Featured Artist Karen Israel

Enjoy the intriguing pastel portfolio of artist Karen Israel, who captures human relationships and moments in time.

Featured Artist Peter Livens

Belgian artist Peter Livens presents an exquisite collection of works in pastel created in a classic style.

Featured Artist Bill McCauley

Featured artist Bill McCauley presents a collection of pastel landscapes inspired by the fragility of nature.

Featured Artist Diana Jahns

Featured artist Diana Jahns explores different mediums to create a portfolio of vibrant and memorable imagery.

Featured Artist Lisa Marie Kindley

Enjoy the ethereal beauty of featured artist Lisa Marie Kindley’s gentle nature-inspired landscape paintings.

Featured Artist Sanda Manuila

Artist Sanda Manuila presents a collection of narrative paintings that address climate and geopolitical issues.

Artist Showcase, Winter 2023

Artsy Shark’s current showcase includes works from talented artists in a variety of styles and mediums.

Featured Artist Heather Quay

Pastel artist Heather Quay beautifully captures simple light-filled moments in everyday life. Enjoy her captivating portfolio.

Featured Artist Cindy Berceli

Artist Cindy Berceli shares a collection of captivating pastel paintings that reflect her bond with the animal world.

Featured Artist Russell Mackensen

Enjoy the stunning portfolio of oil pastel artist Russell Mackensen, whose fascination with the medium has led him to become a master.

Featured Artist Nancy Smyth

Artist Nancy Smyth uses pastel and watercolor to capture the expressions and personalities of her subjects in wonderful detail.

Featured Artist Anne Reboul

French artist Anne Reboul presents a compelling collection of portraits, figurative art and narrative scenes.

Featured Artist Sandra Harris

Pastel artist Sandra Harris shares a collection of pet portraits with soulful eyes and unique personalities.

Featured Artist Holly Cannon

Pastel artist Holly Cannon captures the essence of her wildlife subjects in detailed, realistic portraits.