Featured Artist Anita Stoll

Featured artist Anita Stoll has a lovely way with pastels. Enjoy her stunning portfolio and visit her website for more information.


road scene


It started when as a young child, I was confined to bed much of the time. The severe asthma limited any physical activity. I turned to sketching, drawing, coloring and over time filled notebooks with my creations mostly trees and flowers. As I outgrew my disabilities, outdoors and participating in sports took over.


abstract painting pastel "Elation" by Anita Stoll


The pleasure of creating in my early years got secreted away somewhere in my inner soul and at the age of 50 when I moved from an urban setting into the vastness of the California high desert something happened. I was swept away by the open skies and especially the brilliant sunsets. My black and white world turned overnight to Technicolor and a voice within got stronger and louder and that voice said “create“.


pastel painting river


I started by painting on flower pots, baskets around the house but soon I knew I had to do more so I bought some oils, then acrylics, and then watercolors. I enrolled in night classes at the local college because I needed to continue working. I painted evenings, weekends and vacations, anytime I could. It was around a year later that I picked up a student set of pastels to play with. I was hooked from my first stroke never looking back.


pastel painting Autumn Chic at Heron Lake"


The focus of my work is the outdoors. I also started backpacking at the age of 50 and loved that as well. I absorbed the beauty around me and once back in my studio, I painted using my memory and the photos I took as references.


landscape pastel painting "Sun Washed" by Anita Stoll


My painting has taken me on a journey of self exploration, communicating to both myself and the viewer the beauty I find in nature.


pastel landscape by Anita Stoll


Lately that journey has taken me on and off to a more abstract place, still with the focus on nature. I’m in my seventies now and long hours at the easel are not happening. I’m more absorbed in the creative energy of my strokes, leaving much detail out. I find this cuts to the quick and gives the viewer the space to fill in the gaps and finish the story.


"Moody Heron Pond Glow" by Anita Stoll 10 x 15


My art is currently featured at Timberline Art Gallery in Oakhurst, California and at my home studio in Coarsegold, California where I teach.


abstract pastel painting "It Started With Green" by Anita Stoll


You can also see my artwork on the covers of the new Canson pastel art pads of earth tones and grey tones. My art was featured in International Artist magazine and in Blick pastel’s ad in Pastel Journal this year.



  1. love this artist’s work…very inspiring as i’ve been dying to start up in pastels too!!

  2. Very lovely paintings, especially the two with the paths in them. Very nice colors in the shady parts, too.

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