination coming from my upbringing in Paris (at school, “museum day” meant that you went to The Louvre or Versailles), mixed with heavy influences of American pop culture, and living in places with their own unique identity and style, like Hawaii, Chicago, New York or even Burke, Virginia.

Artist Showcase, Autumn 2018

From mixed media to oil, photography, watercolor and even finger painting, the following artists share their passion for art by showcasing one of their favorite pieces of art.

Featured Artist Andrew Millar

My passion and goals are to capture the nostalgia of the classic automobiles in my art in hopes of preserving a snapshot of their beauty and history for future generations, hopefully inspiring others to keep automotive history and passion alive and well for all to experience.

Featured Artist Jonna Gill

Two disciplines, photography and painting, come together and remain separate in my most current and continuous projects—La Belle Fleur (one woman’s obsession with flowers) and PROJECT MAX.