Featured Artist Donna McCullough

Featured artist Donna McCullough presents her portfolio of mixed media sculpture. Enjoy, and visit her website for more from this talented artist.


Sculpture by artist Donna McCullough


I started drawing early. My mom, grandmother and sister are artists, and my dad was creative with carpentry so it was a fertile environment.

I studied graphic design and my first design job was at a retail packaging company. We designed shopping bags and gift boxes. Very fun!


horse sculpture


I continued as a full time designer for many years and then one day I was filled with a burning desire to weld! At that point, I went part time and took a welding class at Corcoran College of Art and Design. That was in 1996 and ever since I have been sculpting. In 1998, I spent a month in Italy studying and carving travertine and marble.


woven metal dress sculpture


I am known mostly for my work depicting women’s dresses, which are a diary of sorts that chronicle my life events. The dress sculptures have grown and changed through time – Initially dealing with the treatment of women in the workplace and presently speak of rejoicing in the possibility that life brings; our union with nature and going forth in beauty. The pieces are created from various metals including steel and vintage oil cans.

I have horses, dogs, chickens and a cat. My love of animals has inspired sculptural works of horses, dogs, and various fowl.


metal horse sculptures


Working mostly in steel, various metals and found objects, I also have ventured into other mediums including clay, stone and wood.

I am currently working on more of the Drill Team – these pieces resemble vintage cheerleader outfits and are a play on words for Drilling for oil and drill team like a precision marching team. The Drill Team was featured in Humor in Craft which was published this year.


metal sculpture of a dress


I am also expanding the Kitchen series. These are made from food tins and some have screen skirts.

Degas, Deborah Butterfield, Monet, and Botero are only a few artists that inspire me. I find inspiration all around me. Nature, fashion, animals… just observing and being aware of what is around me.


woven metal dress sculpture


As a far as goals, I want to expand into wall pieces and larger work. I am always learning, growing and trying new techniques and ideas.



  1. i really like Donnas body of work…very eclectic! the two top horses tho…omg…just beautiful!! her unique vision of the horse figure is amazing!!

  2. Well-crafted, unique and sophisticated work! A pleasure to see!

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