Featured Artist Denise Presnell

To add an even more random step to the process, I stand the canvas or paper up vertically and let it drip. The contrast between random accidents and more decisive mark making thrills me.

Featured Artist Jorn Lynae Mork

I try to paint the way a meadowlark sings. Lines become the energetic swirls of wind and a woman may show the strength of a mountain or the resilience of a tree.

Artist Showcase, Early Summer 2018

Twenty-three artists were invited to share their work in this early summer Artist Showcase. Enjoy the variety, talent and  creative spirit in this collection. Learn more about each individual artist by clicking on their name.     Sandra Iafrate “Abundance” with its busy freeways of flowers is an oversized painting that encompasses the viewer and […]

Featured Artist Jennifer Wang

What inspired me to draw was never a person; it was the feeling of a lost connection between people.

Artist Showcase Spring, 2018

From oils and encaustic was paintings to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artists’ passion, curiosity and imagination.

Featured Artist Alejandra Gos

I am obsessed with capturing sunlight and shadow in my paintings. Big fields with trees and reflections in the water in marshes are my favorite subjects.

Artist Showcase Winter 2018

From oils and pastel to photography and digital artwork, these images have been inspired by the artist’s passion, curiosity and imagination.

Featured Artist Lynn Goldstein

I am never interested in replicating exactly what I see in front of me. Rather, I want to express the way that being in nature makes me feel.

Featured Artist Bob Palmerton

As an artist, I feel obligated to capture the unique character of a landscape at a given moment in time, and to enhance its key features and the message it conveys with a painting that will always remain the same to be enjoyed by future generations.

Featured Artist Don Borie

Outdoor painting can be overwhelming with so much to choose from, so it is important for the artist to focus on a page rather than the book.

Featured Artist Sally Sharp

I’d call my style expressionistic, impressionistic, atmospheric and sometimes a bit abstract. I love color and movement and strive to make both come together in my paintings.

Art and the Animal World

We invited some artist friends to share their observations and mediums, resulting in a fantastic display of many different animals, both wild and domestic. Click each artist’s name to see their website portfolio.     dbJR This image is part of my “Rescued Series”.  This beautiful bird is a natural. Everywhere I went this owl posed.  She […]

Featured Artist Carole Elliott

Achieving the translucency of an early morning wave, reflections of the cliffs in the wet sand or seagulls flying overhead with the salty spray filling the air, are all tests of my skills in my chosen medium of pastels.

Featured Artist Stacy Hatley Carter

I am a portrait, seascape and landscape artist that strives to amaze my clients with ultra realism and a deep immersion with my drawings.